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One addiction leads to another.

Our next stop is a movie. Our last trip to the movies ended a little odd and I honestly can't wait to see how this trip will go.

The theater is pretty empty tonight as it usually is on the weekdays. We find seats at the top and lucky for us there aren't a lot of people nor are there any near us. I sit down with the girls on either side of me like earlier in the restaurant. They both lift up the arms of the chair so that there isn't anything between us. While we wait for the movie to start and the lights go dim I begin to think dirty thoughts causing my cock to get hard.

When the movie does start, neither of them makes a move, so I wait a little before sliding my hands into their laps. I know Sophia isn't wearing panties so I assume the same for Riley. Both of my hands find their pussies. I pull their skirts up just enough to slide my fingers into their pussies. Sophia sighs as she feels my fingers penetrate her. Riley actually jumps a little bit as she feels my fingers begin to probe her pussy. Both are very wet and I can feel the heat from their pussies. I pull my fingers out and lick each one of them, tasting their juices.

When I return my fingers between their legs I start to finger fuck them, making sure my fingers go deep while my thumbs play with their clits. I finger fuck them with two fingers, harder and harder and as deep as I can get my fingers in. After a few minutes I feel both start to shake. Sophia grabs my arms while Riley my leg. Simultaneously, their cum together. I hold my fingers in their pussies until their orgasms finish and when I pull my fingers out, they each grab the fingers that were in the other's pussy and lick my fingers clean.

My cock is rock hard and ready to burst out of my pants and that's when I feel Riley's hand go into my pants, grabbing my cock with her soft hands. While Riley is in my pants, Sophia helps by undoing my button and zipper, freeing my cock. Sophia grabs the back of Riley's head and forces her down onto my cock.

With Riley's lips wrapped around my cock and Sophia holding her head down, my sister leans over and kisses me. After a few minutes, Sophia pulls Riley off my cock so that she can suck on it. She lifts her head free of it after several long minutes and grabs Riley again, but this time to kiss her hard on the lips. Riley grasps my cock as she embraces the kiss and starts pumping. Within seconds I explode and my cum literally shoots into the air, landing on her hand and my lap. The girls break their kiss and leans down to lap my cum from Riley's hand and my lap until there is nothing left. They kiss again hard and finally I say, "I think it's time we get home."

As quickly as we came into the theater we are leaving. I can't wait to get them home and as I soon find out neither can they.

As I drive Riley and Sophia take to the back seat. Within moments Sophia has her shirt off and helping Riley out of hers. They lock lips once again and start fondling each other. I smile to myself at the thought of bringing Riley out tonight being a good idea.

Then Sophia grabs Riley's head and pushes her into her wet, waiting pussy. My cock bounces back to life and I immediately hear Sophia moan. I continue driving and listening. I steal a peek every now and again as I have to make sure to stay on the road and not get pulled over. It would be rather hard explaining the situation taking place in my back seat to a police officer.

When I look back to see them again, they are licking each other's pussies. They are moaning and squirming around as if in a frenzy. Sophia is on the bottom with her back arched up while Riley grinds her pussy on my sister's face. At this point I am ready to cum all over myself again.

We make it home without incident and I barely get the door closed before they are tearing my clothes off me. Once I am as naked as them we head for the bedroom. They beat me to the bed and jump onto it. Sophia is climbing onto Riley's face by the time I get onto the bed myself.

I slide between Riley's legs and slide my cock in with one thrust.

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