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A young lesbian visits her sexy aunt.

He stopped kissing me, and in the flickering light of the television his eyes registered surprise.

I grabbed his hand lower, pushing his fingers up inside me as far as they would go and ground my body downward. "Finger fuck me. Hard."

My behavior and words were a long way from anything Adam likely ever expected from me, but they had the desired effect. His mouth opened in disbelief, but I watched the look in his eyes change from amazement to lust. I pressed my mouth back to his, and now he kissed back with desire of his own. He spread his legs apart several inches, forcing my own legs further open, and gave me the finger fucking of my life. With each thrust he drove his fingers deeper and deeper into me, increasing the pace. Sometimes he jammed them into me so hard it hurt, but that only made me wetter, even though I knew I'd probably be sore tomorrow.

I had to stop kissing him because I needed to breathe. I locked my fingers behind his neck, arched my body backward, and began forcing my pussy forward and down onto his hand with each thrust. Soon I was fucking his hand as much as his hand was fucking me. At some point I began moaning, beginning to lose myself in the growing sensations. And then during one of the thrusts, Adam's thumb touched my clit. The contact was light, I wasn't even certain at first if it was intentional, but I gasped and arched forward, bringing my head down between my arms. Within seconds I knew it wasn't an accident; my clit was touched with every stroke now, and although his fingers penetrated me hard, the sensations on my clit remained light. A slight shudder passed through me each time I was touched, and the teasing drove me to a point of complete wanton desire. I pulled in close to him, laying my head on his shoulder, and driving myself down onto his hand now with all my strength. Every exhale became an uncontrolled moan, I squeezed my arms and pulled in tighter, I even bit his shoulder, but the torment did not relent. And then, as I reached the point where I didn't think I could bear it any longer, he buried his fingers deep inside me and began massaging my clit hard with his thumb. The orgasm exploded through me in neverending waves, my body shaking uncontrollably with each peak as my muscles tensed and then relaxed. I know I screamed, how many times and how loudly I'm not really sure, but Adam kept fucking me until I managed a few weak gasps telling him to stop.

For a few minutes I could only continue holding him, my head lying on his shoulder, catching my breath. When I finally looked up, I could see the question on his face, and his mouth started to move to give it voice, but before he could speak, I pulled him tight into another deep, passionate kiss. It had been my intention to just lie back now and let Adam fuck me, but as we kissed, I felt myself growing wet again and wanting more. I started moaning softly and running my hands over his back and shoulders. He ran his own hands up and down my arms, over my shoulders and down my back, and then, very lightly, across my ass and down my legs. When he ran his fingers up the inside of my thighs but stopped short of touching me where I really wanted to be touched again, I decided to take control.

I climbed off the couch and Adam's lap. He was wearing his usual lounging-around-the-house clothes: boxer shorts and a t-shirt. Even though the only light in the room was from the television, the erection under the shorts was unmistakable. I pushed him back against the couch, and then pulled off the boxers. His face was twisted into an odd expression, as if he didn't know what to expect next, and it made me smile. I leaned in and kissed him once on the mouth, then turned and straddled his legs again, this time with my back towards him. And then I sat on his lap, guiding him inside me as I lowered my body onto his.

His muscles tensed and then relaxed, followed by a long low moan as he grabbed my hips, trying to move me up and down.

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