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She believed they were just humoring her, and they really planned on killing me, until we started getting packets of information and forms that we had to promptly and obediently turn in. They wanted everything from a description of everything my mother and father did before Eclipse, to what my interests were, what kind of baby I was: a crying type, or a quiet type. They had me retake the test, at the governor's office and I suspected it was the first time that I was in the same building as one of Them, but I couldn't see them behind a two way glass window.

Most of us have never seen what an alien actually looked like, and the stories of their takeover always made me paint them as scary beings that killed my father and my mother's family and friends.

"What do they look like?" I nervously asked Pion.

"Like humans, but they are far from human." Pion seemed to tremble as if recalling what they looked like in his memory.

I gathered rather quickly from our first meeting that he did not like to deal with the Y'vori. Occupational Hazard, I suppose.

"We are here," Pion announced with relief

I sat up in the chair and realized that he had driven me to a stark landscape of nothingness. It was bleak, not like a desert or a plain. It was flat rock or stone-shelled ground, smooth and glassy-looking. For as far as the eye could see, I saw nothing, just the grey-blue dusty horizon in all directions.

"This is where they leveled the area, nothing will ever grow here again. You will need to walk that way--straight--until you get to the border. This is as far as I am allowed to go."

Allowed to go? I arched an eyebrow, this whole time the colony assumed that the governors often met in Their realm, sat cozy with Them for these meetings and state dinners, apparently not. We humans were kept on a very short leash with a strong, taut choker collar -- all of us.

Pion helped me gather my duffle out of the truck of the falling-apart Oldsmobile, and then he just stood in front of me for awhile, not exchanging words just a sympathetic smile in attempts to hide the worry behind his eyes. It seemed like his smile wanted to convey that he was like the neighbor who playfully punched you on the shoulder, encouraging you to "go get 'em champ," but this wasn't that kind of a journey. This was scary, one small step for man a possible leap backwards or forwards for mankind.

"See you in a few weeks." Pion said and then punched me on the shoulder. I pained a smile and then hopped to readjust the weight the large bag pushed onto my body. I simply started walking towards the abyss--'pointed that way'.

I started walking, having nothing the but sun beating down on me and an endless landscape of the strange marble-like ground. I couldn't help but think about my last hours in the colony and my mother this morning.

Early this morning, my mom was at her breaking point as she fluttered around the small area that was our living room. All I could do was sink deeper into our couch rub my forehead not out of frustration, but more out of nervousness.

My mother was able to completely canvas the entire room in three strides. Our minuscule apartment, which I had lived in my entire life, could be toured in six more strides. My mom mumbled to herself, her hair floated around her like a beautiful halo of chaos as she threw any knick-knacks she could find in our home into my duffle bag.

It was an old army bag, the dark green fatigues no longer recognized and respected in this area of town, let alone the world.

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