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Susan finds her strength.

Gently at first and then more passionately as I don't resist. Even as I am thinking that you could walk in on us at any moment, I wrap my arms around her and kiss her, sucking her lips, as our hands slide up and down each other's backs.

You watch from the cracked kitchen door as I push down the top of her dress and begin caressing her tit, lowering my head to suck on her pebble-hard nipple. She sighs and steps back gently pushing me back on the couch and straddles my hips. You begin to stroke yourself through your pants as I feast on her tits. She massages my breasts and pulls on my nipples as my hands massage her ass, slipping under her dress to feel the wetness of her pantiless pussy. She pushes me down until I am laying on the couch with her on top of me, stroking my slit through my panties as she slides down a little to suck on my nipples. I am so excited and the juices are flowing. Suddenly I remember that we are not alone....

"Melissa, we have to stop. Martin's just in the..."

"Martin's right here," you say as you walk across the living room, undressing on your way.

Your hands replace hers as she slides down my body and begins licking my pussy, sucking the juices through the thin fabric. You kneel beside me and offer me your cock. I suck on your knob as I feel Melissa slip two couch pillows beneath me, raising my hips. As I start sucking your shaft, she unties my panties and her tongue begins circling my clit and exploring my slit. You begin pinching my nipples and my juices start flowing. Melissa gratefully laps up every drop as you watch her face disappear between licks, my juices all around her mouth. She straddles my thigh, rubbing her pussy against me as she reaches between my legs and strokes me with two fingers. You lean towards each other and lock in a passionate kiss. She begins stroking me deeper and I take you further into my mouth as I watch the two of you. You squeeze my tits and thrust into my mouth, as I begin to tremble and moan around your dick. Just as I am about to go over the edge you withdraw from mouth and pull her fingers from my dripping pussy.

You say, " Shhhh, it's not time yet," and begin sucking her fingers clean. I am so horny that when you lean over to kiss me I forget for a moment what had just been in your mouth. As your tongue touches mine, I remember and start to withdraw from the taste. The unpleasant taste that I am expecting gives way to a sweeter taste, that grows sweeter as I suck it from your tongue. You watch, out of the corner of your eye, as Melissa goes down on me again. Just as the flavor is leaving your mouth, she slides back up my body, her hands replacing yours on my tits. Her tongue replacing yours as you move towards the bottom of the couch. You watch as our mounds grind together and we start fingering each other. The taste in my mouth is stronger and I realize that my juices are like warm cane sugar. Sweet. So sweet. I devour her tongue, stopping only to lick her face. You lean up from the bottom edge of the couch and spread our thighs--double decker snatch! You nudge our fingers away and press your face hard against us where our juices our mingling and start licking our slits. Melissa raises her hips to give you more room as she puts her fingers in my mouth and brings my fingers to her lips.

I feel her begin to tremble every time your tongue leaves my pussy and laps at hers. "Oh, tastes so good" I mumble as I try to get every drop.

"Would you like some more, Rose, " she asks, "from a source?"

I practically beg to eat her pussy.

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