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It's never too late to change your life.

Avery looked hard at the cups underneath, trying to detect a hardened nipple winking at him. There was none, but Avery was not disappointed. He looked harder at the cups and made himself see the nipples resting within them. They would be pink with rose-colored areolas patiently awaiting the grasp of his lips, the lave of his tongue. Others would see the cleavage as a display of that promised to the groom. Avery knew the real message it was sending to him..

The bride approached closer. Avery clicked off three quick photos. The bride kept moving. She looked straight ahead, neither blinking at the flash nor acknowledging Avery as she passed by. There was, however, a look on her face that Avery knew. It was common to all women when they knew they were the star, perfect, the desired one. It was a satisfied look, as Avery knew. It was being desired that created the satisfaction, rather than the reality of quenching it. All these things he had learned through the years.

She passed by them and he watched her, hoping that the sculpted buttocks outlined themselves against the gown as had the graceful lines of her hipbones. He was not disappointed. As the young woman in white moved by Avery glanced at Jolene standing next to him. He wondered if she suspected what flights had flown through his fancy. She didn't seem to and, really, how could she?


After the ceremony and the reception line on the front steps of the church, the wedding party retreated back to the sanctuary for signing the marriage documents and the photographs at the altar. Outside the guests milled about wondering what to do. The reception was scheduled to begin in another ninety minutes.

Avery was exchanging small talk with Jolene's brother-in-law, Bert, and showing him his camera.

"I wonder if the bar's open at the reception place," he wondered out loud.

The women swiveled their heads at the men with a disapproving look.

"Let's go check into the motel," Jolene said. "There's just enough time for that and to freshen up in our rooms. The reception hall is right next door, so I'm told."

So, it was decided that they would attend to details first. It didn't really matter to Avery that much. Jolene's brother-in-law was kind of a drag. There wasn't much left to discuss after the workings of the camera were dissected in the church courtyard. The motel was a mile or so away from the church.

"Did you get some good pictures of the bride?" Jolene asked after Avery started the car.

"I think so. Nice looking girl," Avery answered.

There was a short silence. Avery glanced at Jolene, afraid he had said something he should not have said. She had an expression on her face, halfway between a smile and a smirk.

"Her gown was a little tight, wouldn't you say?" she asked.

"I didn't notice," Avery said. "I was too busy focusing the camera."

"I doubt that!" Jolene retorted. "I wouldn't be surprised if those hips made you forget to focus the camera. You're always on the lookout."

He wouldn't deny it. Well, he did focus the damned camera. The main point was that he'd helped himself to an eyeful more than his fair share. She knew it, just like always. How did she always know?

"How would you know?" he shot back at her.

She started laughing.

"How indeed!" She patted his thigh. "It's alright, as long as you look and don't touch."

He fell silent; he was defeated. First she'd invaded his private thoughts and then taunted him with her ill-gotten knowledge. His only refuge was silence. It was his comment about the bride's nice looks that opened him up in the first place.

They passed the place for the wedding reception on their way to the motel. It was on the adjoining property, as a matter of fact. Jolene's sister and her husband were already inside. They spotted their car in front of the door.

Jolene's brother-in-law was at the desk signing in.

"Hey, do you want to get adjoining rooms?" Bert asked.

"Jeez, I don't know," Avery replied. "I hadn't thought about it."

Avery didn't really wa

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