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Married couple make friends to share playtime.

Brian slid his cock out of her mouth and began slapping her face with it. She squealed and giggled as she felt the heavy meat bounce off her cheeks and forehead. Without thinking, she pulled on Dean and Steven's cocks, guiding them next to Brian and pulling their cock heads against her cheeks. The men took the hint, all gripping their cocks and rubbing, slapping, and sliding them all over Andrea's pretty face. She would occasionally suck one into her mouth as her face was bombarded by cock slaps, and she could feel pre-cum drip onto her lips and cheeks.

"Somebody fuck this slut, or I'm going to take the honours," grunted Steven as he poked his cock into Andrea's cheek.

"Way ahead of you, boss," said a voice from the other end of the table.

Adam was on one knee between Andrea's legs, rubbing his fat cock head against her well-lubricated pussy lips as he gripped her behind the knee, forcing her legs wide apart. Andrea lifted her head, the three men's cocks all resting on her forehead as she looked down her body. Adam gripped his shaft and nudged Andrea's labia aside, his bulbous knob easing inside her.

He winced briefly as Andrea's hole resisted him, then finally he popped inside her, her pussy clenching the mushroom head. All the men watched eagerly, then cheered loudly when Adam finally penetrated her cunt.

"Holy shit, she is so fucking tight!" exclaimed Adam, looking like he was going to cum at that very moment.

Andrea was proud of her tight pussy, ensuring that nearly any man who entered her would be a tight fit. She had incredible control over her vaginal muscles, and used them now to squeeze Adam's big knob. He hissed through his teeth and actually pulled his cock out of her, batting it against her labia.

"Goddamn..." he murmured, looking down at her smooth pussy, then up into her eyes.

"What's the matter, sir? Don't you want to fuck my tight little pussy?" Andrea asked, looking hurt.
"Come on, man, give it to her," encouraged Brian.

"Don't worry if she makes you cum right away. It's not like this is your only chance to fuck her tonight," added Dean.

Andrea felt her heart skip a beat as she heard his words, now realising that this gangbang could last all night if they all wanted multiple turns using her. But if she was honest with herself, it only excited her more. She wasn't going to be satisfied until she'd drained every cock dry.

"Hmm, good point," said Adam, then braced himself again at her entrance, pushing inside slowly, deeper this time, his mouth open and his eyes rolling back.

Adam's large dick head felt wonderful as it pushed into Andrea, and she felt her nipples harden, moaning as Adam penetrated her. Derek, noticing her nipples become erect, pounced on her tits, nibbling, pulling, and sucking her perky breasts hungrily. She cried out and tipped her head back, reaching for the cocks that surrounded her head like a halo.

She quickly found Steven and Dean's cocks, and opened her mouth wide to let Brian's cock back into her throat. Adam began fucking her as she jerked and sucked the cocks, getting her tits sucked by Derek. Her pussy tingled as she got fucked harder, her body being jolted by Adam's thrusts.

"Fuck... can't hold it..." grunted Adam, after only two minutes inside Andrea's tight cunt.

Andrea felt his cock swell inside her as he erupted, spurting a huge load into her wet pussy as she clenched him tightly.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moaned around Brian's cock as she felt her pussy get filled.

The men all cheered and applauded the first ejaculation of the night as Adam panted, a dopey smile on his face as he slid his cock from her warm depths. She felt a thick gob of his cum escape her hole and drip down over her anus.

Adam had barely moved out of the way when Derek took his place between Andrea's splayed legs. She felt him urgently push inside her, stretching her even more with his cock, which was much larger than Adam's. Her hands instinctively squeezed the two dicks in her hands.

"I think she lik

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