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Never one to be attracted to women who were all girly-girl...

"What are you waiting for?"

I'm sure I had a really stupid look on my face. "Marianne, I, uh, you're... I mean...."

She untied her halter top but held it, barely covering her nipples. "If you're uncomfortable, we don't have to do this."

"I'm more surprised than I am uncomfortable, I guess. I just thought we'd have dinner and talk. I didn't expect to go skinny dipping with you," I stammered.

"Well, I didn't expect it either, but I'm OK with it if you are. We're both adults here, Kevin. As far as I'm concerned, this can be just a warm, relaxing soak, or it can be more. It's up to you." She finished removing her top and then quickly shed her thong. She stood there, naked and beautiful. "You're over-dressed," she said.

I stood up and kicked off my sneakers. My shirt came off next. Thank God I work out. With the way Marianne looked, I didn't want to have to spend the rest of the night sucking in my gut.

By this time, Marianne had turned and was getting in the hot tub. I got a nice shot of her ass and her pussy as she bent over from the waist to adjust a jet near the bottom of the tub. Great, now I'm getting a boner! Don't get me wrong, it's nice to know that, if I get up the courage to go through with this and strip down completely, at least my little friend won't be all shriveled to nothing. Still, I didn't want to just prance in there with my cock looking like it's ready to go off in her face.

She sat down in the water and looked at me. I must have had a pretty goofy look on my face, because she started to chuckle.

"You know, Kevin, I have seen a man naked before. It's OK. Come in with me. The water's really nice. I won't bite."

It was on the tip of my tongue to say something like, "Not unless I want you to, I hope. And what happens if I start nibbling on you?" But, luckily, I kept my mouth shut.

I thought I could be cool about it as I stripped off my shorts, but my half-hard cock betrayed me by poking out through the fly opening of my boxers.

"Oh my, that's pretty impressive," Marianne giggled.

I shrugged my shoulders as I felt my face turn a little red. "So are you," I said, yanking my underwear down and climbing into the tub.

I sat down on the opposite side of the tub from her. She was right; the agitating water did feel amazing on my bare skin. It also helped to hide my erection, now at its full length and girth. The water was shallow enough that Marianne's breasts were in full view, and I watched as her nipples slowly hardened into tight, tasty-looking nubs, the kind that I knew would feel exquisite between my lips.

I had been pretty horny for the last couple of days, lying on the beach watching the women in thong bikinis, walking on the boardwalk and seeing the girls in nothing but tank tops and tiny shorts with their hard nipples reaching out and assaulting my eyes, or hanging out in the casinos and clubs at night where hordes of gorgeous women strutted their stuff in slinky gowns and seductive little dresses.

This was different. I was sitting nude in a hot tub, sporting a monster erection, a few feet away from a naked woman who could have been a lingerie model.

"You don't have to sit all the way over there, you know," she murmured seductively.

"Marianne, I'm not sure what to do," I said.

"Really? I have an idea or two." She stood up and came over to me. The light from the torches glistened in the droplets of water that hung from her nipples and her sex. I could feel my cock twitching.

Marianne lowered herself back into the water and sat next to me, her hip pushed against mine. She looked down, apparently trying to see my cock through the bubbling water. I touched her chin with my index finger and raised her head so I could look into her eyes. We stared into each other's souls for a few seconds. Then, there was nothing else for me to do but kiss her. Her lips were soft, lush, and full, and they tasted like the wine we were drinking.

She turned and straddled my leg, grinding her pussy on my thigh.

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