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A friend of Rose's stops by to take my picture.

Mel would have frozen, but Jack took swift action. Clasping her body against him as if she were just a rag doll, he moved unbelievably fast, carrying her quietly down the hall to the Ladies Room.

Slipping inside, he pushed into the handicapped stall and dropped her to her feet. He turned and locked the door behind him. She stood where she'd landed, not entirely steady on her heels, listening alertly with him as footsteps echoed down the corridor towards them. Their eyes met conspiratorially as they silently waited.

As the sound of running water reached them from the Mens room, they both exhaled and had to struggle valiantly to not laugh aloud. Mel clapped a hand over her mouth, but her shoulders shook with the silent giggles. He teasingly put a finger to his lips and then with a mock frown, pushed her against the wall of the surprisingly roomy stall. Putting his mouth to her ear he whispered "I think I know how to keep you quiet..."

Then his mouth reclaimed hers with even more violence than before. The danger of the moment and the inherent perversity of being in the Ladies Room somehow unhinged Mel, too. She erupted with the passion that she hadn't given sway to before.

Pulling up her skirt to give her room to move, she pulled herself up by his shoulders and wrapped her thighs around his waist. He looked at her with eyes that glittered dangerously, murmuring the word "fuck" below his breath as he slammed her against the wall. His erection now poked into her soaking wet crotch.

"Yes, fuck..." she breathed in his ear. "I want you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me right here, Jack."

"Yeah, well, that's lucky because at this point I don't think I could stop." He ground the words out through his teeth; his face was fierce. Mel shivered with a mixture of fear and wild excitement. She could feel her blood coursing through her veins, her nipples straining against the silk of her demi-bra. His mouth came down on hers, his teeth now sinking into her lower lip. Jack's hands had moved down and under Mel's ass, his strong fingers grasped the fabric of her tights and with one firm yank, ripped them open.

As Mel gasped, his tongue pushed into her mouth, insistently pushing into hers. She could see colored lights behind her closed lids. Those long fingers of his were taking advantage of the hole he'd made to tease and probe around inside. As he slipped his middle finger inside her, Mel sighed with pleasure. He pressed his lips to her ear and whispered how hot and wet she was.

"Is it for me?" He asked playfully, already knowing the answer. Mel could only mutely nod in reply for fear of screaming.

"I bet you taste really sweet..." He murmured, pulling back to look at her. She gazed up at him without trying to hide how much she desired him. The wantonness on her face turned him on. "Let's see if I'm right." He said decisively.

Unhooking her legs from his waist, Jack made Mel put her feet back on the floor. She was too shaky to stand on her own, however, so he held her against the wall with one hand as he dropped to his knees before her. Looking up, he shifted one of her quivering thighs to his shoulder, steadying her and positioning himself closer to his goal. Mel could barely breathe. She watched with heavy-lidded eyes as he turned his gaze to her exposed pussy. Casting one last wicked glance up at her, Jack slammed his mouth between her legs.

She nearly climaxed on the spot - it was only her fear of being discovered by others that prevented her from screaming. Pressing the back of her fist to her mouth, Mel pitched forward a little as the ripples of sexual excitement began to build inside her. Jack's tongue flickered over her, finding her most sensitive spot just to the right of the bud of her clit. 'How did he know?' She wondered fleetingly.

When his mouth closed over her and began to gently suck - the explosion actually occurred.

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