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Romantic bay shore lovemaking.

They have a great science program. And I got a scholarship for volleyball."

"Ooh nice," Nick said sarcastically. "What're they, like, D3?"

"D2, asshole." Even she laughed, pushing his arm playfully, almost daringly. She got up. "Do you want another beer? Or some food?"

Nick shrugged. "I'll take another beer. If you're getting food, sure, yeah, I'll have whatever, no worries." She bounced away into the kitchen, two rooms away.

He heard the house phone ring. A minute later he heard her call out. "Meghan's on the phone, do you want to talk?"

Nick's mind almost went numb, and his darker inhibitions took complete control. He got up quickly and walked into the kitchen, where Bridget was standing by the fridge, legs spread apart in what Nick could only assume was some type of yoga stretching position. She had the house phone in her hand, curling the long cord around in her fingers.

Nick shook his head violently. "No," Nick whispered. "I don't feel like talking." Bridget flashed that coy smile, that sign that she knew exactly why Nick didn't want to talk to her. She told Meghan "he's in the bathroom", but continued listening. Only then did a massive clap of thunder peel out and shake the house.

"Holy shit!" Bridget screamed. "Did you guys hear that on your end?" Both she and Nick were breathless. The lights flickered a few times.

Another minute passed, and then sheets of rain began descending on the house, blasting against the windows in monumental torrents. Bridget nodded on the phone, "Okay, tell mom drive safe...see you guys later." She hung up.

"What happened? I thought they were just going to the store." Nick asked.

"They were." Bridget said, shutting the fridge door, then walking quickly to the front and side doors and checking the locks. "This storm hit them before it just hit us, and they issued tornado warnings for the whole county." She handed him another beer, and pointed to the oven. "I put a pizza in the oven for later. My mom said we should stay in the basement until the warning is over. They're closer to my dad's office in the city, they're going to stay there with him."

"Jesus," Nick breathed, popping the cap on his beer and taking a long swig. "How long?"

Bridget shrugged, then smiled evilly. "Why, you scared?" She cackled and lunged for Nick's stomach to tickle him. He let her do it, and enclosed his arms around her roughly like a bear, both of them laughing and swaying violently from side-to-side. She let go after a moment, fixing her shirt. Had she felt his hardening cock? Nick's eyes deftly drifted to her stomach, where what he saw immediately made his blood rise and his heart quicken: her stomach was perfectly tanned, sensationally toned, and she had a sexy piercing in her belly button that he hadn't known she had. She saw his eyes, and pulled her shirt down more. "Don't tell my mom."

"My lips are sealed." Nick replied. "Should we go down into the basement?" The sky had already darkened considerably, and was now nearly black as the rain continued to pelt the house.

"Uhm yeah probably. Don't wanna get sucked up!" Bridget turned off the lights in the kitchen. "But let me change real quick, it's cold downstairs."

She hustled up the stairs, and after a minute came back down wearing what would ultimately became Nick's innermost fantasy: she was still wearing the booty shorts, but had changed into knee-high socks, white, with a black stripe at the top; she had put on a hoodie that was a size too large for her, and had slipped on her black Ugg boots. She walked past him, and Nick followed her down the carpeted stairs into the basement, pulling the door shut quietly behind him.

An hour or so passed.

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