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Testing the toys for anal pleasure.

As we turned out the lights and went to Cheryl's bedroom, I had made up my mind to take out my frustrations on her hairy cunt. I was going to fuck her till the cum (or piss) was dripping in the floor.

When we started, I began with a good tongue lashing of her pussy. I licked and sucked until she was close to breaking my nose from humping it so hard. When I finally got her rocks off, I lay back and commanded her to suck my cock. I wasn't going to settle for a quiet serene blow job either. I wrapped my hand in her red hair and fucked her mouth like it was a hot piece of pussy. When she tried to pull away, I would pinch on of her hard brown nipples and stick my cock halfway down her throat. When my cock was to the bursting point, I told her to get on all fours. I knelt behind her and slapped her ass as I rammed my cock up her pussy. She gave a loud grunt and was soon pushing back for me to go deeper. I squeezed and kneaded her ass as I continued to pound into her pussy. I was feeling like I could go on all night when I glanced towards the bedroom door. There in the pale reflection of a street lamp was Kristi. She was naked as the day she was born. One hand was playing with her nipples and the other was busy stroking her pussy. She obviously was enjoying the show. Between her hot tight body and her mom's hot soppy pussy, I lost all control. Kristi had already seen me shoot a load, so I deposited this one deep in her mom's snatch. By the time I climbed off Cheryl's ass and headed toward the bathroom, Kristi had gone back downstairs.

I was sitting at the table the next morning, reading the paper while Cheryl cooked breakfast. Since it was Saturday, the younger siblings had devoured a quick bowl of cereal and headed off to friends houses. Kristi came upstairs to the dinning table still dressed in those cock teasing pajamas. As she reached for the comics I was treated to a nice view of her pink nipples. She noticed me staring and gave her titties a shake for me.

"Did you enjoy the show last night?" I asked her

She responded right back with, "I looked like I was enjoying it didn't I?"

"Did you get yourself off?" I questioned

She proceeded to tell me that she had to go downstairs and finish herself off on her bed. I told her I would have been glad to assist in any way. She told me she fucked herself with her hairbrush handle while she rubbed her clit. When she told me her pussy still felt swollen, she went so far as to pull her bottoms aside and let me see her puffy swollen pussy lips. She just smiled when I told her it looked delicious and licked my lips. Our teasing banter came to a quick end when Cheryl appeared with plates of food.

I have neglected to tell you up till now about Cheryl's marital situation. Her husband (and the kid's dad) had abandoned her when Jenny, the youngest was only a month old. Through sacrifice, long hours and plain old hard work Cheryl had managed to take care of herself and kids. She still had difficulty sometimes. I guess this is partly the reason for what came next. After about 3 months of dating, spending the night and basically living there, Cheryl and I visited a justice of the peace one Saturday afternoon and got married. I'm sure my income let Cheryl breathe a bit easier and I guess I got an instant family.

Kristy seemed to take perverse pleasure in teasing her new step dad.

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