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John takes Paula further, much further.

Ralph, the deputy, told Ron to stand back and he would do the questioning.

"Where were you last night?" asked Ralph.

"Right here at the party. I took Molly and her friend home kind of late; they'd had too much to drink and I knew they shouldn't drive."

Molly spoke up and said it was true. I asked her to step back and I'd handle this, I didn't want her any more involved than necessary.

"What the hell am I being accused of vandalizing? I did knock Chad on his ass but I don't think he broke anything." I sorta smiled.

"Their cars were vandalized last night or early this morning. You're our primary suspect," said Ralph.

"Whose cars were vandalized and why me?"

"Come with me," said Ralph.

We walked around to the other side of the building and there were Ron and Chad's car's filled with waste. It smelled terrible, even for me. Molly's eyes grew wide as she covered her nose, and it made me sort of smile again. We backed away a short distance so we could breathe.

"I didn't do it, Ralph. I was in my pickup last night. Lots of people saw me."

"Two witnesses saw you come back and empty the port-a-potties around five this morning. They say you and another man were empting the toilets."

"Who are the witnesses and are they sure they saw me?" I asked.

He called over Larry and another guy and asked them if it was me they saw emptying the potties. Larry stared at me and said, "Yes, I'm sure."

"What have you got to say for yourself, Jason? Caught red-handed this time," said a smiling Ron.

"Ralph, they're lying. I can prove it to you. Our company didn't have the contract to empty these potties. The Williams Brothers waste disposal company did. That's who Larry saw, not me."

"How do you know the Williams Brothers were here?" ask Ralph.

"This morning around seven I had to go to the waste removal plant to empty a truck. As I was leaving, the Williams Brothers were just arriving and told me that they there must have been quite a party. They had just emptied the port-a-potties at the lodge.

"I also have a receipt that I was at the plant this morning. I couldn't be two places at once. I'm sure if you talked to Ted and John Williams that they would tell you they saw me at the waste plant."

The Williams Brothers were friends of mine and I didn't want them to get into trouble. Besides, I don't think Ron or Chad wanted to mess with them without real proof.

"We want to file charges against Jason anyway," said Chad. "If not for the vandalism then for hitting me. That's assault and he admitted to it."

These guys just wanted to get me. Molly came forward. "Sir, can I file charges against Ron and Chad? They drugged me last night and if it wasn't for Jason, I don't know what would have happened."

Ralph looked over at Molly. "That's quite an accusation young lady. Do you have any proof?"

"Maybe there is still something left in the lodge or you can take some blood samples or something." I knew Molly was just trying to help.

Chad spoke, "Hold on a second, Ralph. My dad's the mayor. Do I need to call him?" It was kind of a threat to Ralph.

"Yes, maybe you should. If she files charges against you, we have to investigate. That's the law. I don't give a rat's ass who your father is."

"Officer Ralph," Molly said in her sweetest voice. "If they agree to not file any charges against Jason, then I won't file against them."

Ralph looked over at Chad and Ron. They knew they didn't have any real proof against me and there was a chance there could be drugs left in the lodge. Even if they hadn't brought the drugs themselves, they'd bear some responsibility since they'd thrown the party.

"So, I guess it's in your corner, Chad. Do you want to file this assault charge against Jason? He did admit hitting you, we need to know if it was justified, but a court can decide that."

"Fuck it!" said Chad. "Let's just forget the whole damn thing. I don't want to tie up the courts time with her useless charges." We all knew Chad was just looking for a way to end the trouble he could be in.

"Well, I

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