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Middle-aged woman keeps him nude & subservient.

After a few attempts to talk, and finally the dynamite of a marriage proposal, Karen had forbidden me to contact her again. I knew she wouldn't have done that unless I had gotten in too deep, and the fear of letting me get any deeper was more than she could handle. So that door of Love had closed one final time, to me the saddest of all sad things.

I was divorced from the mother of my two children, a woman I had never come close to loving like I had Karen, mostly I had felt sorry for her and the many tragedies of her life and she was young and pretty, and could suck the chrome off your bumper. Still, in the end I had 2 great kids, Mike was 17 and Lisa 13, both were independent and resilient, I was proud of them and loved them very much. The question I asked myself every day was this; what was next for me, would I ever find Love again?

I finally pulled away from Melissa and wanted more than just a release, made her roll over. I ate her pussy delicately, with all the craft I had learned and with the sheer appreciation for the beauty of the woman spread before me. I efficiently licked her labia, and then teased her clit, tasting of her juices and smelling the fragrance of her that one can only get from the intimacy of making oral love to a woman. God, I loved this; was this Love? I licked under the hood of her clit and she reacted with a jump. I put my index finger inside the mouth of her vagina and felt her accept it and want more. I let my pinkie finger tickle her ass, and feeling it moist from the lotion, sweat and her flowing juices, managed to wiggle it into her butt, something I knew she loved although she never asked for. I tasted her and licked faster, wanting to get her going really good, and then I would do something to her that I suspect she liked; and something I needed, and that something was getting her to the point where she would unabashedly beg me to fuck her. There is truly something special about having a beautiful woman call your name in her throes of orgasm while you are going down on her, and then in the next breath begging you to "fuck her," and I would usually make her say "please.' When Melissa did this for me, it was as if all of life was good, and could not possibly get any better. As I teased her clit and tongued her nearly to coming, I heard her say the magic words, the three little words I needed to hear; "please fuck me!' I buzzed her a little longer and then stopped and got up and sat in my canvas chair. I motioned for her to come sit on my cock, her favorite position by the way. My Scorpion Queen straddled her bright blue-eyed Gemini and rode the wave of my hard cock.

"Oh, Michael I love the way your hard cock fills my pussy, don't ever take it away from me!" She said, and closed her eyes as she power surged on my cock into the first of several mighty orgasms she would have.

"Oh God, I'm coming! Oh Fuck, I love you, I love fucking you, please fuck me harder, don't stop! Uhhhhhhhhhh! And then she came again, moaning loudly for no one but me.

There was that word again, Love. She had never said that to me before, or I to her. She had said the magic words to me; did they have any meaning? After all, she was orgasmic at the time. Love, it was the trickiest and most mysterious of all words and concepts, it could mean so much, or so little. It could come in an orgasm and depart in a disagreement over decision making styles. Nothing could be more glorious than the finding of a new love, just as nothing was sadder than the closing of Love's door that final time. After my last true Love was lost, my mission in life was a simple one; to find that kind of Love again. Only this time I aimed to keep it, so what I needed to find was a keeper.

As Melissa's coming began to subside mine started.

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