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A lone snowboarder goes for the ride of his life.

And this other man needed tending to. She could feel his erection against her ass. How she loved this about men: their desire was so immediately obvious and hard cocks were so fun to play with! She arched back against him and impaled herself on his hardness. Her wet pussy, warm and inviting, drew his cock in. This sensation woke him. He moaned with the warmth of her pussy tightening around his cock and his eyes opened to take in her tousled blonde hair, her beautifully smooth back with its muscle patterns in relief against the sheets. His breathe caught at the feeling of her slick wetness tightening, drawing him in. How in god's name could this woman take him in with a feeling he had rarely felt before?

But he was not ready to cum yet so he pulled out of her, pushed her away, and murmuring in her ear, left the bed to empty his bladder in the bathroom. He stood a long moment, looking out the window at the blue-gray water of the sound where it met the blue-gray scudding clouds of the February sky. He noticed the proprietor of the bed and breakfast out on the narrow beach with his border collie taking in the smells of the salty air.

The windows to their bedroom were large, open, and looked out to the beach. A set of French doors, covered by drapes also afforded optimum views. He thought to himself with a slightly mischievous grin that the view went both ways. He did not know the owner well, but he was a handsome man who apparently had an adoring wife. They had both greeted their guests warmly the night before, and then retired to the front room to read together on the sofa.

He padded, naked, back to the bed and looked down at the mysterious beauty half covered in rumpled sheets, on her stomach, a well-rounded ass teasing him with its helpless perfection. This woman was almost too much for him to take in. She had fallen asleep in his arms the night before, telling her story, her tears wetting his chest as he listened, helpless in the face of her pain. She stirred and her eyes opened, the same blue-gray as the sky and the strait beyond the open windows.

Walking to the French doors he raised the blinds to stand there in silhouette. He gave off a comfortable masculinity that she found hugely appealing. He moved aside so she could see the view beyond. They both saw the man and the dog not far away, the man intent on throwing a stick for the dog to fetch. He turned toward her, moving with the grace of the athlete he had been some twenty years ago, and taking her by the hand, pulled her up from the bed to stand at the open doors.

Her face lit from within as she realized his desire. He kissed her, slowly, lightly at first, then more fervently as he realized that her mouth even in the morning was delicious to him. She began to breathe faster in his arms. His cock began to swell and rise.

"Suck my cock." He demanded it softly but firmly. She instantly dropped to her knees at his feet and obediently opened her mouth to take him in her warm mouth, looking up at him as she did so. The gray light fell on her face, transfixed at the task. She so adored cock, something he had yet to experience. He watched her, working his fingers in her hair as he pulled her in closer.

"Oh my god," he thought. "I'm going to cum in her mouth if she keeps this up." She looked up at him as his eyes closed in the sensation. He opened his eyes to look down at hers. He pulled out of her mouth and turned her around to face the unshuttered door. There, outside, the man with the dog stood immobile, stick in hand, watching.

She leaned against the glass. Hands outstretched, feet spread, she tilted her hips back to show him her pussy's readiness. Quickly now, he fumbled through his bag on the floor to find a condom which he unwrapped and slid on. He stared at her cunt's lips, where beads of her lubricant glistened. She waited impatiently now for his hard cock.


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