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,... stays in Vegas?

Are we clear?" Her voice hitched on the last word, I suppose Tammy hit a nice spot. I nodded and mumbled into the glistening mound before me, but was drowned out by my wife's hands pulling me closer, grinding my face against her lips until I couldn't breathe. My grip on her thighs tightened as she stood up. My face was completely smothered into her crotch, and I couldn't see anything. I shuffled backward as she moved forward. Her mother's hands brought my ass back up to a perky position and I tried to survive on snatch alone for a moment.

The dildo slipped out of me, and I could feel the cold air of the room inside my gaping ass. Tammy loosened her grip on my skull, moving her hands to the side of my face. She knelt next to me. "We're going to have such fun during this ice storm, sweetie. If you learn enough, you'll come to the house with me when it's ready. If you still need more training, Mommy and Daddy will treat you like you need to be treated until you can be, well, what I need. She kissed me again. I felt her mother's hands on my ass, pulling me apart, then felt the dildo against my hole.

"Push back against it, you little slut." My mother-in-law spoke with authority and my wife sat back down in the chair, ceding all command to the matriarch. My body acted without my brain, euphoric drugs coursing my veins, veiny cock just teasing at my asshole. All of it was too much and I lunged back, filling myself with her beautiful tool, now strapped back in place at her pelvis. She laughed and dug her nails into my asscheeks, stroking in and out, in and out, in and out. My asshole was hers, her cock was at home inside me like my own organs. I was made up of heart, lungs, and a 10 inch rubber fucktoy attached to a woman who looked for all the world like a retiree Betty Boop.

My wife began to stroke my half-flaccid dick, stopping occasionally to lick her hand clean of my fluids. Sometimes she let her mother have a lick. Eventually, she began feeding it to me. I don't know how long we were like that, her mother's cock inside me, my lips wet with my own semen, her hand rubbing languidly against her pussy as she writhed in the chair. I only know that when I thought about my surroundings again it was dark outside, and I was alone in my own wet spot on my mother-in-law's bedroom floor. Through her open bedroom door, I could hear the family downstairs.

"You did what?" Mr. Jones roared, incredulity in his voice. "He's only barely tolerable at dinners and holidays, for fuck's sake. There's just no way to include him - "

"Daddy. DADDY." My wife's voice silenced the house. I could hear my own breathing as I huddled next to the door. Tammy continued. "I love him. Mother simply did what I asked, which was to open a path for me and Jim to have the kind of sheer pleasure I know you and she enjoy. Her methods are...well, they're her methods, but they were good enough for me in college, and you'll allow us to extend the training to Jim or you'll do without he and I both."

"She's serious, David" her Mother added, quietly. "...besides, you haven't seen the enthusiasm her boy's got."

There was a long silence as I waited for my fate in the family to be decided. Had my radical journey from this morning's bathroom jerk-off to these past hours of sissy cockwhoring destroyed my life, or would the encouragement and lust of Tammy and her mother Catherine win me the perverted life I now craved?

"Fine." her father said. "I just hope you haven't already stretched him out too much." I was frozen with fear at that statement, but the sound of jovial family laughter came from downstairs. Tammy came up the stairs alone.

"Jim," she said as she walked in the bedroom, "I know it's been a crazy day.

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