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Veronica Divine gets a 21-cum salute.

.."We haven't started?"

She groans in a combination of relief and disappointment as his finger slides out of her ass. She protested when it was inside her, but in truth, she needed it...Such are her conflicts.

She feels him step in front of her and his hand lifts her chin. She feels the warmth of his breath as his lips cover hers...

"The kiss..." she thinks to herself.

The kiss always marks the beginning.

His lips linger on hers and she opens hers slightly to let his tongue slid into her mouth...His hands move from cradling her face to brushing the tips of her nipples as they hang at the ends of her breasts...

"You know I love you..." He states matter of factly.

"Yes..." she whispers, her heart pounding.

And she is thankful that he understands...

"S-s-s-s-s-a-r-r-r-g-g-h-h!" she sucked her breath in sharply as the teeth of the first clip bit into the erect pap of her left nipple.

"Un-n-n-n-g-g-g-g-a-a-ah!" she groaned as she felt the second clip bite into the tender erect nub of her right nipple.

She forced herself to breathe deeply through her nose, letting the air fill her lungs as she waited for the initial pain to subside and be replaced by the constant ache she so desperately needed...Gradually the pain settled in and she groaned in gratification as the sensation moved from her nipples down her spine, to her pussy...Settling there and causing her to waggle her hips in need...

Yet he wasn't through with her nipples...She thought she noticed something different about the feel of the clips...There seemed to be a slight pull on them...In fact each clip had attached to it a small chain capable of holding tiny, but quite heavy weights. He carefully attached a weight to the end of each chain. She was aware that something was about to happen, but wasn't prepared for the jolt of pain that course through her body when he held the weights up and then dropped them so that the jerked her nipples straight down...

"Y-e-e-e-e-o-o-o-w-w! O-o-o-h-h-h, g-g-god...Oh p-please...!" she screeched as the weights swung back and forth pulling the clips, the teeth of which were firmly embedded in each now red pap which were pulled and stretched at the end of each tit...Again the wait...Again the settling in of the pain...Her pussy is now throbbing in need and begins to seep lubrication...She feels it running down the inside of her wide-stretched thighs and is embarrassed at the thought that he can see her arousal.

She shifts her body slightly and is immediately awarded with a jolt of pain as the weights swing on the ends of her nipple..."A-h-h-h-u-u-n-n-h!" she groans.

He stands aside, silently watching her as she revels in her anguish...He smiles as he sees her thighs slick with her juices..."She is already leaking and she has such a long way to go" he thinks as he moves back to the drawer.

He reaches in and pulls out a small bottle of lubricant and then picks up a large sized butt plug. She is very anal, but she is small and he is always careful to ensure that she feels every centimeter of the plug as it is pushed into her anus.

He turns and walks over to her..."You disobeyed, did you not?" he questioned.

"Yes, " she said nodding her head vigorously in agreement.

"You know you must be punished.." he states calmly.

"Yes," she nods again her heart beginning to pound at the ominous sound in his voice.

Saying nothing further, he moves behind her. She shifts nervously and then gasps when he slowly drips the lubricant into the crack of her ass letting it run down and over the crinkled rose of her anus.

"O-o-o-h-h-h, p-please" she whispers, "P-please d-don't"

But her movements belie her words...She is thrusting her ass out, seeking the penetration she knows is coming.

"Too late," he replies "You disobeyed...Now you must be punished."

"A-h-h-h," she gasps as he uses his middle finger to spread the lubricant over her anus, the "E-e-e-c-h!" she screeches as he pushes his finger inside her, again penetrating her to the knuckle.

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