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Katie brings in professional help.

He unbuckled his belt and let Timmy kiss the leather of his belt and smell it. He rubbed the leather belt against Timmy's lips, nose, and face. He inserted the tip of it in Timmy's mouth and let him kiss and suck it for a minute.

While doing that he started to pull his pants down a little letting the band of his underwear free the top of his cock. Now he brought Timmy's mouth back to it with his eyes still shut in bliss. Carl watched as Timmy started naturally kissing, licking, sucking, and smelling his cock.

Now, Carl started giving him encouragement, "Go ahead and lick around the flare."

Like a new idea had struck him, Timmy licked all around the flare, the crown and the piss slot. Licking the piss slot seemed to invigorate him, as he had a taste of precum for the first time. He wanted to taste more so he sank his mouth further down the cock, sucking hard enough that it pulled his lips out fully stretched when he drew back up.

Carl said, "You have perfect lips."

He licked the shaft all the way down between the balls. The pubic hairs tickled his nose. With his mouth over the cock he gently blew air down the shaft and through the pubic hairs of Carl's balls. He could feel the heat off the cock rise into his mouth and on his face.

Carl said, "Kiss and suck the balls for me."

Timmy was engulfed in new experiences and tenderly kissed and then sucked each one of the balls, letting his tongue travel to the skin behind the balls. He let his lips form a perfect circle just the right size for the balls to squeeze in. Tasting balls for the first time was a wonderful experience he never anticipated.

Carl asked, "Is it good."

"Uh huh," Timmy replied.

"Lick between the balls again and go all the way back until you are licking the ass cheeks." Carl hunched his crotch up and spread his legs some to allow for Timmy's head.

Eagerly Timmy licked all the way back vigorously tasting the wrinkly scrotum skin, and then the perineum, and then the brown wrinkles, not realizing at first he was licking Carl's asshole for the first time. He licked the ass crack around the asshole, and the butt cheeks. He licked the asshole again marveling that it didn't taste bad and how it felt against his tongue. He licked all the way back to the top noticing how puffy the cum vein was and how nice the velvety skin tasted. When he got to he top, Carl pushed Timmy's mouth over his cock.

"Suck it."

When Timmy pulled out to the cock head he licked the cockhead getting a little more precum with a heavier taste to it. Carl was pumping his cock in and out but suddenly pushed hard and held Timmy's head on it.

"Close your lips around it tight and don't loosen up."

Holding Timmy's head tightly, Carl started bucking and Timmy could feel the cock expand. Then he felt the cum vein pulsing on his tight lips, and a volley of cum splashed into the back of his mouth and throat. Carl shot several good streams of cum into Timmy's mouth, and held Timmy in place for a few minutes. "Suck it clean Timmy."

Timmy could taste a glob of the cum on his tongue. He sample tasted it and lavished on the opportunity to have his first taste of cum.

All of the new tastes and smells were even more enhanced by the pot smoking.

Timmy had to be pushed off his cock. Carl asked, "Where is your restroom?" He had to pee.

Timmy pointed to his bedroom and followed Carl in there to show where it was.

After he peed, Carl started to zip up, but then he saw Timmy had come up beside him. Thinking Timmy had to pee also Carl turned toward him a little to trade places, but unexpectedly, Timmy dropped to his knees and happily sucked the pee drops from the end of Carl's cock. It seemed he couldn't get enough of cock.

Carl saw the clothes hamper had panties in it. They weren't Tammy's.

They went back to the living room and got another glass of wine and as Timmy selected another of his favorite genre movie, Carl lit up another joint.

Timmy seemed more open and uninhi

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