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He lubricated my anus with his supple talented fingers. Kurt's briefcase contained sex toys and lubricant samples and as Kurt opened it I was stunned to see that he was very well prepared. He allowed me to assume a more comfortable position while he tried out a number of the toys that he thought might intrigue me. He seemed to sense that I was far from unhappy to co-operate with him and he was gentle and understanding. For the next hour or so the two men talked, as Kurt brought me to new levels of heightened sexuality and desire. In spite of the circumstances I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the time I spent in front of the two men. I could never have initiated such an encounter on my own behalf. On occasions that our eyes met, Kurt appeared to be admiring my willingness to let myself go and orgasm wildly before his eyes rather than expressing the disgust that I might have expected. He was like Sir Gideon in so many ways. I was drained and tired when Kurt signalled his satisfaction. Kent ordered me to pick up my dress and return to the dressing room.

I showered and cleaned myself up amidst very confused feelings of shame and pride. I wondered how I could ever face Kurt again, as a valued client of the company that I jointly controlled with Kent, following my extraordinary demonstration of submissive enjoyment at his hands. I remembered Margaret's words of wisdom at the Club at Taylor's Ridge as I put on my dress and nervously went back out to the showroom. I smiled at Kurt shyly. I waited for the conversation with Kent to conclude, hoping that Kurt hadn't lost respect for me.

"I'm sorry that I couldn't show you that outfit properly the first time, Sir. I --"

"I understand perfectly now." He interrupted. "Perhaps you were worried about demonstrating that erotic garment to me at it's very best in front of the others."

Turning to Kent, he thanked him.

"I only hope you will allow me such a pleasurable, personal demonstration for my next buying trip in a few months time? May I give Barbara the order in the usual way now?"

Kent nodded his assent, shook his hand, unlocked the door and left the room. I breathed a sigh of relief that Kurt's relationship with me wasn't to change in any significant way. It seemed that he was intelligent enough to realise that the interlude that we had both enjoyed could not have been handled any other way at this point of time. It would have been too embarrassing for both of us. Kurt was a perfect gentleman as he gave me a huge order, vowing that he would stock our lines exclusively in his shops from now on if I would show him the new lines in the same way again. I smiled.

"If you insist.---Sir." I eagerly nodded.

I knew that he was discrete and the next time I would offer him a private showing, dispensing with the need to involve Kent. We had an understanding. He thought no less of me, probably respecting me even more than before.

The only real commitments that Cat and I had toward business pursuits now, were the showings of the BDSM gear and very general supervision of Lakeside complex. The complex had continued to expand the turnover and profits. I had a weekly meeting with Les to kick around ideas and innovations. He proved to be a tremendous manager, organising buying of stock and staffing matters. He constantly improved the viability of the investment and made my presence largely unnecessary.

Kent and I had more free time to spend with Margaret and Cat during business hours, discussing the near completion of Kent's new dwelling and planning the imminent move. The decorators had almost finished the final touches and Tony and his men had moved to other projects including another Motel complex near Lakeside. With the conference work we had attracted over last winter, this type of accommodation was suddenly in far more demand.

I had long abandoned any thoughts of political ambition, as our relationship with the town officials was so accommodating that it was better to remain distant from the everyday running of the town's admi

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