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Hanna tells her story.

She's quite a mannish girl with close-cropped hair, and always dressed in trousers. Sliding my had down I was all anticipation. Was she shaved or not? Personally I like girls with a nice growth. Sex should be wild and steamy, not squeaky clean, don't you think? And then there it was. A sodden mat. Within seconds I had her in the car with ass in the air, lovely dark bush proving how rare is a natural blonde, and trousers around the ankles. The rest as they say, was history.

Later, because she was a bit butch, I asked her if she had ever experienced the joy of a girl's pussy. She acted very shocked and pretended the thought had never crossed her mind. Certainly I was sure a girls tongue had never crossed her clit. The next night I had been invited to a restaurant with my Hong Kong host. A meal in Hong Kong, when your host is trying to impress you is a great experience. The whole party sits down at a long table with the clothe draped down to the floor. Under the table are naked girls, one for each dinner guest. Their job is to give a continuous blow job throughout the meal. Some times the girls share a dick. Sometimes a girl will fuck one guest while blowing a second on the other side of the table. The permutations are endless. It is considered poor form for the men to acknowledge the girls at all; they should talk only about business, or about the state of the Hong Kong turf (horse racing is an obsession in the ex-colony). The girls are experts and they never quite get you to come.

It was to this that I invited Anneke. I told her to wear a business suit and act like a man. these restaurants are a male secret and Anneke had no idea what was in store for her. As we sat down I asked her to sit opposite me with my host next to her. The meal started and I felt somebody open my flies and take out my dick. Again it is very bad form to be erect before the girl goes to work; it's her job to get you in the mood. I always had trouble with this, but on this occasion, I had just recently fucked Anneke so I was relaxed. Actually Anneke still had my come up her cunt. I had fucked her in 30 seconds in the corridor while waiting for the hotel lift, and she'd had no time to freshen up (as she called it).

Suddenly I saw the table jolt. Obviously the girl below had sat up suddenly and banged her head. My host looked angry, and I was sure the girl would be disciplined later. At the same time I saw Anneke's eyes open very wide; clearly the surprise was mutual. She did nothing though. She knew the form in Hong Kong. I could feel her spreading her legs wider under the table, and at the same time my girl was at work. She was a real expert. She'd suck and suck and suck till I could feel my sperm moving through my balls. Then at the last moment she would squeeze the base of my shaft, driving it back, and driving the level in the dam higher. I wondered what her friend was making of Anneke, and the come that must be spilling out of her. I knew Anneke was enjoying it. She was talking to the man on her right about horses, but her voice was so deep and jerky I knew she must be close to orgasm. I saw her sinking down in her seat. her entire waist was below the table.

Then I felt silk and material against my cock. Somebody pushed something into my hands. It was Anneke's knickers and trousers. The girl was giving me the control on Anneke . She was slumped naked from the waist down in her chair, in a strictly males only environment and she had no chance of moving. I felt my girl turn round. She had her butt up against me and was putting my dick in her ass. this was very unusual and it felt unbelievably tight. She was rocking slowly backwards and forwards, trying to get used to the size. I had never ass fucked anybody before. What a time for a new experience. At the same time she was licking Anneke and I could feel the legs of a second girl upside down on my groin as well. Was she tonguing Anneke on the anus?

We drank toast after toast of that br

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