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Jessica has an illicit encounter with her professor.

I think at the time they were on rocky ground and he really didn't like her friends who would be there so he opted to do something else. Oddly enough he was ok with me taking her. Yep the dumbass!

Luckily the wedding was in the spring so all the ladies were in hose. Even though it was the late 80's you still had the occasional oddball who would go bare legs. I picked Debbie up at her house, Her dad opened the door and I said hello then he let me in to wait for Debbie, she wasn't quite ready. We made some small talk her dad was pretty cool and seemed to like me. When she came out I was just dumbfounded and even told her how great she looked before her dad could. She had a nice cream-colored floral print dress that came down to mid calf and a blouse and jacket to match with cream 3" heels and tan hose. With her heels on she was just a few inches shorter than me, we had talked before and she was worried about that. When I assured her that I didn't care how tall she was and if she wanted to wear heels then that would be great. I told her that I thought she would be sexy in heels and man was I right.

I opened the door for her and watched as she sat then brought her legs in, wow that was just sexy to watch and she knew I was watching. It had been about two weeks I think since our little night together and she had teased the stuffing out of me since then while in class. We had about a 30-minute drive to the reception hall and I took my sweet old time. I drove a two-door coup with reclining seats. The passenger seat was back all the way so she had room to cross her legs. I had a c.b. radio on the floor and it partially blocked my view, friggen thing. Wee talked a bit about the couple getting married and about the night we had together, she asked me questions about why I liked hose and feet, which shocked the shit out of me. You don't run into a girl who is like that every day but I opened up to her. She told me she always knew from the first week of classes and she shifted to give me a better look. She looked so nice sitting there in her skirt and just enough of her foot showing for me to se her hose and her arch. Man was I getting horny.

The reception was nice, there were many people we knew who were shocked to see us together and we assured them we came as friends. They used long banquet tables for seating and we grabbed a seat next to each other and I went for drinks. We talked some more while everyone ate and she would occasionally rub her foot on my leg and grin at me. When the dancing started they dimmed the lights and we all let loose, I couldn't help but think about her feet in those hose and heels, she kept her shoes on while most didn't. I was happy about that, as I didn't feel like cleaning her hose with my tongue later. After a few fast ones a slow song started and I moved to leave, she grabbed my hand and pulled me back. We danced a bit then she moved in closer to me,"Is that for me?"

"Well you caused it so yeah its yours."

I couldn't help it I was harder than Chinese arithmetic and she pressed into it.

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