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Spectator's views of catfights.

But I restrained myself.

"Yeah... well... yeah, I'm done with it. It's in my hamper, I'll go get it."

Before I could, she ran off ahead of me.

"No! Wait!" I said, remembering that it was covered in wads of my cum.

Ahead of me, in my room, I heard an, "Ooooooooh!" of awe. "Damn, boy!" I heard Amy say as I came through the doorway. I saw her standing there with one finger hooked under the strap of the thong, the panties dangling there, soaked in still-wet semen. She laughed and smiled at me, "You cum like a horse, sweetie!"

I was completely embarrassed - my face totally red - and speechless.

"Mind if I try a sample?" Amy asked. Before I understood what she meant, she wiped up a generous serving of my cum from the thong on her other hand's index finger. Without another thought, she slid the cum-covered finger into her mouth and sucked on it. I could tell her tongue was swirling in her mouth, licking the finger clean. She extracted the finger and I heard her audibly swallow. Amy's eyes rolled back in her head. "Damn, sweetie. Your cum tastes amazing!"

My cock went instantly hard and she could see it.

She went on, "Maybe I'll have to suck you off later so I can taste some more," she said, grinning.

She went back into her room and tossed the cum-soaked thong into her hamper. "I'm sorry," I mumbled incoherently.

"It's alright, sweetie. I think its flattering. But you did get my last pair dirty. I don't know what I'll wear. All my other thongs are in the hamper." She opened her panty drawer and I saw a dozen thongs inside.

"But..." I started to correct her, to point out the other thongs.

But she simply lifted them all out of the drawer and tossed them into the hamper with a crooked and devious smile on her face. "In the hamper... like I said," she added with finality. Amy then unzipped her tight white kakis and started to shimmy her hips out of them, sliding them down her long sexy smooth tanned legs. She kicked them aside, exposing the slit of her pussy as she did so. "I guess I'll have to go around like this tonight," Amy said in the most sultry voice I could have ever imagined. "You don't mind, do you?"

I was speechless. I could only watch her as she walked past me and out of her room. I turned and gazed at her beautiful ass as it wobbled slightly with every step. She looked so incredibly hot in nothing but that baby t-shirt that her tits were ready to rip through. I followed her like a puppy into the living room.

When she got in there, she stretched with her arms above her head, then settled down and turned to face me, plopping onto the couch and rubbing her legs together seductively. "I'm horny," Amy said. "You want to watch some porn with me?"

I could only nod as I walked slowly towards her and sat next to her on the couch, my cock clearly forming a tent in my pants. I was admiring her legs and the folds of her pussy which peaked out form in between them. She knew it and smiled wickedly, "So what kind of porn do you want to watch, horny boy?"

"Just some man-on-woman sounds fine to me."

"I have just the thing," she said and stood up, walking towards the entertainment center. She reached into her DVD library and pulled out a porno. My breath caught in my throat as she bent over at the waist, exposing her pussy to me from behind. She slid the DVD into the player and turned on the television, standing back up straight and walking towards me. "What are you looking at?" she teased.

She plopped down in my lap and curled her legs close.

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