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Mother Knows Best.

She turns to him and simply smiles.

He begins moving his hand up her leg, slowly, keeping an eye on her face as he does so. Having reached the bottom of her skirt, she still smiles. He slowly begins moving his fingers down into her inner leg, then up, beneath her skirt.

Kevin, seeing this, moves a hand to a breast, cupping it. She moves her eyes from Keith to Kevin and smiles. He leans forward and kisses her full on the lips. Quickly tongue comes into play, while his hand continues to kneed her breast.

Meanwhile Keith has reached the top of her leg and moved his hands over her lacy white underwear, now visible with the skirt pushed high, letting his fingers dance over her covered pussy. He uses his left hand to pull her leg closer to him, giving him more access to the treasure below.

She responds by leaning her upper body away, towards Kevin, and inching her lower body towards Keith.

Seeing this as an invitation, Keith moves his hands towards her hips and pulls her body towards him, slidding backwards on the couch as he does so.

Kevin pauses as Keith does this. Noticing what he's trying to do, he too slides backward, grabbing Barbie by her shoulders and pulling her upper body towards him.

She's now laying on her back, her legs towards Keith, her head resting on Kevin's chest.

Kevin moves his hands down to her breasts and begins kneeding them again, as he moves his mouth once more to hers.

Keith, now having full access, pushes her skirt all the way up, and begins kissing the top of her thighs. He slowly moves his way in her body, towards her underwear. Meanwhile his hands have moved to her sides, slipping below the sides of her underwear, and they begin slowly moving them up.

As he reaches her pussy her underwear has become tight and he's able to see a clear outline of what lies beneath. He alternates between rubbing his chin and nose against her.

He moves his fingers out, away from her body, and begins moving his hands down, her panties starting to slide down. Suddenly he stops, and moves his body away from her. He looks at Kevin, still kissing her and kneeding her breasts. Driven, he grabs the side of her panties and pulls them down and off her body.

Her bare pussy comes into, perfectly shaved. He grabs her skirt and pulls it off her as well. He moves his face towards her and begins running his tongue up and down her lips.

Kevin, seeing these actions out of the corner of his eyes, stops kneeding her breasts and moves his hands down her body. He reaches the bottom of her top and begins unbuttoning it. He stops kissing her and begins gently biting her lips, nose, and ears.

The buttons now undone, he moves his hands to the top of her breasts and slips his fingers under her white lace bra. As his fingers trail further down he pushes the cloth down, resulting in her breasts bared. Now visible, he begins alternating between sucking and pinching her erect nipples.

Meanwhile she's moved a hand down between her legs. Keith stops for a moment as she moves her index finger down, between her lips. Another finger joins it and she slowly spreads herself apart. Keith, further emboldened, begins using his tongue to dig deeper.

They continue with this - Keith licking and sucking on her pussy and Kevin licking, sucking, and pinching her tits - for a couple of minutes.

However, once again, Keith makes a move. While still licking he moves his hands to his jeans, and unsnaps and unzips them. That done he pushes them down. This erect cock strains against his boxers, a wet spot clearly visible at the top. He pauses to pull his jeans completely off, and then pulls his shirt over and off.

Kevin, hearing the sounds, stops and watches, before moving Barbie's body off his. He gets off the couch and quickly unsnaps and unzips his jeans.

Barbie starts to sit up but Keith puts his hands to her sides and begins turning her around.

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