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My passionate soldier girl.

ndy's rock-hard cock pressing into her crotch as they embraced

"I'll take that as a yes," Rachel replied dreamily, when they broke the embrace. Then she turned serious, or as serious as she could be as drunk and high as she was. "I love you so much. Baby, you know this has been my fantasy forever, and I think it's been yours, too. We'll never have a better opportunity to make it happen than right here, right now."

Randy simply nodded, the fiery look in his eyes all the confirmation Rachel needed.

"OK, let's set some ground rules," Rachel said, mustering rationality for possibly the last time that night. "First, I'm not holding anything back. If we're going to do this, then we're going all the way. I'm going to surrender to my lust and let you guys do anything you want to me. Second, and I'm serious about this, you have to promise me you won't get halfway into it and go jealous on me. You're going to be as much a part of this as they are, and you'll get just as much as anyone else. Finally, what happens out here stays out here. Agreed?"

"All right, my love," Randy said. "You're the boss."

"Well, then, I guess it's time to orgy," Rachel said finally. "Look, why don't you go off and gather some firewood for a few minutes and let me, um, warm the guys up."

While Rachel and Randy were discussing their plans, Justin and Lee talked softly among themselves. The sexy conversation and the nearness of such a horny babe had inflamed them to near madness.

"So, what do you think?" Justin said. "Are we gonna score?"

"I think it's up to the husband," Lee replied as he refilled his pipe with some of the pungent Jamaican weed. "She wants it, you can tell, and I think he does, too, but we'll have to see."

Cunt juice was literally dripping down the insides of Rachel's thighs as she sauntered back to the campfire. She faced the two young men, then squatted down, opened the cooler to fix another drink and bent over, giving Lee and Justin a very generous look at her tits and her crotch, and they stared at her openly. As she was pouring the orange juice into her glass, she looked up and smiled sweetly. Then she stood up, walked over to the fire and faced the two young men.

"So, you guys want to see them?" she asked. When they didn't answer immediately, she continued, "My tits, you want to see them? Y'all have been staring at them all night, so I thought maybe you'd like to see them in the flesh."

Both men agreed enthusiastically, so Rachel pulled the bikini top off her breasts and let them flop out into the open. She walked seductively over to where they were seated, cupping her breasts in her hands and rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She stood right in front of them and displayed her beautiful tits to their bug-eyed gaze.

Knowing what they wanted, Rachel told them softly to, "go on, put your hands on them," and they did, squeezing and kneading her fleshy tits. As Justin and Lee glommed her tit, Rachel drank deeply from her glass then threw her head back in ecstasy. Getting bolder, both young men leaned forward and each put a mouth to a nipple, and Rachel groaned heavily at the sensation of two tongues working each of tits. As they did, they each ran a hand up a leg and quickly discovered just how ready she was for sex.
"God, Rachel, you're soaking wet," Justin exclaimed. "You like this, don't you."

"Oh, I love it," she breathed in response.

"So, what about your husband?" Lee asked. "What's he going to think about his wife fucking two strangers?"

"He's cool," Rachel answered. "He's probably out there watching with the biggest hard-on you ever saw."

"Well, let's give him something to see," Lee said finally, and as he did he reached up and unbuttoned Rachel's shorts and let them drop to the ground. Rachel quickly stepped out of them, kicked them aside and swayed in the flickering firelight proudly naked except for the modest hoop earrings she'd had on all day. Lee and Justin immediately ran their hands between her legs, thrusting their fingers in her soupy snatch.

Rachel had a thick dark bush of hair

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