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Business travel leads to new sex partners.

I was never comfortable with his penis inside my pussy but I wanted children. Willem was so good with his tongue never shy to fuck my anus as much as licking my pussy to make me feel a real woman.

It was not long after our marriage that my husband cajoled me into joining a nudist club; he did not have too try hard I thought it would be a great experience. We and our friends, another migrant couple with two young children, like us a boy and a girl only their two a little older than ours. We had all become friends after our special day only a little more than 4 years ago, arriving in this country we had our wedding ceremony five months after my arrival, in our new country without any family interference. Frank and Theresa had become my best friends. I had met Theresa at my workplace in the hospital where she and I were employed, we clicked as friends she did nursing and I was very capable in the Laundry since I knew the machinery and was able to fix minor breakdowns from what I had learned in my previous employment. Together the four of us wrote to the management of the Helios sun club, whose grounds were in the Dandenong ranges their club-grounds were owned by the membership. The night we decided began with a game of strip Jack naked, followed by us two women dancing nude together. Theresa and I dancing together awakened a need to make her mine. I was wet when the music stopped, changing partners I danced with Frank and my Willem danced with Theresa.

It had not taken long into the dance with Theresa close so our nipples brushed against one and other placing my right leg so it was brushing against her mount while hers rubbed against mine that had made me truly wet; my Willem got a much lubricated pussy that night. When my girlfriend danced with my husband I am sure that during their dance his dick had entered her pussy when dancing cheek to cheek, which they both denied. Their denials given at different times, Willem denied it that night before we went to bed, allowing me to reach one of my best orgasms as his penis seemed far harder when I lowered myself on it. While my girlfriend told me when asked the same when we went shopping two days later, that his erection had touched her mount but never slipped in. We both agreed that we should at least fuck our husbands when we were all together, but first came the visit from the club president and their female secretary, everything they told us sounded fine except no open sexual encounters outside our own hut or van which was a bummer. All went well that Friday night and we were accepted for our introductory visit eight days from then. That would have been late spring 1966.

The next day we celebrated our acceptance with fucking our husbands in front of one and other. While Theresa was a little shyer than I was, we let them undress us first Frank would strip me while Theresa stripped Willem. So much more fun when her husband undressed me while letting his hands wander over my body, which made it all much more of a turn on. That made the whole experience far more exciting than I ever imagined while Willem must have been enjoying himself as his penis seemed to have risen much more than usual. Getting ready he lay himself down with his penis sticking up, so I could mount him. This was a total surprise to Frank that a woman should be in charge when a couple fucks. That I would demand from Willem for me to be in charge. That I chose to fuck to reach my orgasms and I decided the pace for my personal satisfaction. In the end Theresa lost all her shyness and began to touch first my nipples, even went as far as stimulating my clitoris while I was riding the hardest cock my husband had filled me with ever. As luck went I got rolling orgasms lasting at least five minutes before Willem did cum. That night will never leave my memories until I die, that my Theresa was stimulating me while I rode his cock.

When we had recuperated Willem had his

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