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Young grocery bagger and older cashier share a late shift

Then she followed suit. A real trouper.

The spring rolls set the tone for the meal, and suggestive words followed about the various dishes, and the oyster sauce that was plentiful. So I began to ask probing questions.

"Gwen, darling, I have been a good boy all day, thinking about you, and refraining from taking matters in to my own hand."

Gwen looked up while slurping some noodles. "And I wonder if you have been also refraining from self pleasure through the day."

As the noodles disappeared between her luscious lips, I continued,

"And I spent some time wondering how old you were when you first started masturbating, and what you do for yourself when you feel a need for release."

"Well, Unca, there are some things a girl doesn't tell. And one of them is how young I was when I began that 'perverted practice' as the nuns used to call it. Not that I ever mentioned it in confession either.

That gross old pig of a priest kept asking me in a sort of hinting kind of way, never actually saying the word, but I always played dumb and innocent." She giggled. "But its safe to assume I have lots of practice. How about you, Pru?"

"Bless that girl," thought I as we turned to Pru.

"Um. Um, I don't do that sort of thing much at all. Daddy always said it was evil. The first time he caught me doing stuff like that he spanked me on the bare bum, and inside too.

He made me spread - myself - down there, for the spanking. It hurt, and I got wet there for a long time after.

I had to rub it later when I was alone to make it feel better. And he would check me to see after that if I was - doing it. He would suddenly open my door to check on me when he thought I might be dressing too. It was awful!"

"Pru, Auntie Gwen gonna show you what to do later. I am sure Unca Bob won't object. It is healthy exercise for the parts, and the more you do it the better you enjoy the real thing. One thing to avoid is machinery. Too many vibrations can damage the nerve endings, and lower your ability to feel.

'But right now we gotta clean up this mess and get downstairs with our stuff. Girl, I got things for you to do." Gwen beckoned Pru closer.

'Unca Stud - er Bob, you just relax, an' we girls will handle everything. What this cowgirl likes is to be in charge. You just go on down to the exercise room and do a few stretching exercises."

As I went down to the basement, I imagined Pru over my lap, her lips wide and wet between her fingers as I peered down from above.

I just knew I had to get her to that stage, willingly offering herself to my hand for correction. I wondered if she had a large clit.

In moments, I was thickening and lengthening as I went through my usual warming up kata. Thinking also of the tight hot reception my cock was going to get later on.

Then the girls clattered down the stairs, giggling between themselves. Pru and Gwen put a series of bags on the training table beside the workout bench and turned to look me over.

"OK Pru, let's get started. You do the honors on Unca B. Strip all that old stuff off him and put this on him." Gwen pulled a pair of bright yellow silky nylon basketball shorts out of one of the bags as Pru came over to me.

Her fingers trembled slightly as she pulled my shirt up over my head, looking in my eyes as she stood in front of me. Her scent was light and floral, I could not decide if it was shampoo or perfume.

Then she knelt in front of me and placed her fingers inside my shorts waistband and began to slide them down. I wondered what her reaction would be when she found out they were all I was wearing.

The band slid down the thick rising length of my cock as she kept her eyes focused on what she was doing. She slid her hands around to the rear and pulled the waistband down over my ass cheeks and allowed her fingers to trail softly in the slightly furry crack of my ass, then down the backs of my thighs.

My cock swung out a bit as it was released and slid softly across her cheek as I twisted my hips and leaned slightly back from my shoulders to project my hips forward.

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