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The three ladies begin their Sunday morning with a threesome.

" I pant softly, and I notice you taking a deep breath. My panting is getting to you. I glance down and notice your cock peeking up above the water. I lick my lips and stare, you'd shown me some pictures but it looked proportionate to your tall, broad frame. But seeing it now, like a snake rising from the water...it looked so thick and long. I whimper loudly, and I can't control my panting. You tip my head up to look you in the eyes.

"You'll have my cock soon. I promise. But first, show my your beautiful hair."

I smile, reaching up to set my hair free. I set the clip down outside the tub as my hair tumbles down well past my shoulders. You nod your approval, leaning forward you run your fingers through it. Somehow you've managed to keep them dry. I relax to your touch, letting out a sigh of delight as you rub my scalp.

"My pretty kitty..." You whisper and I shiver in pleasure.

Suddenly your mouth is on my neck kissing and sucking, the tub is cold against my back and you're on top of me. I can feel your weight as you lean into me, pinning me as you shift. Your mouth is everywhere, my neck my cheeks my ears.. Ah fuck my ears! You know my weakness because I confessed it to you and now you're using it to your advantage. Every nip and flick of your tongue against my ear sends a shiver down my spine, you're stoking my arousal like a fire, gradually building it brighter and brighter. I feel like I'm going to be consumed with need if you don't do something to me soon.

I jerk my head back and my chest forward as your hands grasp my tits. You knead them gently, making my nipples hard. Who am I kidding, they've been hard since I first laid eyes on you.

I'm not sure how much time passed in the tub, but slowly the water cools and you mention getting out. I'm in a daze of lust by now, barely able to follow your command to stand up. You assist me out, draining the tub, wrapping a fluffy towel around my body and drying my vigorously. You pause to wrap yourself and next thing I know your mouth is on my throat again. You're pushing me, guiding me. I nearly fall when the toilet connects with the back of my legs. You push me down to sit on it and finish drying me hastily. You discard my towel, and then yours after a quick pat down of yourself. My gaze goes straight to your cock, jutting out from your body, dark pink and bobbing to your heart beat.

"You're so hard," I whisper, completely enthralled.

"You make me like this." Again I lick my lips. There's a drop of pre cum right at the tip. Your foreskin is starting to slide back, exposing just a bit of the soft, tender head beneath it. Your hand grasps the base and you push it closer to me.

"Do you remember your promise?" You ask me softly. I stare into your blue eyes, catching the flash of vulnerability. You once shared with me that you've never experienced a mouth on your hot member. I had promised that you would. But as I stare into those eyes full of lust I see it, a shred of insecurity so small and well hidden, but there.

You know I've never seen or held or tasted a cock that hasn't been mutilated by circumcision, and you know I was nervous about it. I admit, I was.

But seeing you, so hard, pulsing with lust for me, I feel my mouth water. I bend my head to it, giving the softest of kisses right on the head. You let out a faint moan of delight. I smile, thrilled that I will be the first one to give you this intense pleasure.

I lick right at the head, lapping up the precum. Your balls draw up slightly and you moan. Your breathing is ragged already, and I savor your taste. You are sensitive and we both know it. I slide my tongue up the underside of your shaft and your legs shake visibly.

I tease the foreskin with the tip of my tongue and you hiss in pleasure. Definitely sensitive. I am feeling quite pleased, realizing what fun it is to play with a cock that hasn't been stripped of its outersheath. You're looking down at me with an expression of wonder.


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