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The adventures of a black vampire couple in Boston.

Evelyn returned a few minutes later, and turned on the bedside lamp.

Brandy spotted the cords of rope and the scarf in the older woman's hands. The ropes weren't soft like Brandy was used to. The hemp was rough. It was made for lassoing cattle, not tying a submissive up. "What are those for?" Brandy asked already knowing the answer.

Evelyn walked around to Brandy's side of the bed and sat down next to her. She gazed into Brandy's beautiful green eyes. "Sweetie, you have been sleeping for the past four years, gagged and tied to your bed. Sleeping habits are hard to change. So, I thought I'd tie you to the bed so you can fall asleep. I won't tie you up if you'd rather not. But I suspect you will sleep a lot better if I do. I promise I'm not trying to take advantage of you. I just want to help you get some rest."

Brandy gave Evelyn a look of gratitude. "Thank you, Evelyn."

"It's my pleasure to be of service." Evelyn laid the rope aside before tying several knots in the center of the scarf. "This isn't a ball gag, but it should work for you."

As Brandy lifted her head, and opened her mouth, Evelyn slipped the makeshift ball gag between her teeth, and tied it tightly.

"Does that feel ok?"

Brandy nodded her head.

Evelyn picked up the shorter piece of rope. "This isn't clothesline rope, but it should serve to help you sleep. Place your hands through the wrought iron rails."

Brandy slipped her hands through the rails, and held them together.

Evelyn took the rope and tightly tied Brandy's wrists together. She tied the rope as tight as she could. "Is that too tight?" She asked.

Brandy shook her head.

Normally the ropes would have brought out all sorts of feelings in the young woman, but she was just too exhausted.

Evelyn then picked up the longer rope, stood up and walked to the foot of the bed. She quickly realized that Brandy wasn't lying so that her feet would stick through the foot rails. "Brandy I'm going to have to slide your body down the bed a little."

Brandy nodded.

The raven haired beauty laid the rope on the bed next to Brandy's left leg. She moved the covers out of the way to expose Brandy's bare feet and ankles. She then reached through the rails and grasped Brandy's ankles.

Brandy felt a tear slide down her left cheek, as her heart began to fill with gratitude for this wonderful woman.

Evelyn slid Brandy's body down until her feet and ankles slipped through the rails.

Brandy's arms straightened out as she was slid towards the foot of the bed.

Evelyn had arranged Brandy's feet so that there were two rails between them. She quickly tied the girl's ankles to the rails. Looking up at Brandy, she asked, "Is that better?"

Brandy was stretched taught so she couldn't move much. "Yes Ma'am," she managed to say through the gag.

Evelyn heard Brandy respond by calling her Ma'am. She knew it was an automatic response to having someone take control of a submissive.

Evelyn pulled the covers over the foot rail, and let them drape over Brandy's feet and ankles.

Evelyn then climbed into bed with the bound woman, turned off the light, and fell asleep.

Due to the exhaustion she was feeling, Brandy had already fallen asleep.

The next morning, Evelyn let Brandy sleep in. The lovely rancher considered untying her house guest, but she decided that Brandy would sleep better if she remained bound. As Evelyn dressed for the day, she took in the sight of the bound young woman.

Brandy looked so sexy lying there with the gag in her mouth, and her wrists tied to the head of the bed. The covers had slid off her young breasts.

The lesbian rancher took in the sight of those small globes beneath the material of her negligee.

Brandy looked like a captive sex slave lying in the bed.

With great effort Evelyn finally forced herself to look away. She'd promised not to take advantage of Brandy, and she intended to keep that promise. She grabbed her Stetson, slipped it on her head, and headed out to feed the cattle.

Brandy slowly woke from her sleep, and raised her head.

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