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Second book Ch. 9 - 16.

I start to panic, struggling, feeling so alone and helpless that I would even welcome his touch, just to know I wasn't alone.

In my panicked state I don't hear him return, I don't know he is watching until a drop of hot wax hits my left breast. I startle and then go still. He laughs and slowly starts dribbling wax all over my breasts, my nipples, down my stomach and over my clit; my moans and whimpers are unintelligible.

I sigh with relief as the wax stops falling, only to jump and squeal when he follows the trail of wax with ice cubes. His thumb nails scraping the wax from my nipples; pinching them lightly before attaching cold metal clamps to them, tightening the clamps brutally. He pulls up on the attached chain; stretching my nipples up and away from my chest.

Again I feel his fingers slowly scratching away the wax; one nail flicking over my clit again and again till the wax is gone. His fingers start rolling my clit around teasingly. Then a sharp pain shoots through me as he clamps it as well. My body is jumping and bucking as much as it is able.

I feel his breath against my ear as he whispers

"I'm going to use my favorite whip on you now my Sweet; you know the one, my cat of nine-tails. You will have so many beautiful welts and marks on your skin. All caused by me."

His voice fades away and I hear a slight whistle in the air above me before pain explodes on my stomach. He strikes me over and over, covering the front of my body with welts; from my breasts to my thighs. Pain is spreading through me like a warm wave.

I feel his hands on my ankles, un-binding them and flipping me over; and retying them. The sheets are softly abrading my swollen sensitive skin. And again I feel his whip fall on my exposed skin; from my shoulders, down my back, over my ass and thighs; another burning hot wave of pain.

The clamps on my nipples and clit are pressing into my soft flesh as I lay face down on the bed; I struggle to arch my hips back to alleviate the weight on my pelvis; to keep the clamps there from hurting my clit further. I hear him laugh,

"Oh, I see you like my whip Sweet one.",

I shake my head in denial; nothing but unintelligible mumblings falling from my wide open lips as I try to tell him I hate it. But even as I am thinking this, I realize my thighs are wet and sticky from my own juices.

His whip falls again and again, the tails curling round to flick my open pussy. Shuddering and gasping, I fight against another orgasm. And again just as I can not hold out another second longer; he stops.

His fingers lightly tracing the pattern of welts he has applied to my skin, his voice reverent as he tells me I look so beautiful and sexy with my skin pink with welts and marks.

I shiver under his soft fingertips, my body responding as much to the gentleness as it did to the pain, and yet my mind is still resisting the idea that this man, who caused me nothing but pain the last time we were together is now causing a different kind of pain. How can he be so loving, now? My mind struggling with the idea that he can still arouse me; and yet this is so different from before.

I am startled out of my musings, when something warm and slick liquid is trickled over my back. His voice in my ear:

"Massage oil Sweeting",

His fingers pressing into my tender flesh, kneading it. The tensions in my muscles are slowly bleeding away; even as his ministrations cause small jolts of pain when they encounter the welts.

His fingers are working over every inch of the skin of my back and down my sides. His hands are closing on my buttocks; firmly rubbing and squeezing them and then slowly sliding his fingers between my cheeks.

His fingers so slick with oil that when he presses one index finger to my tight little rosebud it easily slips in, causing me to cry out.His finger begins slowly sliding in and out of my ass feeling so big in me.

And again I feel his breath upon my neck and hear his voice in my ear

"I am going to fuck you right here." his finger sliding in and out a little faster,

"I'm go

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