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Two college coeds finally go for it.

Lynn then had Kari rub baby oil all over her, till she was soft and glowing. Kari was required to dress her, and then was let to dress herself to Lynn's order: no panties, no bra, and a little sundress Lynn had bought her on her birthday.

They discussed what they would do with the day. Kari was all in favor of making love to Lynn all day long. Lynn vetoed that plan on the basis that she was a bit tender and sore, and imagined Kari was too.

"Yes Ma'am, your cunt is sore...but willing to be sorer."

Lynn laughed. Kari was really picking up on this, and getting into it. She asked her how she knew so much.

"The skinternet Ma'am"

"Well, maybe later, you can show me those sights. I might learn new ways to use you."

Kari beamed. She told her mom she would cancel her plans to go out that night with Amy, but her mom said not to do that. "We have to keep up normal appearances honey. Besides, I'm going to the Y tonight. Maybe when we both get home baby, we'll see."

Kari pouted. "But Ma'am, I have to go to work tomorrow, and then Jeff will be could be dayyyys before I got to please you again!" Kari had a part time job, which took her out of the house a few hours a week, at a local store. She hoped it would get into more hours, but, on the other hand, didn't like to work that much. But, she always needed some money. Lynn tut-tutted.

"Well that will just make it all the better when we do have time again, wont it?"

A short time later, the two were on their way to go shopping. They were headed for an out of town mall. Kari had wanted to change before they left, or at least put on panties. Lynn had denied her. "I might want to play with my cunt on the drive, and panties would be in my way baby-slut." This idea had made Kari wiggle. Lynn had made her sit on a towel in the van "So you don't leave a stain on the seat." Kari rode with her little dress hiked up so as not to stain it either. It was a good precaution: she was wet the whole time.

Lynn was wet too.

They shopped around the mall a while, going in several stores. Lynn took Kari into a shoe store. They were approached by a salesman. Lynn told him that they both wanted to try on a certain shoe on display in the window and gave him their sizes. Kari didn't particularly like the shoes, but sat down anyway to try them on. She wasn't thinking about her pantiless state and short dress till the salesman sucked in his breath and looked up at her face. He was sitting on the little stool, sliding her foot into the shoe. Lynn looked very innocent. Kari blushed deeply. The man fumbled around a while, getting the shoe on her foot. He wasn't bad looking, but he wasn't anything to write home about either. He fawned over Kari, and asked if she would like to try on any other styles. Before Kari could speak, Lynn asked him to bring over the same style in a different color. When the man stood up, it was plain to see he had an erection. His loose slacks did little to conceal it, and he held the shoebox awkwardly in front of himself trying to hide it. He was gone a few minutes. Lynn leaned over and whispered in Kari's ear "I think he liked my cunt, don't you? Do you suppose he is jacking off thinking about it?" Kari blushed deeper, but was thrilled at the slutty act of exposing herself.

When the man came back, he had composed himself. He still had the erection, but had managed to arrange himself so it didn't stick out. It must have been uncomfortable, they way he had it tucked into his shorts; it certainly didn't hide it.

Lynn declined to buy any shoes. The salesman didn't seem to mind.

Out in the concourse again, Lynn said quietly, pitching her voice so only Kari could hear, "Now what else can I do to show off my pretty cunt?"

Kari answered back in one word: "Escalator, Ma'am." Esca-flash was a game Kari had never played herself, but knew about. Usually, it was done wearing a thong and skirt. With out panties it might be even better.

"Sheer genius baby-slut.

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