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Continuing domination of Uncle Sissyboy.

"I know, Uncle Mark. I know it all. Mom told me everything. How you were the younger brother, but always nicer and more helpful, more responsible. How your elder brother was the golden boy, quite literally, and he could do no wrong with your parents. He got drunk and disorderly, they'd pay off the cops. He got caught stealing petty cash, he got off with a slap on the wrist, because they knew the judge. He was able to smoke pot and avoid legal trouble, too.

"He charmed his way into Mom's panties, knickers, she called them, and then left her in the family way without even a phone number to reach him. He screwed four other men's wives, too, but it always turned out okay for him, didn't it? Mom at least was a widow, but he used her loneliness and pretended to love her. That was what hurt. Not that he used her for sex. Nothing wrong with that. She would have been fine with that. She had needs, after all. It was that he made her love again, so soon after Rick, her husband, was killed, and then shattered her heart all over again.

"Trust me, Uncle Mark. I know the whole damn story. He was sent off with a West Point appointment, courtesy of a friendly Congressman, as I recall. Captain Hershel Schumacher, US Army. My dad. Denied further promotion and resigned his commission due to some questionable filing practices that none could quite prove enough for a court-martial. Went into business as a stockbroker. Got caught with insider trading. Now serving 4 years in federal prison somewhere in West Virginia. Club med type prison, minimum security. Nice and easy for hard time, if you ask me. Hasn't asked to put me or my mom on the guest list, at least not yet. Now studying to be a rabbi, if I recall correctly," Shelby spoke bitterly of her biological father, my dear big brother Hersh.

"All true, though, I believe that he complains about the lack of conjugal visits with his wife. Evidently, the Feds will only go so far for their high-class inmates. Still, he is a changed man now, at least a little. He is studying the Torah, the Talmud, all that jazz. Wants to get closer to Hashem, or so he says.

"I don't even know if I give a fuck anymore. He was a bully when I was a kid and got away with it because he was a charming, handsome guy with a pretty smile and blonde hair. He barely looked Jewish at all, except for that nose of his. He kept talking for years about getting a nose job, to remove the one feature about him that was our father's and was truly Hebraic. He could easily pass for a goy and half the time he did. He was awful to our sister Rachel, made her cry more times than I care to count. I don't know if you remember Rachel, but she babysat you a couple of times as well," I remembered now.

"He raped your sister, Uncle Mark. I don't know if you knew that much. Yes, he forced himself on Aunt Rachel. She had an abortion because your parents insisted on it. I don't approve of abortion myself, especially since it robbed me of my baby brother, but I understand that they meant well for you sister. He did some horrible things. It came out later because he foolishly confessed it to Mom after he had got caught with the insider trading. He called her, high as a kite, truly upset, full of horrible confessions, and somehow expected her to make him feel better. I was never prouder than when she told him to go to Hell. I didn't know much about him then, except that he was my father, but I knew that he was awful to Mom.

"I don't blame you for anything that Dad did to Mom or me.

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