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Bobby's good fortune during summer vacation continues.

"I promise that I won't do anything to hurt you. And that I will give you pleasure. I didn't come here to take from you, Miranda. This isn't rape."

When his mouth brushed her ear, Miranda jerked , another hard sob catching in her throat. Oh, God, she thought, what was this? Not rape? Then what? Not lovemaking, certainly. She had no choice. She should be repulsed.

But she wasn't.

There was something about the way he'd spoken to her. Something...familiar? No. Something reassuring. Honest. She believed him when he said he wouldn't hurt her...or maybe she was just telling herself that to reduce the terror. He was obviously big--she could tell that from the way the bed dipped as he'd lowered himself next to her--but his hand, which was sliding in its velvety sheath across her belly to lie over her ribs just below her left breast, was sensually caressing, not punishing. And his mouth...oh, god...he was nipping and nibbling at her ear, teasing her with brief, hot touches of his tongue.

Hot, erotic shivers were snapping down her spine.

"Yes," he whispered with satisfied male superiority. "You like that. I can't see you, and I'm not touching your breasts, but kissing you here makes your delicate little nipples stiffen. Doesn't it, Miranda?"

Yes. But to avoid such admissions; such submission, she made a harsh sound of refusal in her throat and twisted as far away from that delicious mouth as the bounds would allow her.

"No!" Moving as quickly and silently as a panther, he caught her by the waist, pulling her back into place with one hard, sharp movement and effectively frightening her into silence. "Miranda, tonight you're mine. Don't fight me. By choice or by force, you're going to explode in my arms tonight. For my hands. My mouth. And my cock. And it's going to happen more than once. You are mine."

The force and barely restrained violence in the words made her shudder. To pull her back into place he'd moved in the bed and now he was kneeling above her, straddling her right thigh. She could feel his body now. His big hands, holding her shoulders down onto the bed; his hair-roughened, muscular thighs chafing her softer one. And she realized that he was as naked as she was, wearing only some kind of cotton briefs. As he released her shoulders, bracing himself on his palms at either side of her head, he leaned down to put his mouth to her other ear, kissing and nipping her there with the same incredible, arousing, awful response in her. And as his body came into closer contact with hers, his hard, wide chest pressing crisp male hair against her nipples, a tight shock of pleasure rode from her nipples directly into her pelvis and she felt his arousal.

Holy mother, she thought, lightheaded.

Gasping behind the gag, she moved in protest again, but arching off the bed only brought her body closer to his and she regretted that immediately, because he groaned and moved his penis against her belly in a masturbatory stroke, making her feel suddenly hot and...wet. He was covered with cotton, but not completely, because her action made him swell and thicken against her until he was impossible huge and the cotton, which had been doing a poor job of restraining him to begin with, could no longer hold him. The head of his penis met her belly, skin to skin, and she panicked and renewed her struggle against her bonds.

"Unh...god," he hissed, his mouth against her ear as he fell fully atop her, his arms sliding under her to anchor himself to the bed and her to him. "Stop struggling, Miranda. You're going to make me come tonight but it you don't stop I'm going explode right now. Goddam it, I said stop!"

She did. She couldn't escape; couldn't make him change his mind. He was going to...well, she knew. She knew all the names for all the horrible, filthy things he was going to make her do...

Shock settled in her system and the fight left her, leaving her body to lie unmoving against the bed.

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