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Michelle rolls the dice on a night of unbridled passion.

He looked so proud of me, so happy that I had done something on my own. I knew what it meant for him. He was always grabbing independence, encouraging me to do things he was too scared to do. Mr. Hamad must have had really tight control over him. He seemed like he really had a lot of regrets.

"Let's see my beautiful boy," Amir said and sat up against the pillows. He pulled me up to sit between his legs and Emerson sat down on his son's bed next to us as Amir put the tablet in my lap and started swiping through the pictures.

"You look so hot with Gia. She really is beautiful. She knows it too. I'm sure she'll be upset that you outshined her. She's done a lot of high profile stuff," Amir laughed. He traced his finger over my face in every picture and made a cute little sigh. I know he was upset that he hadn't been there with me, but he tried to act happy. He kissed along my neck as he adored them.

"Beautiful, so hot," Amir said as he swiped through the pictures, but I knew what was coming. It was worse than I thought. He got to the shots of me wrestling with Devon and he let out a low whistle, but didn't say anything.

"Stop, it gets bad," I said. I put my hand over the tablet and Emerson looked at me with confusion. Amir gently took my hand away and held it. He used his other one to swipe along.

"Oh, Kasper no..." he said when he got to the ones of us in the fountain.

"I know. I... I'm sorry," I said as he went through them. He noticed Devon's look as he struggled to pin me back against his chest.

"Not your fault, but... You look really upset, babe. Did he..." Amir started.

"I had to elbow him. He wouldn't let go," I whispered. I felt the growl in Amir's chest as he continued. His hold on me grew tense as he finished the pictures. The last one was the worst, me crawling away with Devon's face close to my ass, winking at the camera and holding his hand up like he was going to grab me.

"What did he do? I'll kill him. He's staying at our hotel," Amir said and tossed the tablet aside. Emerson looked confused, oblivious to what happened.

"Nothing. I elbowed him and got away. He thought I was into it. He wasn't trying to hurt me for real. He thought I wanted it. Don't do anything. Please," I begged. Emerson started signing to Amir frantically. He was confused.

"He tried to hurt Kasper," Amir said back and signed to his dad.

Emerson put his hand on my arm and pulled me to look at him. He signed something.

"Dad didn't know. He thought Devon was just playing but knew you wanted to leave so he stopped it," Amir translated.

"I told you he shouldn't do this without me there," Amir said and signed to his father.

"He didn't know," I said. "I stopped him. Nothing happened, it was just... It's over. Don't be mad at him... or me." I reached for Amir.

"It's not your fault, Kasper. This boy assumed it was ok to grope you. He should know better. I should have been there to protect you. No more of this. No more modeling. I forbid it," Amir said and signed. Emerson looked disappointed and sad. He signed back.

"It should be Kasper's choice. One bad shoot doesn't mean it's over. The one for Friday is just him solo," Amir translated. He shook his head.

"Kasper has too many voices telling him too many things to make a choice. I'm sorry, dad, but this should be between me and him. Not you, father, or anyone else who cares to comment. I'm his man, I'll help him make his choice. Please respect that," Amir said.

Emerson nodded. He knew it wasn't the time to liberate me from imagined oppression or get into an argument with his son. Emerson and I looked at each other for a minute. He signed "Sorry" and I leaned into him. We hugged and I kissed his cheek. He stood, took his tablet, and left us alone.

"I should beat his face in for touching you," Amir growled. "The look on your face in those pictures, Kasper... How could someone keep taking pictures when you look so frightened."

"I don't think he noticed. It happened so fast. You got it immediately," I noted.

"Of course I did.

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