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He preps His toy for play.

In the early afternoon, his mobile phone beeped. He read the text message.


Wondering what the problem was, Steve walked the short distance to Adam's house. He couldn't work out what had stopped his friend from going back to university. He rang the doorbell, and waited while someone came to answer it. The door swung open, framing Gillian, her curly hair tied up on top of her head, her slender body sheathed in a loose, ankle length sleeveless dress.

"Come in Steve. Would you like a drink?" she asked, her voice smooth and smoky.

"No thanks. Is Adam here? He said there was something urgent." Gillian smiled slightly, her full lips tilting up at the corners.

"I have a confession to make. That was me." she sat on the couch.

"Why?" he asked, feeling his groin stir as he guessed at the answer.

"You didn't finish your breakfast." Gillian whispered huskily, slowly spreading her legs, pulling up her dress as she slid lower on the couch. Steve's heart hammered in his chest as his erection bulged uncomfortably in his jeans. She exposed her underwear to him, a pair of sheer white tie side panties. Looking deep into his eyes, Gillian untied her panties, slowly lowering the now loose front.

"Tuck in." she said, smiling widely.

Steve knelt between her spread thighs, stroking his hands along her skin. He placed a light kiss on her inner thigh, tasting her tanned skin. Gillian's fingers brushed through Steve's dark hair, slowly pulling his face deeper between her open legs. Again he smelt that sweet scent of her sex. His eyes were fixated on pink labia, glistening wetly. He paused. Here he was, within inches of what he had fantasized about for nearly a year. He extended his tongue, and slowly lapped along the length of her lips. Gillian moaned throatily as he felt her nectar coat his tongue. Steve had only slept with a couple of women, and hoped that he was catering to this experienced woman's needs. He licked along her several more times, before probing the tip of his tongue into her. As he licked, he felt Gillian's clitoris harden against his top lip. He pulled back to examine her. He slipped the hood back gently with a fingertip, eliciting a moan from Gillian. Her clitoris was engorged, and large. His fingertip rested against the tip, and he moved it in slow circles, her wetness lubricating his finger. She groaned loudly as he manipulated her clitoris, now swapping his finger for his tongue, letting his fingers drift lower, teasing her lips apart. He reached down, unzipping his jeans to release the pressure on his hard shaft. His fingers slid inside Gillian, and he felt her foot massage his crotch through his underwear.

"Mmmm let me see that." she said, curling her toes around his swollen head. He dragged himself away from worshipping her sweet pinkness, and stood.

Gillian leant forward, impatiently tugging down his jeans and underwear.

"Well, well." she said smokily, he bright smile flashing as his erection sprang free. He knew he was only about average length, but the shaft and head were both quite thick. He moaned involuntarily as Gillian's fingers closed around his shaft, her hot breath gusting over his head as she pulled back his foreskin completely. Looking up, she pulled the pin from her curly, chestnut brown hair, letting it cascade over her face. Fixing his gaze with her own, Gillian placed a soft kiss on the soft yet firm head, slick with precum. Her lips parted slightly, letting just the tip into her mouth. Steve's breath came ragged as he felt the warmth of her mouth, and the soft ministrations of the tip of her tongue. She sat back again, small trails of spit and precum connecting his erection with her full lower lip. Steve pulled off his tshirt too, and stood in front of the slender forty-something.

"Well?" she asked as he stood looking at her, his erection twitching slightly as he looked at her, legs spread, shaven crotch gleaming with her arousal.

"Are you going to use this on me?" Gillian said, bringing her feet

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