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When she's got it right-the right pose position and the right look in her eyes-we want to capture her at her sultry best-because we all now she is scintillatingly hot when she wants to be and a complete teasing flirt. Jen the photographer instructed.

"Okay Jen, we'll do our best," Jim replied.

A few more glasses of wine later and a few sexy grins from her hubby to be...and Tina was feeling okay about it all.

"You have great tits, remarked Wayne the photographer's husband...you should have been doing pictures for years..."

After taking some sexy tease shots in the rocking chair and some window seat bun shots they moved to the stairs ... and that is really when it all started...

Okay so let's start off fully clothed here, and let's use that bottle of champagne I passed in the kitchen and some glasses... and I want you to literally invite me upstairs to your bed with your eyes, tease me-tell me to follow you with your eyes and your body. Then as we go well change outfits, progressively loosing more and more and change the lighting lenses and color hues of the pictures...that should be a good start. Jen directed.

"Okay, this sounds like it could be a little bit fun...Jim-you'll stay behind her so that I can see you too right?" Tina asked sheepishly.

"Yeah baby, I'm right here... you're doing great and I can't believe some of the shots Jen's gotten...fantastic!" Jim replied.

So in a pair of old strategically ripped up jeans and a tank top Tina headed to the bottom of the stairs. She was doing a great job and the photographer, Jen, all the sudden yelled out, "that's it princess take me on the stairway to heaven!"

Tina found that a little odd, but she decided to go with it... after all it was Jen's job to keep her motivated. The pics were coming hard and fast now, and both the men in the room had gotten a rise out of the occasion the very moment Tina's shirt had left her body. But what Tina had yet to discover was how much she was turning Jen on...that was the real mystery that would be solved soon enough.

When the shots on the stairs were all done, Jen wanted to take some more hard core type pics with a few toys and things-so the girls decided they should do these few in the bedroom-alone. Jen had a chain mail vest, a cat-O-9-tails whip and a cloak that she wanted to use for a few of the shots, Tina thought it would be a fun departure for her, she wasn't much of a leather lingerie wearer.

Jen had been noticing that Tina had extremely long and perky nipples all day, when Jim came in to bring some more wine-Jen had him put the chain-male vest on the air conditioning vent so that she could catch Tina's awesome nipples at full arousal.

When Jim brought it back to the door-the fun began. Tina was feeling more than a little okay at that point-so Jen offered to help her with putting the vest on. As she did she grabbed Tina's tits and caressed them gently before inserting them properly into the chains. She took Tina's nipple between her finger and thumb and gave it a hard squeeze and a gentle roll. Then she leaned in and kissed Tina deeply-the way she moved her tongue inside of Tina's mouth was heavenly-Tina thought that if she was that good with her tongue when kissing-she might be interested in finding out what other great things Jen could do with her strong tongue.

Having Jen's touch and kisses to think about made it much easier for Tina to get lost in the last set of pictures they were taking... they did a few nice shots with the chain-male vest and the whip. Then Jen suggested, "Why don't we try some of you masturbating, you know using your fingers-and then maybe using a toy on yourself."


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