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Two cousins, and a few bad decisions.

I reach up and grab your breasts, tweaking you through your fine silk blouse. I find you have daringly gone braless. Little temptress.

Harder and harder, I plunder the depths of your succulent body...

Just before you climax, I pull out of you, denying you satisfaction. I hear you whine and groan in disappointment. I spin you around, and quickly unbutton your blouse, exposing your glorious naked breasts to me. I capture one of your erect nipples, teasing it with my tongue.

You are gasping in sexual desperation as I tease you unmercifully. I cruelly ignore your cries, as I force you on to your knees, directing your mouth towards my rock hard cock.

You plunge your mouth over me, your cheeks expanding and contracting with suction, your tongue dancing around my erect flesh. You hum sexily as you slide me deep inside your mouth, taking me into your throat. You hands gasp my hanging balls and twirl them between your tiny fingers.

You stare into my eyes as your blood-red lips touch my groin, my cock as deep as it can go into you.

I groan in appreciation as you attack my erection, again and again, your eyes gleaming mischievously in the semi-darkness.

Just before I cum, you release me, then leap into my arms, wrapping your legs around my body, impaling yourself on me.

I slam your hot body against the wall, hammering my hips against globes of your ass.

You obviously enjoyed orally pleasuring me, as you cum very quickly. I feel you contract around my cock, triggering my own release, spraying deep inside your unprotected body.

I support your body, holding you against the wall, your feet dangling as your thighs are gripping my hips. You lean forward as kiss me deeply, your tongue exploring the crevices of my mouth.

I hear and feel you moan against my lips as I harden, still embedded inside of you.

As you bounce against me, I pull you away from the wall, carrying you through the vacant office. I open the door to the principal's office, and lay your sweaty body down on the desk, scattering papers on the floor.

You smile naughtily as I put your legs up on my shoulders and grind my hips against you, fully penetrating your sodden sex.

You are constantly moaning with a soft grunt each time I bottom out, the tip of my cock banging against your cervix.

You are chanting my name now, urging me, pleading me, needing me to cum inside you.

I thrust into you only twice more, then erupt inside you with a mighty roar. My seed hosing your insides, setting you off again.

I watch your body quivering and am quite amazed as your eyes roll back, your mouth hangs open and your head lolls loosely as you lose consciousness.

I pick up your slack body, and lower myself into the leather office chair, holding you in my lap, your skin sticking against mine, our bodies sweating from our sexual activities. I smile and kiss you as your eyes open again.

You kiss me back hard, and reach between us, rubbing me, willing me to get ready to please you again.

You are insatiable, always wanting and needing more.

I stand up from the chair and quickly spin you around, pushing your chest down onto the desk.

I slap your ass playfully, once on each cheek, reveling in the sight of my hand prints appearing on your flesh.

I rub my finger against your forbidden dark hole, feeling your body tense fearfully.

I step forward before you have a chance to protest, and slam my cock deep inside your cum-filled slit.

You sigh in relief as I slide quickly in and out of you, filling you deep and hard. My hips are slapping against your ass, pressing you hard into the cold wooden desk.

You are howling in pleasure now as I fuck you hard. Your body is shaking constantly now, waves and waves of pleasure cascading over you, each stronger than the last. Your ravaged body is overloading your senses, your mind is nearly unable to process the sheer amount of pleasure it is receiving.

You push back hard against me, ejecting me from your steaming body.

You turn to me, a crazed look in your eyes, and drag me down to th

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