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Alice finally gets her bisexual threesome fantasy.

..far too dangerous."

Paul didn't say a word on the walk from the cinema to his car, he opened my door for me and as I slid in he got a good look up my dress and a smile crossed his lips. Paul almost jumped into the driving seat, a spring definitely in his step. We started the drive to my part of the city, "Did you like the film?"

"It was okay, it really needed a story line though and I'd have preferred to be with Gavin while I watched it."

"You often watch porn with Gavin?"

"Well, not often, we don't see each other often but we do like to watch a little porn to get in the mood!"

"So...Sarah dragging you into see that blue film probably got you in the mood and now...no Gavin to help you out!"

We were entering my part of town and I thought, 'bloody hell he's right, Sarah got my motor started and she gave me permission to work off my frustrations on her husband so what the hell...'

"Erm Paul...I need a pint of milk for the morning so can you drop me off in the car park behind the late night store...I'll walk home from there!"

Paul swung the car around the roundabout; he passed the exit to my apartment block and took the road that ran behind the shopping centre. Paul parked the car with almost surgical precision. We were in the dark space between lighting pylons and a shadow cast by the old toilet block. I looked into the light shaft that passed a few inches away from my side of his car, the margin between the car park and a footpath that lead out into the social housing project had a scattering of used condoms as well as a plethora of used tissues and torn condom foils.

Paul turned the engine off and I looked over at him, we both moved together. I lunged to kiss him, if he didn't reciprocate, I could laugh it off as a wine fuelled thank you for driving me home. Reciprocate...wasn't the word for it, our lips crashed together so hard that I almost dislodged two crowns.

I'd always thought the Subaru Forester's seats were uncomfortable as they ended low at the back and didn't have headrests but what I didn't know was that the Forester's party piece, apart from being a city car with four wheel drive capabilities and a race pedigree, was that the seats turned into a double bed.

As I disappeared into the back of the car I looked at the dashboard's clock, it was eleven o'clock and some of the local pubs would be kicking out soon. I tried to stop Paul undressing me but he was a force of nature and I ended up totally naked...well, apart from myself support stockings and high heels. Paul was naked too and he was in me in a flash...well, I say that be he did offer to use a condom but I turned him down, if I was going to be fucked, I was going to feel every last spurt if it.

Cars came and went, mostly visiting the late night shop and when that closed at one o'clock in the morning, Paul was still fucking me and he hadn't spurted once in the two hours. He often came close but he stopped fucking and altered our positions to give him time to calm down as well as alter the feeling of pleasure that he was giving to me. I saw faces at the car's window, men would tap on the glass as they masturbated themselves and after watching the film earlier, I knew exactly why they were tapping on the glass.

I pushed at Paul's chest to stop him humping into me, "Are you close Paul...I have to get some sleep, I've got to work in the morning...well, later...in just a few hours actually!"

"Sorry dar..."

The look on my face told him not to call me darling, "...awn, dawn,. I'm sorry, I always make a pig of myself with a new girl...can I finish off in you or would you rather I just jerk myself off?"

I hooked my arm over his neck and pulled him down on top of me again, "Just make it quick!"

And quick he was, two minutes from his cock re-entering my sheath to him pumping semen deep into my body.

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