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Dream? Or nightmare?

He was a nice enough guy, but he had his jerky side too. He was selfish and didn't seem to care much about satisfying her needs. And she sure had her needs! Today, here and now, was proof of it.

Also, he spent way too much time at that damned business of his, whatever it was. She'd never been interested enough to find out. As long as he paid her bills. Anyway, this was the result. Married just under a year and his wife sucking another man's cock. What did he expect? She'd always loved sex, and with Gerald it was only so so. Lately, it hadn't been good at all.

This, on the other hand, was fucking terrific. A handsome young guy licking her pussy, gently sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. It was just what she needed.

Her pussy was gaping open for him now, the lips glistening wet and peeled back. Every few seconds her crotch bucked up at him, forcing itself onto his mouth. He touched her swollen clit with his tongue and began gently to tease and tickle it.

"Mmm! Mmm!" she groaned, sparks of pleasure shooting through her.

She shifted her head so that his cock could go deeper into her throat. Her lips formed a perfect seal round the rock-hard shaft. His hip movements had speeded up so that he was now fucking her face with steady, even thrusts.

She wanted to howl out loud with joy but all she could do was moan and growl around his cock. So this was what real sex could be like, she thought. Ryan was using her mouth, her throat, for his own pleasure, but what was he giving her in return? She could already feel a terrific climax building deep inside her.

"This is one sweet fucking pussy," he gasped suddenly, coming up for air. "I can't remember the last time I had this much fun sucking cunt."

She growled her appreciation. She could have said similar things about his cock. And she loved the sound of his dirty words. Pussy. Cunt. It felt so good to hear them said out loud. It was liberating.

She wondered what would happen when he came. She felt a thrill go through her as she imagined his cock twitching and spurting jet after jet of cum into her mouth and throat. Would she swallow it or keep it stored up in her mouth so that she could play with it, let it spill from her lips a bit at a time. He might get a kick out of that.

He was really working on her clit now, forcing it to vibrate back and forth against his tongue. And her pleasure was reaching its peak. There was a terrific melting sensation deep inside her and it was coming closer and closer to the surface.

A deep groaning sound came from her throat and she squeezed the base of his cock tighter in her hand. Then suddenly her whole lower body lurched upwards against his sucking mouth. She was coming, waves of pleasure rippling through her. Her pussy spasmed and gushed juice onto his teasing mouth. He backed off her clit for a second and was hit in the face with a second jet of pussy juice.

"Mmm! Mmm!" she growled on his prick. And two more jets of twat juice shot halfway across the room. She almost swooned with pleasure, her whole lower body quivering.

And he was going back down on her, tickling and teasing her swollen clit with his tongue. Her gaping cunt was awash with fluid. One more small jet spurted forth. And still he kept licking, teasing, diddling her quaking clit. Pure pleasure ripped through her, causing her lower body to spasm even as the rapture faded.

He stayed with her till she settled down, his hips still pumping gently, feeding his hard-on down her throat in small lunges. She expected him to come, to fill her mouth and throat with sperm, but as she settled down he eased his cock from her mouth and raised his face from her crotch. He stepped around her and moved in between her splayed legs. He gripped her thighs and pulled her down the table till her cunt, gaping wide and gleaming with juice, was lined up with his massive hard-on.

"Don't you want to come in my mouth?" she asked softly.

"Some other time soon.

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