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Catching my wife at the local motel.

With each breath her breasts rose up brushing her nipples across the sheets. As the reality of her unfamiliar surroundings set in she recalled the events of the previous day and a smile broke across her face. Another deep breath.

'How long have I been asleep?' she wondered. 'Where is my man?'

She sat up, the sheets falling down across her ample breasts. She took in the enormity of the bed she was now in. Amazingly large, a four poster, with ornately carved phallic like walnut posts which towered around her. 'How nice it felt to be guarded all night by penises.

By hotel standards this room was quite spacious. 'The penthouse suite' she again remembered the past days adventure.

To her left the whole wall was windows. Floor to ceiling. To her right, a matching walnut armoire and dresser. Past the foot of the bed were two Baroque style chairs. One occupied by her man.

"Do you realize how beautiful you are." his comforting voice breaking the silence.

"Mmm, well thank you handsome. How long have you been up?" rubbing her eyes.

"Maybe an hour."

"Thank you for letting me sleep. That was some night last night." taking in another deep morning breath.

"Oh it was quite a spectacular night! You have seared new memories into my sick mind." he smiled.

Far from last nights tuxedo he was now back in his normal attire. White T shirt, black leather vest, blue jeans, and black mc boots.

"So what have you been doing while I slept?" she asked.

"Just watching." he replied. "There's something comforting just watching your naked body as it sleeps, it's perfection."

"Well I'm glad you think so." she moved towards the edge of the bed. As the blankets released her legs from their soft touch she noticed silk scarves tied to each ankle. "I thought I dreamt this."

"More like a fantasy come true than a dream I would say." From the chair he rose and walked over to her side of the bed. Kneeling he slowly untied each silk restraint, gently placing each foot back up on the bed when he was done.

"Lay back." he whispered, parting the delicious slit between her lips and running his tongue up to her neatly trimmed strawberry blonde pubic hair. His mustache tickling the insides of her thighs as he explored.

He paused for a moment, closing his eyes briefly taking in a deep breath of the sweet aroma emanating from her pussy.

As she lay back in the comfort of the bed. 'god I had fun last night. I could do that over and over, every night."

"You were amazing!" his excitement evident.

He stood and helped her to her feet. She walked naked across the thick carpeted floor to a gilded mirror next to the bathroom. A floor to ceiling mirror revealed her aging perfection. "Like fine wine they say." She smirked. Her 5'4", 110 pound frame stared back at her in all its naked glory. Her dark nipples budded out a quarter of an inch from her caramel colored areolas. The way her D sized breasts hung on her lightly tanned skin would give on ethe impression that she was ten years younger. Her sparkling blue green eyes stared deeply into the face of this forty year old woman. Shiny streaks of hardened cum on her face and in her hair brought back to life the previous nights fantasy contest.

"I wonder whose this is?" She smiled devilishly.

"No telling." He piped in. "You were like a woman possessed.

"I am OCD." she joked. "I have Obsessive Cock Disorder." they both laughed.

He heartily agreed saying, "I have never experienced a woman who truly enjoyed sucking cock more than you."

"Oh you know you love it." she teased.

"You know I do." he reiterated.

"But my pussy is meant for only you baby." Placing her hands on the sides of the mirror she spread her legs and arched her back. Her pink lips pulled back slightly revealing a moist slit.

Immediately he dropped to his knees, "And what a perfect one it is!" before plunging his tongue deep inside.

Licking and sucking her nub his large hands alternated between squeezing and spreading her ass cheeks and rolling her erect nipples between his fingers a

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