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Ruth's sexuality begins to emerge.

We need all the inside walls painted and I don't see it getting done unless we hire someone. Is Rick home?"

"That is so great. He did some work for the Miller's last summer and they were very happy with the results. He is home, up in his room, doing whatever teenaged boys do in their room with the door closed. I swear when he isn't taking long showers he is in that room. Maybe it is the computer that is keeping him occupied. Why don't you just go on in and give him the good news." Gloria smiled and kept watering her flowers.

Allison smiled back and went up to the front door and let herself in. "Rick, it's Ally, can I speak with you for a minute?" Rick came bounding down the stairs with a tentative smile. A cross between a nervous smile and a silly grin. Rick wasn't sure what she could be wanting, but she had seen Mrs. Sweeney, uh Allison outside taking to his mom. He had been watching his mom water the flowers from his bedroom window. From the angle of his room he could see right down his mom's tank top, and the view had hypnotized him.

"I have news for you. We would like you to come and paint our house this summer, if you are still looking for some work. We will pay you what the local painter quoted us, so it should be worth your while."

Rick grinned as he thought of the possibilities this could bring. He couldn't believe how his luck seemed to be changing. He also couldn't believe how great Allison looked in the blouse and skirt she was wearing. Those legs were amazing, and he remembered the breasts from his past encounter. He realized that she was waiting for his answer as he daydreamed. He brought himself back saying, "Yeah sure. I would love that kind of job. When do you want me to start?"

Allison wanted him to start this very minute as she checked out his bare chest as he was wearing only a pair of athletic shorts. "I think we should start as soon as possible. I am going out for lunch but can stop and get the paint on my way home today. How about if you come over later and I can show you what the project involves and then you can start the actual painting in the morning. Oh, and Mr. Sweeney is out of town for the next week or so, so I'll give you a key and you can come and go as you please." Ally dug through her purse and found a house key to give to Rick. As she handed it to him she put her other hand on his arm, "Thank you so much for doing this, it really will be worth your while."

Rick was already getting excited just from being so close to Allison after their time together. It felt very surreal to be standing with her in his foyer. When she touched his arm he could feel himself getting hard. Oh man all she has to do is touch my arm and I am hard, I really, really need to get laid this summer.

Then he was amazed as her hand left his arm, brushed against his erection, and she went back to zipping up her purse. "See you later today Rick."


Allison touched the silky fabric of a dark red and black bustier and considered how Rick might like her in it. She thought maybe it would be a little aggressive and she wandered further down the aisle of the lingerie store. This trip had started out as a trip to the paint store but she couldn't resist the pink and purple sign as she drove by. It was fun to shop with the intent of pleasing a lover... something she hadn't done in some time. She finally settled on a simple silk gown in a creamy color that complimented her skin and hair and which made her green eyes seem to glow. She wondered if she'd actually get to wear it for Rick... or if they'd simply rip each other's clothing off the next time he came over.

The next stop at the paint store took much less time.

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