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Two females express their passion for one another.


"Yes Master Sasha." I watched her first few unsteady steps, ready to catch her if she fell. I could see that she was struggling with how far she could stride. After a few steps, she adapted, but it clearly restrained her movements. It also took a few seconds for her to realize how restricted her movements were. With her elbows pulled back behind her waist, she couldn't reach out. Li had to turn sideways to reach into the refrigerator and then tilt awkwardly to get the corkscrew. Uncorking the wine bottle, which usually only took her a few minutes, took her at least five. Then, she slid her rear up on the counter so that she could reach two of the glasses.

I sat on the couch, mindlessly thumbing through magazines. Finally, I could hear the mixture of chains and high heels on the hardwood floor. Li knelt down, first on one side then the on the other because it was the only way she could put the glasses on the coffee table. And then stood up.

"Slave Li, that took way too long. I don't want to hear any excuses. Kneel here in front of me. You are not allowed to sit on the couch without permission. Look up!" My voice was trying to be stern, but I think it had more love than force.

"Yes, Master Sasha."

As she folded herself on the floor in front of me, I picked up the ball gag. After pushing the ball into her mouth and pulled the buckle tight around her head. Her eyes went wide with excitement. She had told me that one of the positions she wanted to be in was kneeling in front of me, fully restrained. That dream was about to be realized.

Next, I pulled her elbows together and changed the clasp so that they were tightly bound. While behind her, I pulled her ankles together and used the clip to snap connect them and wrapped the excess chain around so that her elbows were pulled toward her ankles. Li moaned in pleasure and I looked at her and caressed her neck and breasts. Her nipples were hard as a rock. Li looked at me, begging for more.

I took her head and placed her cheek on my thigh while I pretended to read another magazine. Her hot breath from her flared nostrils cascaded down on my crotch. I was probably almost as wet as she was. I had to get up, if for nothing else, to look at my handiwork. Gently pushing her head off my thigh, I stood up and walked toward the bathroom. When I came back after a suitable delay, Li was just where I left her, leaning against the couch with her heels under her tight rear and her hands close by her ankles.

"Slave Li..." Her eyes opened and were dreamy. It was as if she was surprised by my voice. "You are going to have to provide me with some pleasure..."

Li grunted an acknowledgement. I could barely hear it through the ball as I unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. As I stood in front of her, I unbuckled the strap on the ball gag. "You need to find my cock and suck on it, right now!"

"Yes Master Sasha. At once!!" Li couldn't bury her face in my crotch fast enough. Gently, she pulled by underwear down with her teeth and it wasn't hard to find my cock. It was already at attention and moist because I too was turned on by this experience. Then, Li gently took my sex in her mouth and began to suck gently, first on the whole thing and then just around the tip. Hungrily, she began to suck, willing it to cum. I couldn't believe the pleasure that this Chinese T-girl was giving me as she worked my penis over. After a few minutes, I gently pulled her head back. I needed to sit down.

"That was your reward for being so good earlier..." And then, I replaced the gag and as I did so, I could see the disappointment in her face. She had told me that one of her fantasies was to get me to come all over her face while she was kneeling in front of me. I wanted to try something else.

"I am going to release your legs for a few minutes and you are to stand up in front of the couch."

Li nodded her head. With the gag, talking was impossible. I could tell by looking into her eyes that Li was really enjoying being a slave.

After I unclipped her legs,

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