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Further down the rabbit hole...

When she saw he was still limp, Sylvia was somewhat disappointed but that quickly turned to joy. Oliver Flores, the man who had ridden on the elevator with her and Bill, approached them and tapped his teammate on the shoulder.

"Mind if I cut in?" he asked with mock courtliness. It was obvious he did not expect to be denied because his cock was fully erect and was safely encased in a condom.

Under other circumstances, Bill might have refused the request but he was lower in the pecking order than the player doing the asking. Oliver Flores was the team's leading hitter and a four year veteran. "Go ahead, Ollie," he replied. "But don't wear her out with that big dick of yours."

Neither of them thought to ask the young woman who was lying on her back waiting to be fucked and she would have answered strongly in the affirmative if they had. Because of his hitting prowess, the man who was starting to kneel between her legs had more status than the rookie first baseman. She smiled up at him in an invitation and spread her thighs wider to accommodate his larger body. His cock was larger too which was another thing she was smiling about.

Ollie grinned at the sexy woman who was obviously so eager to fuck and leaned forward, supporting his weight on the hand he placed on the bed beside Sylvia. His other hand was guiding his big cock. She reached between her thighs and spread her lips to prepare herself for the first class fucking she expected to be getting momentarily. When she felt the tip of Ollie's cock being rubbed in her pussy to spread the lubrication that Billy had not licked off her, Sylvia drew her breath in sharply in anticipation. When the head wedged its way inside her, she let it out in a sigh of delight at the way he was already stretching her.

She repeated that happy sound when Ollie thrust forward again and another inch of his thick cock burrowed into her. The next time she felt his shaft start to surge deeper inside her pussy, Sylvia spread her thighs slightly farther, hooked her ankles around his legs and pulled herself forward to meet him. Almost four more inches of the hard cylinder was driven into her eager pink hole and she felt waves of pleasure sweeping over her body. With one more thrust, which she also fucked back to meet, Ollie's entire cock was imbedded inside her and his curly black pubic hair was tickling her bare pussy.

One of the things Oliver Flores liked most about playing ball in the big leagues, besides the money and the prestige, was the great sex so easily available and the sexy woman under him was one of the best he had ever fucked. She was having as much fun as he was; he could tell by the huge grin on her face and the way her body was squirming in front of him. He didn't know her name and didn't care what it was but he knew she loved sex with him and his teammates. When she lifted her arms, inviting him to lie on top of her, he accepted her offer and stretched out above her but allowed her room to move under him.

At first she didn't want to move nor did Ollie. They both preferred to lie where they were while the pleasure from his cock crammed in her pussy throbbed through her body and the delightful things her pussy was doing for his cock inundated him. Finally, he slowly drew back and paused for a few seconds with the head of his cock within her pussy lips, before driving his entire shaft back inside her until her bare skin was once again being tickled.

"Oh, my god, that's good," she murmured into his ear while gripping his upper arms more tightly.

"The best," he replied before drawing back again, pausing the same way and plunging his cock into where it was being made so welcome.

This time she fucked back to meet him until their bodies came together with a wet noise, accompanied by two sighs of joy.

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