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In the end, after being done with eating, showering and watching TV for half the day, he decided to blow off some steam in the half basketball court in the back.

He had never run short on friends after high school. Acquaintances, he considered them. The term 'friends' was just unsuitable. If no one called the next day, he could have not cared less. And he doubted anyone could have been disturbed by his prolonged silence or even disappearance.

Maybe he was a loner at heart. But there was one thing that didn't fit in that picture. Or better said someone. Aron. Carter was the noisiest when he was with the guy. He was the funniest. Most girls he had been with had approached him after seeing him in Aron's company, only to be slightly surprised later when they were witnessing this duller version of him. It was like Aron was there only to ... make him whole.

Women thought he was too cool to care. Guys thought he was laid back and fun. But what did Aron really think of him? How could Aron crush on someone like him? Apparently, it had something to do with him being funny. Strangely enough, he wasn't doing or saying anything funny on purpose. It just happened. But was that really enough to make someone like Aron crush on him?

Ah, the guy had said something about him being handsome. Well, women had often told him the same thing, so there had to be some truth in that. He had never particularly cared for his appearance. He wore his brown hair too long, he was just a normal guy, and he could not imagine anything that could make him stand out.

He sent the ball through the hoop again. Well, even playing alone was nice. So, what had those girlfriends used to say about him?

Oh, Carter, you have such kissable lips.

Ah, so he did make a good kissing partner, that was good to know.

I like it that you're a bit rough.

He remembered that girlfriend well. Apparently, she had enjoyed it best when he wasn't shaved and liked to kiss her everywhere. Or maybe that girl simply liked having rashes everywhere.

Hmm, Mr. Muscles.

Hmm, was that the correct way to describe him? The woman in question had really had a thing for mapping his entire body, muscle by muscle, like she needed that for some anatomy lessons. He was well built, apparently, not as Aron, but, clearly, women liked him that way.

So why hadn't he liked them back enough? He enjoyed sex just like any other guy. He liked to take girls out and make them feel good. But he could not recall, for the love of all that was holy, how he had felt about this or that girl. It was like all the relationships he had ever had were turning into a mush in his brain, and recalling names and faces meant absolutely nothing.

He sent the ball flying again.

Aron had said something about his ass. What kind of ass did he have? He could not recall ever trying to look at his own ass. Ah, well, it was true that his most adventurous ex-girlfriend, the one who had fingered his ass, had told him something about him having a fuckable backside. She had even proposed to peg him, but he had backed away. A finger or two had been enough to heighten the sensation while fucking, but a whole dildo up his ass?

He had had Aron's cock up his ass. Significantly larger than what now seemed, in his memory, as a really non-frightening dildo attached to a strapon the girl had shown him while smiling and telling him that she was just going to take him slow.

But, and that was a big but, he had taken Aron's cock and loved it while at it. Maybe it was just a psychological thing, not a physical barrier. But wait, maybe he had taken Aron's cock so easily simply because he was wearing Alex's body, and, well, a gay guy who was a self-declared absolute bottom, should not have had any troubles with that.

Although, Alex was a fussy lover, according to Aron. Maybe that was why the guy preferred Simon. He hadn't exactly looked closely at Simon's cock, but the young man was average, at best, and, by no means, in the same league with Aron who was sporting a real cannon between his legs.

With a wince, he adjusted his co

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