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A Spanking Good Thanksgiving.

I started to laugh when I caught her sweet musk scent on it. I breathed the fragrance in deeply, savoring it.

"Have you been fucking your toy?" I asked gently.

I immediately regretted my question as her mouth which had resumed sucking on the head, stopped as she replied.

"Just a little, while I was waiting for Uncle to wake up"

"Oh, it's alright" I said quickly, "Don't stop what you are doing"

"Okay!" she said brightly, sucking my cock into her mouth again.

I felt both her hands now gripping my cock, moving up and down it as her mouth started a gently sucking action at it's head.

I moved her stuffed kitty cat away from face, only to be faced with another pussy. This one still puffy and swollen from both the previous night as well as the attack of her stuffed toy.

Like everything else about her, it was beautiful. Shaved, small and perfectly formed. I gazed with longing at the red pink tiny opening before me.

I brought her sweet pussy to my mouth, pulling her body down flat on my, feeling her hard nipples on my stomach as she struggled to keep contact between her mouth and my now throbbing cock.

I slowly traced my tongue along each of the lips before me, pulling myself slightly up to probe the small, brown dimple of her tight little ass. As my the tip of my tongue entered her there, I heard another soft sweet moan from her cock filled mouth.

Maria pulled her legs up slightly, causing the thin membrane still covering her clitoris to rub against my chest. She began moving her hips in short motions against me causing my tongue to fuck her ass like a small, wet cock.

The sensations of her mouth and hands on my cock began to vibrate through my entire body. Now, it was my turn to groan as I, once again, pulled her sweet pussy up to my mouth.

With deep thrusts of my tongue, I tasted her luscious sex, lapping up to and around her hooded clit with each stroke. The small, white seed of her clit was now apparent but she flinched when I grazed it with my lips.

My own hips began to move as she licked and sucked my cock and she began to caress my balls.

As her little hands became more forceful, I managed to say between licks "Gently, Maria... very gently".

I heard a garbled response that sounded like "Okay" from her.

This was getting to feel too good and I suddenly needed to be inside her again.

Her hips were moving insistently against my mouth but I gently and reluctantly pushed her to the side. She sat up with a startled look in her eye.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked in a worried voice.

"Oh no, sweet thing," I said, "You are doing every wonderfully".

"I just need to fuck you again".

Her face lit up in a big smile and she jumped on top of me. She wrapped her arms around my head and stuck her tongue into my mouth in a deep, loving kiss.

"Yes, Uncle, yes" she gasped between kisses, "Fuck me again."

It was hard to believe this beautiful young woman had been a virgin a mere, few hours ago.

I suddenly felt her pussy impale itself on my cock, now almost painfully hard from her mouth and small hands.

As it slowly entered her wet but still incredibly tight pussy, I realized we had forgotten to use any protection.


I heard myself almost gag with frustration as I pulled my cock out of her. With a pinched voice, I told her

"Maria, we need to use a rubber".

My niece now groaned and continued to move her hips on me, my cock slapping against her pussy and ass.

"Please, Maria...." I pleaded.

Faster than I could almost follow she crawled over to the dresser and grabbed one of the gold wrapped magnum rubbers we had pulled out to use the night before.

She was suddenly kneeling next to me ripping the package open with her teeth. Still remembering my lesson from the night before she tried to roll it down my cock but let out an exasperated "Uncle!" when it wouldn't unroll.

"Just turn it over, Sweetheart".

She quickly flipped it over and it easily unrolled down my cock, as her hands followed it one on top of another down it's length.

I didn't have to say a work as she aga

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