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They meet in a library. They fall in love. Cute stuff.

First to make him more comfortable she removed his shoes and socks. Then knowing those tight jeans just couldn't be good for sleeping in Jade pulled those off too. Mike's shorts slid down part way with his pants and it took just another tug to pull them all the way off. But Jade stopped part way in astonishment. Seeing pictures of a large black cock was one thing. Looking at the thick snake like thing with the mushroom head right in front of her nose was quite another thing. She longed to take it into her hands or even to taste it with her hungry lips. But one more detail to attend to first.

Quickly pulling old and rarely worn pantyhose from the drawer she tied each wrist and ankle to the bed posted leaving Mike naked, spread-eagled and completely in her complete control. She quickly had her own clothes pilled in a corner and sat down next to Mike to admire his sexy body. Now pulling her vibrator from under the pillow Jade brought the tip to her clit and sent shivers up her stomach turning her nipples as hard as could be.

Always afraid she is going to be addicted to the vibrator for her orgasms, Jade straddles his waist and slides down until her pussy rests on top of Mikes sleeping cock. Slowly sliding her pussy from the base of his cock to the tip she feels it start to twitch and thicken. Eyes closed Jade continued to rub her dripping wet pussy up and down the length of his cock until she feels she is about to explode. Quickly jumping off to save her orgasm she comes eye to eye with the now fully awake Mike. "Why did you stop?" he asked and Jade told him she is afraid she can only cum once and doesn't want it to end yet. "Don't worry about that, by the time I'm through with you you'll forget how many times you came."

Jade's eyes got wide at that and then looked down at the massive size of the stiff cock below her. "Its me who is in control of you now" she said while grabbing hold of his cock with both hands and standing it straight up at least 12 inches. She closed her eyes and opening her mouth wide for her first ever taste of cock Jade took the whole swollen head past her hungry lips and into the top of her throat. Mike groaned as she began sucking and licking just as she had dreamed of doing. Wanting more, Jade took the base of his cock in both hands and drove her head down onto the shaft as far as she could. Astonished that her lips reached the top of her first hand Jade continued to pump her mouth up and down his stiff shaft taking more than half down her throat. Catching the first signs of eminent orgasm she pulled all the way off his throbbing cock but not before getting her first taste of bitter/sweet cum.

Now it's my turn she breathed and lowed her pussy down onto Mike's waiting mouth. Obviously not taken as punishment Mike buried his tongue into the depths of Jade's virgin pussy and sucked the juice that was pouring out of her. Straining his neck to get to her clit Mike pulled the little pearl between his lips and sucked until the top of Jade's head almost blew off into outer space. Again she pulled her pussy away from him but this time only managed to sink her ass right down onto his mouth. His tongue found it's way first around in circles and then deep into her anus and Jade let out a long guttural groan of perverse pleasure. "Yes, yesss, lick my ass and me cum" she begged him. Rotating her hips back and forth frantically she felt her anus muscles spasm and pulsate on his tongue as her orgasm swept over her. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" she lost all reserve at last and felt allowed the anal orgasm to shudder through her body.

Never before had Jade felt an orgasm centered in her ass.

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