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A trip to a hidden spring gives her double centaur action.


Hello Betsy.

Janie wanted me to have a chat with you. But maybe you're too engrossed on reading my stories, feeling a bit horny. Janie tells me that you enjoy gazing on other ladies' tits. Is that so? Well, Janie has pics of mine for you to gaze at, and to play with if you want to. My tits are rather small, but very sensitive. I love to have them suckled whilst I stroke your bottom.

Sarah xxx

Gosh Sarah.

You don't waste much time do you! But I like your directness. Yes, I must confess to liking girls' tits. I have read one of your stories too, and I think you are such a turn on! I've never read erotica before, but you make it sound so real. Janie said how wonderful and sexy you are and I certainly agree with her.

I saw your pics too, and you are truly beautiful Sarah. I could hardly resist a kiss from Janie when she showed them to me - and it was the first time I gave her my tongue. I have you to blame for that! But it felt so good as Janie is a really hot kisser.

XX Betsy

Thank you Betsy

Lovely to hear from you. I thought you might still be reading. Did you enjoy the story? And has Janie showed you her tits yet?

Yes Sarah,

I loved your story about Adele and Sarah. Was that really you?

'OK Betsy. Let's chat. Here we are! I guess you two are too busy with each other right now!!'

'No, not at all. Janie is downstairs ironing. She said she wanted you and I to get acquainted, and I'd like that Sarah. It's not very often I can have fun without my boyfriend being around.'

'Men can such a nuisance!'

'I do love Janie's tits, and yes I couldn't help but see them earlier when she was leaning over me as I read your story. To be honest, I would love to touch them ... and yours!'

'Well, I think she wanted you to see them. So, why not call out for her to join you - or would you prefer to go to her and give her a hug, as I mentioned earlier.'

'Maybe after our chat Sarah.'

'Have you had a 'relationship' with another girl before now?'

No I haven't made love with another female, but I think I'd like to, with the right woman. I haven't had any offers yet!'

'I think Janie would be more than happy to make love with you. But she doesn't want to rush you, in case you're too nervous.'

'I'd like it to happen with Janie. Maybe I should encourage her more. I feel so horny right now talking to you Sarah.'

'Mm. That's nice. I would love to hear you moaning with delight, as my fingers probed your pussy, slipping into your dripping vagina, feel your thighs tremble with lust, wanting more.'

'Really? Oh Sarah!'

'I think I can feel your belly shuddering!'

'How did you know that??'

'You have a warm damp pussy. May I slip my hand in your bra to feel your tits? Nice and warm and soft. Mmmm lovely! May I kiss you Betsy?'

'Yes Sarah, I would love you to kiss me.'

'When I've gone, perhaps you should go downstairs, take Janie in your arms and give her a long probing kiss. She would love to feel your hands slip beneath her top and squeeze her tits. That will encourage her to do the same with you. Your other hand can then reach between her thighs and cup her pussy in your fingers. She'll be wet and hot for you!!'

'OMG Sarah! You are turning me on! Oh yes, that would be nice, but please don't go yet Sarah. This is so sexy with you.'

'Janie would love you to encourage her - as I say, she's a bit nervous of making the first move in case you're embarrassed. I'd love to slip my hand over your pussy right now darling. Feel it getting wetter.'

'Oh Sarah, would you really like to touch my pussy? I've never had a girl's hand in my panties yet, but I can tell you're making me very wet!!

'I can feel the warmth. I shall taste your pussy juice - I love tasting pussy juices - and get my head between your warm silky thighs to inhale your special private scent.'

'Oh Sarah. That's so horny! I'm trembling!'

'I shall peel your knickers off and remove your top so that I can make love to you without too many clothes to get in the way.

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