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Cherise Aimes & her cousin explore their sexuality.


"I'll do it, Joe. I'll do whatever it takes to show you that I'm yours and only yours for the rest of my life. Please Joe, let's go home and I'll do all the sexy things I know you love for me to do for you." Mare begged of me with a hopeful look and the hint of desire in her eyes.

I was tempted, painfully tempted, to take her up on her offer because it had been almost a week since we'd made love to each other and four days since we'd had our little session of phone sex and that look of desire in her eyes had the same effect on me then as it always had, but that would put an end to my plan to punish her and to make her see that the consequences of bad decisions are sometimes greater than the reward or pleasure received from those decisions.

"No, Mare. We can't have sex tonight. It's too soon after what you did last night. I don't know personally, but I have my doubts as to whether the men you were with last night used condoms or not so you'll have to be tested for STD's before we have unprotected sex again. I think I remember from all the literature the university sent out about HIV and its incubation period that a person couldn't be one hundred percent sure he or she didn't have it until six months after the time he or she thought they may have been exposed.

"Mare, do you see now what you've done to us. Because you didn't listen to me or trust my judgment when it came to Stephanie, we won't be able to enjoy each other fully like we have in the past until you do get a clean bill of health.

"No long weekends of lying in bed pleasuring each other with our mouths, fingers, and other bodily parts. No exchanging sloppy wet kisses anytime or anywhere we felt like it. Your drunken night of pleasure has ruined everything we had together and I'm not sure if it will ever be the same for us again.

"I'm sure you saw what was lying in the middle of your bed when you went upstairs and found most of my things were gone from our closet." I started to say before Mare gasped out loud and interrupted me.

"No Joe, please don't say that. That's our bed, not mine. Please tell me it's our bed." Mare whimpered before new tears started to flow from her eyes.

"Until this morning it was our bed, but until you've been shown to be clean and have shown me that you're truly sorry for what has happened and proven to me that you place me above everyone like you told your father you had done, it won't be our bed, only yours.

"Getting back to what I was saying before, you saw your birth control pills on your bed and we both know you're in the middle of your menstrual cycle so has it even occurred to you that you're probably pregnant with another man's child?

"I can tell by the look on your face that you hadn't, Mare. I won't be a father to a child that's not mine so if you're pregnant; we've got another problem that we'll have to deal with all because you trusted your "friend" more than you trusted me.

"If you are pregnant, you'll either have to have an abortion or give it up for adoption if you want to continue to be my wife.

"DAMN IT, MARE! ARE YOU BEGINNING TO SEE HOW BIG OF A MESS YOUR ACTIONS HAVE GOTTEN US INTO?" I couldn't stop myself from yelling at her after jumping up from my side of the booth and standing beside hers feeling the heat of my anger on my face.

I turned and walked away from the table to the door that led out onto the covered deck of the restaurant. I stood at the rail around the deck and let the cool breeze from the lake help cool the heat in my face. I took in a couple of deep breaths of air while I struggled with my emotions.

I chastised myself for getting so angry that I'd nearly crossed the line and struck the woman I'd loved and continued to love despite her betrayal of me and the breaking of not only our wedding vows but her promises to me about not drinking too much and losing control like she had.

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