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A father son spanking to remember.

I proceeded to cut out the inside lining on the top. She put it on and it gave a hint of dark circle around her hard nipples. I was going to leave the lining in the bottom but Jill threw them to me smiling from ear to ear. I carefully cut out the lining and thew them back to her. She put them on and damn she looked good. I told her to get ready because I was sure she would be the center of attraction by just walking out to the pool.

I got a couple of towels and we headed out to the pool. All eyes were on her, which made me very proud knowing she was turning heads in a regular bikini that wasn't much different from any other. I was sure it would be a lot different when wet. I saw Frank, my young partner and three of his buddies standing there looking at us. When she turned to sit on a lounger Frank smiled and gives me a thumbs up. We lay there for a while and the guys were playing in the pool. One of them accidently on purpose splashed us. We both sat up from the shock of the water and he apologized for getting us wet. I said it was ok as we were getting ready to jump in and get wet anyway. We struck up a conversation and I told Jill to go ahead and take a swim. I would be with her in a few minutes.

She walked to the deep end and dove in. She swam to the shallow end and tood up in waist deep water. I couldn't believe it, it looked like she was topless. The material was stuck to her skin and her tits were completely visible. The guys invited her to play tag and she looked at me. I said, "Go ahead." One guy went under water and came up to her under water. I saw her jump and could see him in front of her. He came up and told her she was "it". She was "it" every other time as she would tag one of them but they always tagged her back getting a feel of her legs, pussy and tits.

After a while I told her I wanted to see her dive off the board. She knew she was totally exposed and gave me this pouting questioning look and I shook my head yes, so she swam to the deep end and climbed out of the pool as close to the diving board as she could. It was exciting to see her totally exposed for everyones view. I loved hearing all the guys make comments and point in her direction. What a turn on it was. To my surprise she walked out to the end of the board and bounced a couple of times testing the board. Her tits were bouncing up and down as she bounced putting on a really good show. She dove in and swam to the side where I was sitting and asked me for a towel. I asked her to dive one more time only this time I wanted her to get out of the pool at the shallow end. I love her sexy grin. She swam to the shallow end and walked up the concrete stairs in the corner and walked all the way across the end and turned up the side. She smiled at me as she saw me with the camera taking pictures of her. She slowed her pace and walked to the board. Again she walked out on the end and bounced several times before she went off the board into the water. She again went to the shallow end and got out and walked around to me to get a towel. Rather than covering up she started drying her hair, causing her tits to sway back and forth as she leaned over giving everyone a very sexy show. Then she dabbed her body dry and wrapped up in the towel. Frank and his three buddies were sitting there taking in the show. They all praised Jill's figure and said she was really hot. She blushed as they kept complimenting her.

I decided to go to the room and told the guys we'd see them around. They said, "We are going to the motel lounge later this evening. The band is said to be very good." Frank asked, "Maybe you guys would join us this evening?"

I smiled and said, "We will probably see you there."

As we walked back to the room I smiled to myself.

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