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Gathering in Boston.

I surprise her by grabbing her left breast in both hands and licking all over and sucking her nipple hard between my lips. She wasn't prepared for me to be so aggressive.

"Geez Rob, you are a mad man. You're making me horny right here and right now."

"Let's do this Catherine. If your going to flash your tits, you're going to pay."

I grab the top of her jeans, unsnap and unzip. I pull them down around her hips while she lays down.

"Just as I thought, no panties. Were you expecting me to eat your pussy out here?"

Catherine smiles and shimmies her ass, helping me to pull her pants off completely. She spreads her legs and I bury my face between her thighs. Pussy heaven. I inhale her womanly scent and taste her essence. I use my fingers to spread her puffy outer lips giving me access to her inner labia. My tongue has full access to her pink flesh and clitoris. I use my tongue and lips to full advantage. I lick Catherine's cunt over and over.

Catherine uses her hands to hold my head in place. She raises her hips and grinds her quim against my tongue and lips. My tongue darts into her gash, licking and sucking all around. I locate her clit, now free from its hood. Catherine is alive and becoming wetter and wetter. I lick from the bottom of her slit all the way to her clit. I twirl my tongue around her clit over and over until she unleashes a torrent of cum once again.

Catherine's thighs quiver, her hands hold my head in place as her orgasm spurs through her body. She moves her pussy back and forth over my lips. I use my tongue to gather her honey. Her body spasms continue as I lick relentlessly intent on driving her to a second climax. I place my hands on her thighs to restrain her movements. I drill my tongue deep into her inner core for one more volley. I catch hold of her inner lips with my open mouth and suck them in. My tongue concentrates on her sensitive pink pearl. I lick and suck her pussy until she comes again. I gather even more of her cum as it flows from within her labia. She screams out as she climaxes a second time.

Catherine collapses into the soft blanket, pushing my face away from her cunt and the overwhelming stimulation. She is breathing as fast and as hard as anytime I've been with her. She squeezes her legs together keeping me from anymore contact. I'm not going anywhere until her body returns to normal.

As Catherine comes back to her senses she utters in a raspy voice, "What the hell was that?"

I let her know that if she is going to tease me out in the open like this, she can expect these kinds of results. I move up her body, pinning her to the ground. She has a grin a mile wide. We share a passionate kiss sharing the cum on my lips.

"You like my pussy cream, don't you? I know I do."

"I love your taste and always will. Are you ready to be mounted?"

"Right here, out in the open?"

"It didn't stop you from removing your shirt and flashing your tits."

"Yes, but I could always cover up, if I need too."

"It's too late to think about that now. I have a raging hard-on and I need a wet place to hide it."

I don't bother with preliminaries. I spread Catherine's legs, kneel up and unbuckle my jeans. I'm not wearing underwear either. My plan was to fuck Catherine this afternoon on our hike. I push my pants down just far enough to unleash my seven-inch staff. I grab my cock and position my shaft along Catherine's moist slit. Her inner lips are still flared from her multiple orgasm. My cock slides into the wet cavern and we both grunt as I hit bottom and our hips collide.

Catherine whispers, "I guess you mean business?"

"Yes, I do."

"Well then, I'm ready, give me that hard cock, cum inside me"

My arms are planted on the sides of her shoulder for support.

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