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The room looked cosy and comfortable, but she said nothing.

We walked down the narrow corridor, and she peered into my bedroom as we passed. "Ah, The Cockpit. Has Susan moved in yet?"

"Does it look like she has?"

She shrugged. "Who knows?"

I stopped abruptly and turned on her. "Well, she hasn't. And if you don't like it here, feel free to move out."

Beth held up her hands, palms facing me. I could see her make an effort to collect herself. "Sorry. I'm out of order. I'll try to be nice." She looked up into my face and read the anger still there, so she reached up and touched me on the shoulder. "Really. I don't know why I said that. Thanks for inviting me."

I hadn't really invited her, but being here would serve my purpose. "OK, truce." I moved further down the corridor. "Here's the bathroom - we have to share as there's only one."

She nodded. "I'll keep my knickers on, then."

I tested her a bit. "Not on my account. I can be broad minded."

"Trust me," she said, "You're not that broad minded. I'll keep 'em on."

We moved on, and she paused at the door to the third bedroom. "What's in here?"

"Store room, I guess. Jim's got the key so I'm not sure what he's got in there - junk, most likely. Pity, as it means I've really only got two bedrooms." I fingered the key in my pocket. "What are your plans tonight? I've cooked a meal and there are a couple of good movies to watch."

"Lorna's picking me up in a few minutes. Girls' night out. I'll be back later."

"How much later?"

She shrugged, as if it had nothing to do with me. "When I feel like it. Don't worry, I won't rob you of the beauty sleep you need so badly. Leave me a key and I'll let myself in."

"No need. The door will be open." I had no intention of ever giving her a key.

A few minutes later she left. I walked to the front door and watched as she drove away with Lorna in her clapped out Daihatsu, its wheels sagging and the exhaust tied on with a piece of fencing wire. The gruesome-twosome heading into town and up to no good, I thought, and I figured some poor smuck was going to get a truckload of trouble tonight.

Back in the flat I checked through the arrangements I had made: all of the things I wanted were in place and I was ready. It all depended on her, now - she needed to be home tonight, drunk enough to help me in my plan but sober enough to do one final thing before I set it in motion.

It was about half past one when I heard the latch click and the sound of her footsteps in the hallway. She came into the lounge, weaving slightly, surprised to see me still up. She was disheveled, her lipstick smeared a little and she carried her shoes in her hand, the heel broken off one of them.

"Have a good evening?"

"Lorna's a fucking bitch." Her face was malevolent.

"Really. That's very eloquent, Beth, but tell me something I don't know."

She turned on me and I could see her trying to think of something suitably cutting, but the effort was too much. She sank back into the chair. "Fuck her! And fuck you, too!" She closed her eyes.

I went though to the kitchen and quickly heated up the milk I had ready and I tipped in the tablets I had obtained from the pharmacy. Together they contained about 15 milligrams of Docylamine Succinate, an anti-histomine agent with similar characteristics to a barbiturate. I knew its effect on her as I had offered her a similar tablet a year or two back when she was studying for her examinations and she could not sleep. On that occasion five milligrams had knocked her out for the night. This dose was three times that amount and I knew that it would have the desired effect but without danger. At worst she would wake with a hangover, dry mouth and perhaps an elevated pulse. With the alcohol she had drunk there was likely to be some disorientation as well, which would suit my purpose.

When I came back to the lounge she was still in the chair. I thought she might be asleep and I shook her.


"I've made you a drink, Beth.

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