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Back to the past.

When I reached over to place Judy's hand under the elastic band of my shorts, she took the initiative to begin stroking the monstrously engorged organ. When her actions became insistent and my erection obvious even under wraps, Rose questioned her daughter's intentions, "Are you really going to jerk your boyfriends cock right here, infront of your mother?" I was stunned at both women's reactions up to this point, and couldn't wait to see what could possibly happen next.

"Mother," Judy answered in a slightly confrontational tone, "if you don't want to watch, you can leave. And also, I'm not going to jerk him off." At this, she fished my cramped, solid pole free of my shorts and placed a sloppy, wet kiss on the purplish, helmeted head. "I'm going to suck him off... and swallow that delicious cream. Don't be shy, you told me once, that the only thing better than having sex, was watching sex."

I was watching her mom too. And her eyes kept flashing back at mine. I'm not sure which one of us was more surprised, but we both stared in open-mouthed disbelief when Judy fed my anxious, throbbing tool into her gaping mouth. I think mom and I both blushed at the same time, and we held eye contact for a long, bewildering moment. Then I returned my attention to the sexy little minx with her head in my crotch, and my cock in her mouth. I grabbed a fistful of her dark hair and gently but forcefully rocked her head up and down the length of my stiff rod. When I next noticed Rose, her face was still flushed but I don't think it was from embarrassment any longer, and her ample bosom heaved mightily with every hurried, shallow breath she took. And I spotted her knees tightly pressed together and her hands trembling. Then a thin veneer of perspiration coated her face and neck.

When I caught her eyes again, she looked like a deer in headlights. She let out a deep breath, ran her fingers through her tussled, sweaty locks and smoothed the front of her dress, trying to tamp down the obvious protrusions made by her hard nipples. Then she cleared her throat and quickly vacated the room. As she passed us, I heard her mutter to her daughter, "I can't believe what's come over you lately. Are you trying to prove a point?"

When Judy came up for air, with my shiny firm cock still clutched tightly in her grip, I mentioned that she may have embarrassed or upset her mother. "Oh fuck her," Judy grumbled. "I want her to be happy but she's just wasting her life, waiting for some ghost. Someday she'll come to her senses. Love has a way of sneaking up on you if you let it. But in the meantime, sex is sex, and it should be fun." Spoken like a real psych major. I liked her attitude, but I was still thinking about her mom. She was trapped in a strange universe: aging hippie versus corporate robot, love-struck MILF but single mom, and mother-figure to a genuine hellcat.

I suggested that we take the remainder of this blowjob back to the bedroom. Judy was more annoyed than repentant. "Wow," she said moodily, "I thought you were ready to assert yourself. Maybe you'll never be able to handle me." That hurt. As we rose from the couch, I spanked her skinny ass while we ambled towards our bed. "Ouch," she cooed in her sexy, husky voice. "If you want more of my ass than that, you'd better prove that you deserve it." I was relieved that any physical contact could lighten her mood and return her to her sensual ways. But she presented to me, a lot to think about.

A couple days later we were in bed, having slept-in late and were recovering from an awesome session of role-play, where she was the prudish school teacher and I was the delinquent molester.

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