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Giselle and Brian.

But now she was nearing the point where if she didn't have sex soon she was going to explode.

Caridad had never been with another woman before. It wasn't something she had ever given much thought to. She had had several boyfriends in her past and they had been enough for her then, but now she was feeling urges even towards the other slayers.

She guessed it must simply be their proximity and her horniness playing tricks with her and had written it off as nothing more. Lately though, her attraction to one slayer in particular had been growing.

Hope had been flitting throughout Caridad's dreams more and more often of late.

Her fiery red hair and pale, milky white skin had been the source of many dreams that had awoken Caridad panting and sweating in the middle of the night.

In fact, her absence from the dormitory this evening confused her.

They had been talking earlier and had separated briefly. Caridad had hoped to find her again later to continue where they left off but she was nowhere to be found.

Now Caridad found herself wandering around the hostel looking for any of the older slayers she knew.

Most of the younger slayers had gone to a local dance music club, taking advantage of the age 18 European drinking limits but many of the more veteran slayers hadn't bothered.

Caridad still found it hard to believe that in a mere 18 months since she found out she even was a potential slayer she now considered herself to be among the 'veteran' slayers.

Wandering into the kitchen area, she heard noises from the corner of the room, shuffling and moaning. She saw only an outline of two figures writhing around on the floor and hurried quietly from the room.

She shook her head, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves except her.

Walking out into the corridor she found herself face to face with a woman, the slayer she recognised as being Holly. The woman was totally naked, her highlighted brunette hair flowing free, her legs crossed as she leaned with one arm on her hip and one extended above her head against the wall, her face twisted into a seductive smile.

'Hello Caridad,'

'Holly! What are you... you should put some clothes on!'

'No, no I shouldn't.' Holly licked her lips, 'In fact, I think just the opposite. You should take your clothes off.'


Caridad had stopped a short distance from Holly, her eyes wandered across the other slayer's taught body, the curve of her voluptuous breasts and hips, her long legs and the tiny strip of dark hair visible between her thighs. She could even see the edges of Holly's engorged pussy lips between her closed legs and she could smell her, a seductive mix of perfume, sweat and come.

'Don't deny it Cari, I know you've lusted after me. If you come with me I even have a surprise for you. Someone would like to see you I think.'

'I... no what am I saying, I can't. It's just wrong and Buffy is here somewhere and the other girls are...'

'Occupied.' Holly moved away from the wall and stepped toward Caridad, she did not step back. 'They are all having their fun, come and share ours.'


'Oh yes, Hope has been very responsive so far.' Holly's tongue snaked out and across her lips. 'Very responsive indeed. I think we need some fresh juices to complete the party though, and I know she would appreciate it if it was you.'

Caridad was flabbergasted. Her jaw dropped open. Holly leaned in quickly and before Caridad knew what was happening, Holly was kissing her and her tongue was inside of her mouth caressing her own.

In that moment, Caridad surrendered to her passion and her needs. Her own hands were suddenly on Holly's body, caressing and squeezing gently as her tongue intertwined with the other girl's.

Dimly she was aware of the buttons of her blouse being undone quickly and of hands loosening the garment and reaching inside. As the fingers of the hands touched the warm flesh of her chest it raised gooseflesh across her and she felt her crotch tighten.

Holly's hands continued to wander up and down Caridad's body, squeezing her ass cheeks then sliding down

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