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Two thieves find love after an especially difficult job.

"You like?"

"I'm certainly not complaining." Mick answered with a leer. "Though I am curious why you didn't call." He said allowing the gravitational pull of her beauty to draw him to the bed where he took a seat.

"Don't you like surprises?" Fiona purred crawling and resting her head on his shoulder. Her skin was still warm from her shower and aroma of her lilac scented soap wafted around Mick. "You used to like surprises." Tilting her head just slightly she ran her tongue along his jaw line up to his ear, gently caressing the lobe before biting down and playfully tugging at it."

Biting down on his lower lip only stifled his gasp for a split second and when it came it was louder than he expected. "Fi, what do you want?" She tugged a little harder her hands slipped beneath his arms gliding smoothly over his chest up to his collar. Instead of an answer, or perhaps it was an answer, she started unbuttoning his shirt while she continued nibbling at his ear. "Fi!" Mick exclaimed when her fingers pinched down on his nipple twisting slightly. Without thinking Mick tilted his head back presenting his throat to her. "Stop." He whimpered.

Fiona yanked his shirt back popping the last few buttons of his shirt and pulled it half way down off his arms leaving them partially pinned behind him. Each of her hands had claimed a nipple to twist and tweak enjoying the micro gasps that accompanies the responsive twitches of his body. "Stop?" She bit down on his shoulder hard enough to get a light wince out of him. "Stop? I'm pretty familiar with the international gesture for stop and you aren't given it." She hissed kissing down along his spine until she reached the small of his back. Once there she worked her way back up this time pulling a bit of flesh between her teeth each time until she her head again rested on his shoulder. "If you really want me to stop, maybe you should stop me." Her hands slid down over the smooth flesh of his chest, down to his stomach and even lower removing belt. "You know you're so much bigger than I am." She teased. At the same time she slipped her hand into his boxers pawing around until she found his cock only half erect and wrapped her fingers around it.

The idea of stopping her crossed his mind for only a moment before fleeing to its farthest corners. It was difficult to form any thoughts with her breasts pressing against his back and her smell utterly engulfing him. Her slender digits wrapped around his cock robbed him of any objections he might have had. "What do you want Fi?"

"What makes you so certain I want anything?" She squeezed down on his cock. "Maybe I'm just here because I really like the way you whimper. Did you ever think of that?" At some point she had kicked off her shoes because when she wrapped her legs around his waist she uses her bare feet to wriggle his pants and boxers down to his ankles. "Did you ever think of that?" She laced her legs around his spreading them so she could slip a hand between his thighs and cradle his sack. Mick shook his head and shuddered. "Of course not." Fiona started stroking his shaft in long slow motions. "You just think so lowly of me." Her voice was twisted into a pout. "Do you remember what we were talking about the other week?" Mick tried to clear his mind of the haze it was in and remember anything he'd said to anybody in the last month. He wasn't sure if it was her grasp that kept him from remembering or if he was just drawing a blank at random but either way he shook his head. "Tick tock. If you can't remember maybe I'll go find someone to play with who listens to me on the phone, late at night-" her voice dropped an octave "-when they call me drunk, horny and watching porn." Mick's entire body went stiff. "Oh you remember now?"

"Yes." Mick whispered. He'd spent most of a day trying to convince himself that hadn't happened and when he didn't get a teasing call the next day he was sure he'd just dreamt it. "You're gonna make ms say it aren't you?"

"I'm not making you do

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