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A trip to my girlfriend's cabin.

Last night, J.R. came over her apartment drunk after a guys' night out. He was belligerent and wanted some late night action with April. He could barely stand and was in no condition to have sex. When April politely refused and told him that they would have plenty of time to make love over the 3-day weekend, J.R. became furious at her for denying him. He ended up passing out on her bed. April stayed on the couch as she was afraid that if she stayed in bed with him he would either puke on her or continue to pressure her into having sex with him. When she woke up this morning, J.R. was gone and he didn't wake her up to either apologize or say goodbye. At the moment, April just decided that this weekend trip wasn't going to happen.

She went on to explain to me that her relationship with J.R. was perfect on paper. He was a respected cop with a degree in criminology. He had a great supportive family that treated her well. They were two years into their relationship and they have had at times spoken about their future together.

However, he has been emotionally abusive to her especially when he was drinking. If they disagreed on something, he would tell her to fall in line with whatever he said and reminded her that he could easily score better looking and more supportive women at a moment's notice. I would classify April as an "alpha" personality who really believed in her abilities and brains at work. I could never in a million years see her being a submissive partner.

She went on. He would also comment on her looks especially the size of her breasts and the sound of her voice. I found April's unique slightly high-pitch voice cute. As for the size of her breasts, from what I could tell they were perky and matched her frame. They weren't small enough to be mistaken for a body of a boy, but they weren't head turners either. Even though I didn't have a problem with her breasts to begin with, her bubble butt made her a unicorn as it was a one in a million ass.

As I stood there, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I've met J.R. a few times mostly at company functions and he seemed like a nice guy. But man, he sounded like a complete insecure douche-bag. She deserved better.

Utilizing my pink powers of persuasion, I supportively held her by the shoulders, looked deeply into her eyes, and said the following, "look April, you deserve better. You are a strong, independent beautiful woman that doesn't have to take shit from anybody. There are guys that can handle a woman with her own opinion. Don't ever apologize for being you."

With my attempt at a Knute Rockne-like speech comlete, I pulled her in for a hug. She gripped me so tightly that I thought her finger nails were going to dig in. After a minute or so embracing each other, we slowly pulled away with our faces merely inches away. She gave me that look, and I wanted to lean in and kiss her, but I didn't. I quickly recovered with a smile and she smiled in return, but it wasn't as radiant as earlier.

"Let's head back Johnny. Thank you for your kind words, you don't know how much I really do appreciate them."

With that, she turned and started to walk briskly back towards work with her thong still sticking out on top of her yoga pants. I followed along chastising myself for not going in for the kiss. It should have been easy especially considering what I got Nicki and Melissa to do. However, I really like April and part of me didn't want her to kiss me under the persuasion of these pink pills. Plus, would that have made me any better than that douche-bag J.R.?!?

As we re-entered our work building through the back entrance, I was still wrestling with these thoughts. Typical for a Friday afternoon, the gym was empty. April turned to me, gave me another big hug, and thanked me again for being supportive of her.

With that she bounced in the way that only she could into the larger of the two bathrooms.

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