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Young wife motivates two student atheletes.

"I expect you to bring my guest something to drink ..." You turn to the girl "Lemonade, babygirl?" You ask her as your hand runs over her back and to her perfect ass.

She nods and wiggles her butt in your hand "Lemonade sounds great, Daddy", she says.

I see you taking her hand and leading her the way to the living room. With a beating heart and filled with jealousy I go to the kitchen to get her the lemonade and something for you, too. Coming back I hold my breath. This girl is sitting on your lap, her body winds under your exploring hands and she whispers something in your ear I can__t understand. But I hear your reply and I feel my cheeks burning up when you say "She is just my personal little whore. Daddy needs somebody to clean the house and suck his cock when you aren't here, angel.

And Daddy wouldn__t like the thought his babygirl has to do the work in the house. So we do need her, right? And you will enjoy her ... service." You fully turn to me now and ask as if I had a choice on my reply: "You will read her wishes from her eyes, isn__t it so, Adriana?" I nod, all in me screams but I hear myself answering "As you desire, Sir. I won__t fail."

I place the drinks on the table and lower my head, standing in front of you, waiting for your command. "Get on your knees, Adriana. And don__t you disturb my beautiful angel and me ..." I hear her giggle as I kneel down, my eyes lowered. "She__s treating you like a king, Daddy..." You laugh and say "I am not just her king, I am her God. And you will be her Goddess. I expect her to listen to your word just as she is supposed to listen to mine. My cheeks burn, I hear your kisses, her little giggles, her breathless "Oh Daddy..." and then I hear your voice. "Come here, slut, help my angel taking my cock now." I can__t believe you ask that from me, but I crawl closer, her legs are spread wide, I can see her beautiful bare slit, it is glistering wet and your cock so hard ... yes, I help ... I would not dare to not listen to your orders, knowing the punishment will be hard... I take your hard cock, and for a moment I think it is even harder than when you fuck me, and place it on her tight entrance. You only need to push to feel her little pussy swallowing your massive cock.

You are horny for her, and she welcomes your cock with a little squishy sound of her wetness, followed by her whispered "Daddy..." You start fucking her, and you make sure she enjoys. While I am the fucktoy for your pleasure, you actually want her to feel wanted, pampered, spoiled. Only a look of your eyes shows me my place and I get to feel her firm breast for the very first time while I go crazy from jealousy...

You change positions, making me lick your balls while you impale her tight young pussy, and you know that I have a close look at it now. You know it drives me crazy to watch your cock stretching this tight hole open. And you know it humiliates me to listen to your soft and gentle words, whispered in her ear loud enough to make me hear it. She moans and winds, begging you for more of your cock - and as my tongue tastes those cum-filled sacks, you promise her to give her all you have ...

I hear your breathless voice, asking me "Isn__t she a beautiful little girl?" I nod and you make me feel your ruling hand, hissing "I want you to answer properly, Adriana!" I bite my tongue, swallow hard and whisper "Yes Sir, she is a beautiful little girl, and you only deserve the best..."

I know you are close now, I can hear it from the way you groan, I can sense it from the way you thrust into her now. I hear her screaming, calling you Daddy and begging you to make her cum. She must be special, asking you to make me cum would get me a hard spanking. I can__t stop myself from touching my tits as I watch you, not asking for permission, just doing it ...

You give me a meaningful look and make me place under her. "Make my babygirl cum hard on my cock", you demand, and I stick out my tongue, tasting this perfect pussy while your cock hammers her ...

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