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John and Robin's first date.

I replaced about a dozen shingles and we ran out pretty quickly.

"We need more shingles," I explained.

We climbed down the ladder and went into the garage.

"I noticed you were checking out my tits. Would you like to get a better look?" Kim asked.

I didn't reply but Kim stood up and pulled her tank top off releasing her perky 34As. I leaned over and gave a nipple a kiss. Then I was all over her tits sucking on her nipples and squeezing and fondling her tits. Kim pulled my head closer to her and I started to pull her shorts off whenever she stopped me.

"No! Not now. It's that time of the month. Don't worry I'll take care of your growing problem."

Kim pulled my sweat pants down and kissed my erect cock through my shorts.

"You can't fuck me but I'll swallow your load," she explained as she pulled my shorts to my ankles.

"Oh yeah!" I cried out. "Suck it babe."

Kim kissed the entire length of my cock then she took me in her mouth and gave me the best blowjob I've ever had. Kim's lips are perfect for giving head and she really was really an expert in the art of giving blowjobs.

"Oh baby! Keep it up. Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!" I screamed as I exploded in her mouth filling her with my warm stick seed.

She continued sucking until my cock started to go limp then she stood up and put her top back on.

"Okay, back to work. The roof isn't gonna fix itself," she explained.

We climbed back up and finished replacing the shingles. Kim made certain that her tits were exposed while we worked.

"Thanks for fixing my roof," she said as I got into my truck.

"No thank you. That was awesome," I replied.

I drove off and couldn't stop thinking about Kim, her tits and her expert tongue and mouth.


A couple of years later Kim was going through a nasty divorce. She had moved away and Sue invited Kim for Christmas so she wouldn't be alone. Kim flew into town and we picked her up at the airport.

"How was your flight?" Sue asked.

"Pretty rough. Lots of turbulence," she replied.

We got back to our place and we had an enjoyable dinner. After dinner we went into the family room to watch a movie. We decided on a comedy and the three of us laughed the entire time. After the movie Kim asked if we wanted to watch another movie.

"If you guys want you can. I'm tired and I'm going to bed," Sue explained.

"I'm up for another movie," I replied. "Pick something out. I need to go pee."

I came back downstairs and Kim had a sheepish grin.

"I think you'll like what I picked," Kim said.

She hit play on the DVD player and right away I realized that she picked out a porno flick from my porno stash.

I was seated on a lounge chair and Kim was on the couch. I looked over at Kim once during the movie and noticed that her nipples were sticking out like fog lights at night.

"Ed my legs hurt. Can you be a dear and give me a massage?"

"Sure," I replied. "Lay on your stomach."

Kim got on her stomach and I got between her legs and started to massage her legs. I was rubbing her legs and slowly made my way up her inner thighs. I could hear her breathing change and I caught a wisp of her musky scent a my hand 'accidentally' rubbed against her crotch.

"I need to pull your sweat pants off. I can't really feel your legs as I massage them," I explained.

I reached up to her waist and grabbed her pants and pulled them down. I quickly realized that I also had her panties in my grasp and decided to go for it. She was either gonna get pissed off or let me see her nice tight ass. I pulled her sweat pants and cotton panties down to her ankles and she didn't object at all. I knew I was getting laid tonight.

I was in awe of her sweet tight ass and I massaged her legs then I spread them apart. I teased her by coming close to her pussy but never quite touching it.

"The front of my legs hurt as well," Kim said as she rolled over and I saw that she was clean shaven.

Her pussy lips were swollen and I could smell her musky scent as I massaged my way from her ankles up to her hips.

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