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Two nerdy college kids experience love for the first time.

then further to my surprise her left hand came round to hold her bum cheeks apart!

"I know you're nervous but you've got to do a proper job, just like you used to when I was tiny."

As I used the fluffy towel on the tender folds between her legs, I tried very hard not to make direct contact with my hands, but I couldn't fail to notice how soft was the skin of her inner thigh against the back of my fingers, her bum was pink and wrinkled, I used to put talcum powder on it a long time ago, now I felt myself filling up with lust as I worked around it.


"Okay father, now for the front please, before you rub my bum away."

I was so fascinated by the firmness of those lovely buttocks and the way they shuddered as she moved, not a blemish in sight, but I needed to get a grip before this got too embarrassing, I swallowed nervously.

"Okay baby, turn around and I'll finish your front."

She turned to face me and I was still crouching, her hairless pussy was right in front of my face as I rubbed her legs with the towel, her pubes were all gone and her cunt was a smooth slit, perfectly symmetrical and very closed in appearance, I looked upwards, past her cute belly button to the undersides of her breasts, from this angle they jutted proudly.

"Are you okay daddy?"

"Err, yes darling, I'm just a little taken aback I suppose?"

"By my figure you mean?"

"Err, yes, I suppose so."

"I am eighteen remember daddy, i've grown up, does my naked body embarrass you these days?"

"Well I err....."

"You brought me up to be comfortable with family nudity, I remember how we all used to go to those special beaches, with uncle Bill and everyone else, it was okay then, so why not now?"


"Yes of course I'm okay about that, but it's been quite a while since I've seen you naked.....and obviously you've matured a lot since then."

"Yes I have, and I'm okay inside my own skin if you must know, but I'm sorry if I've embarrassed you."

As she said this she looked down at me boldly, so young, but very aware of the power a woman's body can have over men.

"You can stand up now and finish my top half, it's okay, I can take it."

I gulped down a nervous breath and slowly stood up in front of my naked daughter and started to pat her lovely young breasts with the towel, her face was flushed but whether it was with embarrassment or excitement I couldn't tell, her nipples had puckered up well and it was impossible not to look at them, I stood close enough for her not to be able to see my erection, keeping the towel between us as a way of hiding it, but I couldn't be sure if I succeeded.

Looking past her shoulder I could see Bill had turned to watch us openly, he had lust in his eyes and one hand held against the front of his shorts, his eyes were locked onto the profile of Cathy's left breast.

"That's nice, I'm feeling a little better, but it still hurts."

Bill caught my look and raised his eyebrows at me, then handed the pain killers to Cathy over her left shoulder, followed by a beaker of water and we both watched as she drank, her every movement was captivating, she handed back the beaker without turning round, seemingly more okay with presenting her naked butt to her uncle than her front.

"Thanks daddy, that was great, I'll try to manage the talc with just my left hand, you two can run along now, before someone has a coronary."

She took the towel from me with a dazzling smile.

"But how will you get dressed?"

"Oh I'll just throw on a nightie, don't worry, you won't have to fumble me into a bra!"

Bill and I looked at each other, both imagining what that would be like!


We moved quickly and nearly collided in our eagerness to reach the door and escape before Cathy saw the evidence of our condition.

"Maybe Julie could come over for the weekend to help me out while my wrist is getting better, I'm not going to be able to use it much for a few days."

"Good idea darling, what about it

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