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He has a sexy lover.

Being all-state quarterback, he had always had girls chasing him. Times had changed. An experienced black man was now his competitor. And Tommy wasn't measuring up. I suddenly saw Tommy as just a boy, confused and inexperienced. Ward was a man: experienced, confident and potent...and black.

My choice wasn't difficult. Tommy had to go.

"Oh, no..." Tommy said, as if something terrible was dawning on him. "No, no...Holy shit! You ain't fuckin' that old nigger are you!" he blurted out. "Tell me you ain't doin' that slimy, old, black bastard!"

I looked up at him shaking with rage:

"If you ever call him that again..." I couldn't finish the sentence. I was afraid of what I'd say.

"Goddamn!!! You are fuckin' that old, fuckin' son-of-a-bitch!!!" Tommy was in a rage now.

"Tommy I think you should go sit down, have a beer and cool off. I'm not going to discuss it this way!"

Tommy punched the wall and stormed out of the bedroom. I heard him open a can of beer and plop himself on the couch, his second home.

I continued combing my hair, but I was shaking. Tommy was angry-jealous angry-almost out of control. He had never experienced a man getting his girl friend to cheat on him before. He had done it to others, as if it were his right as a football star. But he had never experienced being victimized before. And now it was by a squat, middle-aged black man, at that.
Suddenly the doorbell rang.

I had on just a light, unbuttoned blouse, over my bra and panties. I still had my heels on. I heard Tommy open the door and exclaim:

"What the fuck are you doin' here?"

I ran out to the living room, half naked as I was.

There in the doorway stood Ward Joseph. He was immaculately dressed in suit and tie. He must have come directly from work. I couldn't believe he did this knowing I lived with Tommy, nearly my fianc__.

At 6'3", Tommy towered over Ward.

"Look asshole. You came at the wrong time! I know you been screwin' Heidi, ok! Now you're about to get your ass kicked."

"I don't think so, boy," Ward answered quietly, confidently. "In the Marines, I was a Master Karate trainer for ten years. Now, if you'd like to see if I still have what it takes...and maybe want to take the whupping of your life...at the hands of an old man, half your size...and in front of Heidi, here...well, go on, take your best shot. I'm not going anywhere."

Ward stood there just a few feet from Tommy, staring him down. Tommy stood frozen. I could see red rising from his neck to his face. As the long moments passed, he seemed to be losing his nerve before this arrogant, assertive, little black man.

Finally, Tommy broke eye contact.

"Hey, if she wants you...that's her decision," Tommy's voice quaked nervously.

"Exactly," Ward confirmed. "I'm glad you've come to see the light, boy. Now why don't you go for a little walk while I have a visit with Heidi?"

I couldn't believe that this wouldn't rile Tommy back into a fighting heat. But he just stood there, again, for along few moments. Then he abruptly grabbed his jacket and walked out the door, red-faced.

Ward casually slammed the door behind him.

"You've got to send him packing, tonight. You deserve much better...much better, and much blacker," he said, arms spread with a wide grin.

Ward Joseph then took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

When we got to the bedroom, we both began undressing as though we were a married couple who had been together for years.

After getting completely naked, I took Ward's clothing and put it on a hanger. I noticed there was no room in the closet, so I took some of Tommy's clothes and through them on the floor. I pictured the closet sans Tommy's wardrobe and realized there would now be enough room for Ward to leave some of his clothes here. It would make it easier for him to stay overnight.

We climbed into bed and kissed deeply.

"What made you come over tonight?" I asked.

"Needed some of this..." he answered nonchalantly.

"Weren't you concerned about Tommy?"

"You kidding? He's a boy.

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