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Naoko's husband gets more than he bargained for.

We can't do this, this is incest."

As she was saying all this, all I could think of was "God, I'm actually in my grandmother."

I never got along well with my father who was an arrogant prick and to have his mother on the end of my cock was the most satisfying feeling I ever had in my life. She was so small down there I couldn't get all the way in as I was pounding against her cervix. She had one orgasm after another and would seem to pass out for a couple of minutes each time she came.

Finally she said "Jim, I can't take it any more. You're killing me."

I was afraid she might actually have a heart attack so I shot my load in her which caused her to have one last orgasm. I fell asleep and the next morning I saw she had gone back to her room. I got up and got ready to leave and went in her room.

I said "Well, I see your survived."

She said "No thanks to you. I'm too sore to move and I'm so swollen I had to put an ice bag between my legs. I though you were literally going to rape me to death. What would your father think if he knew what you did to me last night?"

I said "What would he think if he knew of all the times I played with you 'till you had an orgasm while he was asleep right above us?"

Nannie said "Just because I let you play with me once in a while doesn't mean its all right to stick that big thing in me and rape me most of the night. Didn't I tell you to stop? Don't you know what STOP means? You are a nasty boy to do such a thing to your grandmother."

I realized that in her own mind she really did think she was raped. She just could not accept the fact that she was a more than a willing participent in a night of incest with her grandson. As long as she could convence herself she was raped then I guess she thought she really didn't commit incest with her grandson.

When I left, I said "I'll see you in a week."

She didn't say anything, just kind of glared at me. On the drive home, I started to worry. "What if she really calls my father and tells him I raped her?"

What if she calls and says "Jim doesn't have to drive me back, I'll just take the train?"

I was apprehensive all week, waiting for the other shoe to drop thinking this will be the end of my life even before it starts. It seemed to take forever, but finally the week ended with no calls and I realized that what ever I did to her would stay just between the two of us and she couldn't be too upset because she knows to expect more of the same when I see her again.

When I got to the hotel I checked into my room and then knocked on the door to my grandmother's room. She came to the door and let me in and asked me how my drive was and I told her no problems. I asked her how her week went.

She glared at me again and said "It took most of the week to recover from what you did to me. It took me several days before I could even sit comfortably."

I changed the subject and said that it was late and I was hungry and suggested we order dinner through room service.

I said "Lets get a bottle of wine."

My grandmother said that "I wasn't old enough to drink."

I said "I had wine before and why not celebrate your last day here."

She finally agreed and order dinner for us and a bottle of wine. We drank about half the wine with dinner and I suggested we get ready for bed and then finish the wine. She went in the bathroom to take a shower and came out in her nightgown. I poured her another glass of wine before I took a shower. When I came out of the shower wearing my underpants on and a shirt, I saw that she had finished her glass of wine and was feeling the effects of it.

I poured her another glass and when I did, she said "Are you trying to get me drunk?"

I said "Why would I do that."

"So you could take advantage of me."

I smiled and said "Do you really think I need to get you drunk to take advantage of you."

She said "Oh, do you think you can just stick that big hard teenage thing of yours in me anytime you want?"

"Do you mean this thing" I said as I pulled my underpants off and showed

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