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Continuing story of Alice and Amy.

I don't know how long you keep me waiting, but I feel my juices begin to run down my leg. Embarrassed, I wonder how I'll hide them from you. For a moment I consider quickly reaching back to wipe myself, but I decide not to: the punishment for moving will be far worse than my embarrassment at having you see me in this aroused state.

You return. Has it been minutes or hours? I'm panting and needy and I no longer care about the wetness between my thighs. You seem pleased that I've kept my posture and you stroke your hands up the inside of my thighs. You chuckle when your hands discover my wetness and my cheeks flame as you come round to stand in front of me.

You place a finger under my chin and gently raise my head up so I can stare at you. "Good girl," you mumble "You get a treat for doing so well." I notice that you're naked and slowly pumping your huge, hard cock with one hand. "If you had displeased me, you would have had to do this without any aid, but as you've been so good I'll help you out." your free hand reaches over and grabs a white tube. I know what this is and I lick my lips in eager anticipation, watching as you coat your long member with the sticky minty gel.

"Open wide!" you say but I'm one step ahead of you and eagerly awaiting this prize. "Nice and slow." I frown at that, wanting nothing more than to swallow you whole. I force myself to take it slow, not wanting to lose this special treat, but you're not satisfied. "Slower!" you bark, pulling back on my hair. So I'm forced to take it painstakingly slow. This 'prize' for being so good is fast turning into a torturous punishment! I swirl my tongue around your thick shaft, loving the tingly taste of the minty gel that's going to allow me to take your face fucking.

When your cock is coated with my saliva and my throat is coated with the gel, you pull out and I almost whimper in protest. A cold furious glance from you causes my protests to die in my throat.

"I think you need a reminder of the rules Fuck Doll!"

You take the beautiful, exquisite, rose gold nipple clamps from the side and attach them torturously slowly to my erect nipples, giving the clasps an extra hard squeeze as they snap shut. Satisfied, you give the golden chain a sharp tug and head round to my ass.

Your finger slowly traces the words and you stroke and knead my flesh, causing it to warm and tingle deliciously. Suddenly you spank my ass, hard, with three quick slaps before settling into a steady rhythm. You gently tilt my hips forward so that you can spank my pussy on the down stroke. My pussy gushes with wetness and you slide two fingers in with ease. I don't react, but I so want to. I want you to know how good it feels, how turned on you're making me, but this isn't about me.

You withdraw and come back to face me. "Open wide!" you command and before I can take a breath, you bury your cock in my mouth. You slowly drag yourself in and out a few times and then you clamp your hands behind my head "hold still". My eyes are wide, my heart is beating hard and I'm more than a little afraid.

The face fucking is relentless. You pound my throat hard and deep. It's not pretty or elegant; my eyes are streaming and my makeup is running down my face. At one point you reach down for the chain swinging between my breasts and you tug on it, hard, in time with your pounding. I'm struggling to breathe and there's rising panic travelling up my spine. You ignore my wide eyed pleadings for mercy and continue to pump away. If anything, you pound me harder and I swear I see you smile mercilessly.

Just as I think I'm going to infuriate you by pulling away, you pull out. To my absolute delight you spray your hot sticky load all over my face and breasts. When you're spent, you ram your semi-soft cock back in my mouth and demand that I suck you clean.

When I've finished, you pull away and spank me hard; in the vigorous face fucking I must have moved out of the position you p

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