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A young nurse meets her new patient.

"Nothing hurts now," Felicia replied, utterly fascinated by the fingers working so softly on her nipple. "C'mon, baby, now everything's ready for you. You gonna come out yet?"

"Patience," Jessica said, and she was compelled to touch both of the full, heavy breasts before her, feeling their smooth ripeness, the tautness of their tips, the satisfying slowness of coaxing out Felicia's milk.

Felicia watched her hands, the way they squeezed her nipples, the way her fingers slid a little in their deft manipulations. And then the rhythmic spurt of milk puddling down upon her belly.

"You wanna try?" Jessica asked her.

Biting her lip, Felicia groped her own breast.

"Pull while you're squeezing," Jessica told her. "Be just a little rough, not a lot."

"Just like playing with someone's prick, huh?"

Jessica blushed a little. She touched Felicia's hand where it cuddled her teat, fingers fitting over Felicia's, and she began to guide the other woman. Her hand was warm. Together they made the teat give up its milk.

Her lips felt dry. Her throat felt as parched as the ground of a desert. The milk was silky smooth as she wiped it off those pink nipples with her fingers. Then she couldn't help herself. The thought of licking the milk away-tasting those heaving breasts at the same time as their milk, their heat underlying the milk's sweetness-it'd been nearly irresistible. Having that same milk dripping from her hands was impossible. Before anymore fell to the floor, she raised her hands to her face and licked her fingers clean of the mother's milk.

Her stomach fluttered. She could taste the milk's warmth and sweetness all the way down. Now she wanted more.

"You can have more," Felicia said. "All you want..."

"I can't," Jessica said gently. "I... you have no idea the fucked-upedness you would be inviting into your life..."

"My boyfriend knocked me up and got sucked into another dimension. I'm living with his girlfriend. I have a homefield advantage in fucked-up." Felicia reached out to run her hand through Jessica's hair. "This is just sex. For whatever reason, you can't quite get that from Carol, with Carol. So have it with me. Whatever more there is, we'll see. But for now..." She turned Jessica's face up to hers. "Goddamn, Spider-Woman, kiss me!"

Jessica kissed her long and hard and expertly. She wasn't Felicia's Spider, but she'd do in a pinch. And while her tongue worked inside Felicia's mouth, she undid the buttons on her blouse. When they broke the kiss, she had it all the way open.

Felicia looked down, pleased by the heavy breasts Jessica retained in motherhood-huge, round, and swollen with milk themselves. "We match," she said, eyebrows raised. Her hands went behind Jessica's head. "Suck me."

Jessica resisted for the barest moment. "Just so you know, I have spider-pheromones that could be making you slutty."

"Oh, like I need an excuse." Felicia redoubled her pulling.

Jessica leaned into her tit, quickly taking a nipple into her mouth. Felicia sighed as the suction began, the heat, the spike of tension, then-glorious flowing, release, the glowing sensation of her nipples finally fulfilling their purpose. Jessica was the perfect completion of the equation, sucking and swallowing in equal measure, showing a lustful hunger that quickly raised a counterpoint in Felicia. This wasn't about tension relief anymore. This was about being sexy, feeling sexy. It was about being fucked after months of making love.

And Felicia loved Mary Jane, really, she did, but she loved being fucked too. She loved it so much.

Jessica's hands cupped her tits, while her mouth caressed her nipples. The milk flowed from the hardened knot Jessica had made of Felicia's other nipple, spilling down the underside of her breast and over her belly, a liquid satin caress, so warm it needled into her skin, massaged her flesh, God, she wanted to bathe in the stuff. She closed her eyes and let her head hang back, her breath coming in short gasps. Carol was a goddamn idiot if she wasn't enjoying this.

Jessica seemed to sense the

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