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My true accounting of how I became a pirate.


I leaned back against Mike and hid my face in his shoulder, "Yes, I do."

Mike squeezed me tight. "I love you Diane. I'll do whatever you need me to do."

"Make love to me Mike."

He lifted me in his arms and carried me upstairs to our room. He laid me on our king-size bed. I watch him as he stripped. He threw his discarded clothes onto the floor. He stood naked before me. His dick erect with anticipation.

I sat up so Mike could pull my black-check housedress off of me. I unhooked my bra and threw it on the pile of clothes in the floor. I lay back down and raised my hips. Mike ripped my panties down and tossed them with the other clothes.

The bed squeaked as Mike crawled on to it. I spread my legs invitingly. Mike ran his tongue up my inner thigh from knee to my vulva. It was wet with desire. He looked at it and smiled. "You have beautiful pussy, Diane. I love you."

He split my slit with his tongue while squeezing a breast with his hand. I pulled the nipple of my other tit. My wetness flowed from of my pussy and around my butthole. Mike began working two fingers in and out of my box while tantalizing my bud with his tongue. I was screeching like a cat.

Suddenly Mike stabbed his soaking wet fingers up my puckered butt and lifted me off the bed and towards his mouth. I screamed and ripped at the bedspread with my hands. Orgasmic shock waves pulsed thru my body as reds, whites and yellows ricocheted thru my brain. Mike tore his fingers out of my ass and I fell back on the bed gasping for air.

Mike entered me driving his dick deep into me with a single thrust. He paused as I adjusted to the sudden invasion. He kissed me. I tasted my nectar on his lips and tongue. His tongue wrestled with mine. I was panting like a dog, "Fuck me, Mike, fuck me."

He rose up on his arms and plunged into me. He began to pound my pussy as if he were trying to nail my ass to the mattress. I could feel his balls as they smacked against my butthole again and again. He was angling so his pubic bone grated against my clit. It was an electrical contact and I felt another orgasm building. Mike pushed his head down and took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it hard and gently bit it. Another orgasm tore thru my body and once again I was screaming and raking Mike's back with my fingernails.

I grabbed Mike's ass and pulled more of him into me. My pussy clutched his cock as it contracted in orgasmic delight. It was more than Mike could stand and he plunged into me as far as he could and began to cum. I could feel the powerful jets of jizz as they hit the silky walls of my cunt.

He softened and pulled out of me by rolling over on his back. I snuggled up to him and said, "I love you."

He hugged me closer and said, "I love you too, Diane."

We cuddled and caressed each other in post-colitis bliss. Mike broke the silence, "So sex with Eric has made you more libidinous?"

"I guess. I feel aroused most of the time. I'm sorry I let our sex life dwindle down to just a couple of times of month." I said running my fingers thru his chest hair.

"It's not just the frequency but the kinkiness too. I'm not complaining, I'm just curious, do you do kinky things with Eric?"

"Don't you think having sex with your son is more scandalous than salacious? I would say that maybe I've become more imaginative." I replied.

We kissed and basked in the warmth of the moment. I walked my fingers down Mike's torso and began stroking his still wet dick. He began to stiffen. "I only give my ass to you."


"Eric doesn't get my butt that's yours and only yours."

I felt Mike's cock jump to attention. I rolled over onto my knees and seized the headboard of the bed. "Fuck my ass, Mike. Fuck my ass until I cum."

Mike rolled over onto his knees and lovingly kissed each cheek of my butt. He mounted me from behind driving his dick into my sopping snatch. He slid his length out until just the head was barely in the entrance before he slowly slipped it back into me up to his balls. His pubic hair tickled my butt.

His tantalizing tempo was gratifying torture.

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