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Heather blurs the line between her sons fantasy and reality.

The narrow plastic binding her wrists behind her was snipped away and immediately replaced by leather straps which were buckled painfully tight in front of her and then linked to an overhead chain before she felt her arms being winched high above her head. At first Julie's feet lost contact with the floor and she wailed as her weight was all borne by her slim arms but then she was lowered so that she could just balance on tiptoe on the floor.

Unsympathetic hands yanked her legs wide apart and chained her ankles to rings set in the floor so that she was standing with her legs wide apart and her arms stretched upwards feeling very exposed and vulnerable. Fran pulled a wide leather collar around Julie's neck and yanked on the strap so that her eyes began to bulge and she gasped for air. Julie stared mutely at Fran's face in front of her own as vital oxygen was denied her by the collar. She struggled against her bindings but that only used up the oxygen in her body and the panic rose as she felt life slipping away. At what seemed the last possible minute Fran eased off on the strap and buckled it tightly but just loose enough to allow Julie to suck in lovely life-giving air.

The three of them stood around their victim as Fran stood facing her.

"You are a lucky girl Julie. You are going to get your wish. You wanted pain and that is just what you are going to get. But remember you are ours. You breathe, drink, pee and cum if and when we say. IS THAT CLEAR?"

Julie's mouth was dry and her throat still hurt. Tears were running down her cheeks and a viscous string of snot tickled her lips and chin as it hung from her nose. She nodded weakly feeling the collar bite into her neck. Every muscle and nerve in her body was as taut as it could be so that she felt as if she were about to explode.

Master came from behind Julie carrying a mass of black leather straps and a large red ball.

"You won't be complaining when we hurt you too much. We are going to raise your limits and you are just going to take it Little Miss."

He was anything but gentle as he forced the hard rubber ball into her mouth and buckled the harness under her chin, over the top of her head and behind her neck so that she felt like a harnessed pony. The ball felt huge and her mouth was forced painfully wide so that she could not remain silent but her complaints came out as incoherent grunts.

Suddenly a stinging slap landed across her left buttock presumably from Jones. Julie bucked against her restraints causing her muscles to hurt and she shouted as loudly as she could into her gag. Fran gave a silvery little laugh.

"We haven't begun yet."

Master was now standing in front of Julie with his hand open displaying two little silver clips with tiny cruel teeth. His other hand went between her legs teasing out her delicate little petals of flesh. His intention was obvious and Julie's eyes were wide in a silent appeal not to clip her flesh. She knew she would not be able to bear any torture of her most intimate and sensitive parts but he gave her no choice.

She felt the intrusive, lewd warmth of his fingers and then the sharp pain as one of the clips was applied. Julie again screamed into her gag and tried to lift one foot off the floor to absorb the agony but the chain was too short to allow any real movement. Fran was close beside her.

"Breathe into the pain, just absorb it."

Julie sucked in hard through her nose causing her snot to make a gurgling noise and as she did so she felt a hand pulling on the other side of her labia.

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