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Young father dates a neighbor.

I allowed a bit of bare-back before they got hot but if they wanted to cum in my cunt I insisted that they put on a condom first. I gave more head and a lot opted to fuck my bum rather than use a rubber. Black men rather like pulling out anyway and squirting the spunk over my tits or face, (Carla says they especially like doing that with white women). When I'm sucking I think it's a waste because I would far rather have the lovely stuff in my mouth but I know that it has made the skin on my breasts a lot smoother and I think my complexion has improved as well.

Just over a month ago, when I arrived Carla told me that we were not going to the club. 'It's a special night,' she said. "Dexter is coming round."

'For me?'

My friend shook her head. 'Dexter is hard to get and I don't share him with anybody. Don't worry - he is bringing someone for you and I rather think that you are going to like him.'

'Tell me more,' I urged eagerly.

'Well he doesn't spend much time in this country. He is based in Jamaica and makes his money on the fringes of the yardie gangs.'

'A yardie? If he is some kind of hoodlum, I'm not sure that I want to know,' I said feeling rather dismayed.

'Hoodlums have cocks too,' she said with a grin. 'Don't jump to conclusions - I said he is on the fringes. He is a really nice guy and I'm sure that you are going to be crazy for him. Just wait until you meet him.'

When the two men arrived, first impressions justified my fears. He was very tall with very black hard looking face and lots of hair done in full Rastafarian braids. However, when he smiled his face lit up and his eyes looked warm. Then when he said, 'I've heard a lot about you. By all accounts you are quite a lady,' I just melted.

It was obvious that Carla knew him fairly well and there developed a three way conversation to which I just listened, content to drink him in with my eyes. He was talking about Jamaica and he seemed to have made a load of money but exactly how I could not quite grasp. In the bedroom I hesitated, unsure whether he would want to undress me but he started removing his own clothes instead. I was bent over having just pulled my knickers down to my knees when I glanced up and froze. Just in front of my eyes a long column of flesh hung down between his legs - it was by far the biggest penis that I had ever seen and it wasn't even stiff. In addition, his balls looked as if they belonged on a bull.

His cock soon became stiff when we started touching and kissing. It was magnificent - just looking at it seemed to take my breath away. The size of this proud prick did pose a problem and that was one of contraception because this was my fertile time. It would be sacrilege to stretch rubber over such perfection even if one was manufactured to enclose such bulk. I did not think that Errol would be willing to pull out at the critical moment and I doubted it a penis that size could be pulled out quickly enough anyway. Most of important of all was my wish to have skin to skin and finish up with his cum inside me. An insidious argument crept into my mind. Exactly a month before, a condom had burst early on and, on the 'shutting the stable door' principal, I had allowed open season after that. The penalty had been a worrying wait fixated by my menstrual calendar. I had got away with it then so why not again? I wanted it so badly.

Beyond myself I dropped to my knees and started smothering that beautiful cock with kisses of sheer adoration. Calming down I licked up to the top and tried to put it in my mouth but only the front part of the helmet could go inside without coming into contact with my teeth. In frustration I wriggled the end of my tongue into his slit and it went in quite a long way. I could tell he liked this because his penis swelled to full grandeur. That was enough for me. I threw myself backwards on the bed and lay with my legs spread as far apart as they would go. "Put it in me please," I begged.

He shook his head and said, 'It's too soon yet chicken.'

'I need it now,' I insisted.

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