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The next morning.

Tina sat still at first then started to kiss Pat back. Pat's hand caressed Tina's leg and then she slowly brought her hand up and ran her fingers through Tina's hair. The kisses that were being shared became hotter, and the girls were now Frenching each other. Pat was pulling at the buttons on Tina's blouse and soon had them all unbuttoned exposing her black lace bra. I sat and watched them. My cock was growing and getting hard as steel. The girls stopped their kissing and Pat asked Tina if it was ok if I joined them. Tina looked at me and smiled. I took that to mean all was fine and I suggested we go to the bedroom to continue.

Pat took Tina by the hand and lead her down the hall to our large bedroom. Pat sat Tina down on the edge of the bed and then came over to me and we began kissing. Pat's hand made it's way down to my cock and she was squeezing it through my slacks. Pat turned to Tina and said, " Joe is really hard. Help me undress him." Tina tossed her open shirt onto the floor and both women began to undress me. I kicked off my shoes and Pat pulled off my shirt. While Tina fumbled to undo my belt, Pat was kissing me. Tina finally undid my belt and she quickly tugged on both my jeans and underwear, pulling them down at the same time and freeing my stiff cock. As I stepped out of my clothes, I looked down and Tina's eyes were fixated on my manhood. I am 8 inches when fully erect, and when Tina's cool hand wrapped around my shaft she commented, "Mmmm, you are bigger than Mark."

Pat looked down at Tina and they each smiled at one another. Tina slid her hand up and down my shaft a few times and then she parted her lips and took the head of my cock into her warm mouth. While Tina slowly licked and sucked on me, Pat removed her clothes and then took Tina's place blowing me. Tina stepped up and we began kissing. I undid her bra freeing her breasts and she took off her jeans and thong. "Get on the bed." Pat commanded, and I complied. I laid down and both Tina and Pat went to work on my cock. After a few minutes of each woman sucking on me, Pat squeezed the shaft and some precum ooxed from the purple head. "Taste him." Pat said, and Tina's tongue licked the droplets away.

"He's sweet." Tina replied, and both women kissed each other.

"Let me taste you now." I said to Tina.

"Go ahead." Pat said to her. "He's really good at oral."

Tina made her way up to my face and kissed me softly. She then swung her leg over and climbed onto my face. She smelled so clean and fresh, and lowered herself onto my lips. She moaned in her throat when my tongue slid between her pussy lips and pushed into her. Tina was very sweet and I eagerly lapped at her opening. While I feasted on Tina's pussy, Pat climbed onto my cock and slid down, fully burying me inside her hot pussy. I looked up to see both of Pat's hands squeezing Tina's tits, and both women were kissing each other deeply. My tongue made it's way to Tina's clit and I licked and sucked on the hard little nub. Tina squealed into Pat's mouth, and one of Pat's hands came down and her long fingers spread Tina's pussy lips. I now had easy access to Tina's clit and I sucked on her hard. Seconds later, Tina had her orgasm and filled my mouth with her delicious juices.

After I licked Tina's pussy clean, she collapsed onto the bed next to me, her breathing still heavy. Pat's pussy was still enveloping my hard cock and she lowered her lips to mine and kissed me. She tasted Tina's juices on my lips and tongue, and licked up what juices covered my chin. "Mmmm, she is sweet." Pat commented. Pat must have known I was close to coming and climbed off my dick. She got between Tina's open legs and started to eat Tina's pussy. Tina's eyes were closed tightly and her hands were tangled in Pat's long black hair. I watched my wife lick and suck on her friend's pussy for several minutes before Pat stopped and commanded Tina to eat her.

Now it was Pat on her back, and Tina made her way to Pat's puffy shaven pussy.

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