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Cassie makes new friends.

As Jackie's orgasm was dying down Laurie screamed and came herself, Donna's fingers working overtime inside her to get her off. Once Jackie had began cumming Donna had slid another couple of fingers into Laurie's cunt and began to increase the pace, until she was slam fucking the blonde's pretty pussy with her fingers as she expertly worked her clit with her thumb. If anything it surprised the redhead that it took Laurie that long to cum.

When it was finally over Donna removed her fingers from Laurie's pussy, stood up and walked towards where Jackie was sitting, stripping herself of her clothes as she went. Without needing to be told the submissive brunette got up and allowed her mistress to sit in her place. Before Donna could even open her mouth to order Laurie to eat her the blonde dived face first into her pussy and started eating her as if she had been starving for pussy her whole life. Then again perhaps that was the case and all of Laurie's homophobic feelings were masking some inner desire. Not that Donna really cared. She just liked the feeling of a girls mouth on her pussy.

Looking over at Jackie the redhead's heart swelled as she saw her bitch kneeling on the ground before her with her head bowed waiting for her next instruction, just like she had taught her. It had been so much fun training Jackie and now it was time to give her obedient little pussy loving slave a little treat.

"Come here Jackie," Donna ordered her faithful pet who of course obeyed her without question.

Once Jackie was at her side, where she belonged, Donna pressed her fingers which had been inside Laurie's cunt to her girl's lips, allowing the brunette to take them into her mouth and suck them clean of girl juice.

"Does she taste good my little slut?" Donna asked as she pulled her fingers out of Jackie's mouth.

"Not as good as you mistress." Jackie replied, "But good."

"Would you like some more of her?" Donna said.

"Only if it would please you mistress."

"Good girl," Donna said, ruffling her bitch's hair affectionately, "Yes, it would please me. And you would do anything to please me wouldn't you Jackie?"

"Yes mistress," Jackie said, positioning herself behind Laurie and lowering her mouth to her cunt, "Your little slut would do anything to please you."

Donna and Jackie had actually rehearsed this so that Laurie could see how she should behave around a more dominant woman like Donna. Well, more accurately it was so Laurie could hear how she should behave around a more dominant woman like Donna, because she wasn't in the greatest position to watch them right now.

The girls act was lost on Laurie anyway. She was far too busy eating Donna's pussy to notice anything else around her. Because of this Jackie's tongue came as a complete surprise to her. A good surprise, but a surprise never the less.

Right before her surprise Laurie had been thinking what a fool she had been for ridiculing a girl just because she liked to eat pussy. There was nothing wrong with pussy eating, in fact now Laurie thought it was fantastic, and if anything she should be only ridiculing the girls who made the choice between pussy and cock. In the past she had made that mistake but those days were definitely over. The bitchy blonde was never really the most understanding person anyway but at that moment as she revelled in a new side of herself that she was unaware of before Laurie couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't want to be bisexual.

As if to emphasise her point Jackie's tongue chose this moment to introduce itself to the blonde's pussy, licking her from the top to the bottom and back again in a long sweep.

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