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Tom and the girls visit a toy store.

She moved that fake cock in and out her with abandon, and I found myself stroking my cock again, without even realizing I was doing it. I could see her tempo increasing, almost in time with my own, and I quickly realized I would not be able to hold back again. I jerked my cock hard and fast, wanting to come to this incredible sight, and as Melody cried out softly with her own pleasure, I grunted heavily, and shot my load. It had been so long since my last release that my seed shot out with such force that it hit my chin as I hunched over, pounding my cock. I milked my cock dry, panting heavily with the pleasure that was running through me.

I finally managed enough self control to look out the window again, and saw that Melody was out of the spa, and had shut it off. She had gathered up her things, and was heading for the door. As she opened her back door, she turned and looked towards my window. To my amazement, she blew a kiss my way, and disappeared inside. I sat back on the bed, shocked. Somehow, she must have guessed I was there, and put on the show just for me. I cleaned myself up, laughing at the sight of my semen dripping off my chin. I crawled into bed, still smiling. As I fell asleep, I found myself wishing that my divorce were over already, so I could go next door, and sample what Melody had to offer for real...

Melody repeated her show a couple of times over the next few weeks, and each time, turned and blew a soft kiss at the window. I ran into her once or twice on the street, and to her credit, she never even blinked twice at seeing me. I just smiled and nodded my head, as if simply acknowledging a neighbor. I couldn't wait for my day in court to finally come.

After three separate delays, all brought about by Andi and her attorney, the day finally came to go to court. My lawyer had warned me to keep my mouth shut, no matter what, and to let them dig a gigantic hole for themselves. I knew he knew what he talking about, especially with the ammunition we had on her. We walked into the judge's chambers, and the pure venomous hate radiating from the woman I had married surprised me. I don't know how I managed to alienate her so completely, but for whatever reason, the Andi I married had disappeared completely, to be replaced by this hateful replica. Her attorney wasn't much better, using every polite name he could think of to call me a cheating piece of shit, not deserving of anything we had acquired together, and directly responsible for so much mental distress, that I would have to spend the rest of my life taking financial care of her to even begin to compensate.

I simply sat there, not saying a word, until they finished with their character assassination. When my lawyer looked at me, I nodded, and spoke for the first time.

"Your honor, if I might say a few words in my own defense? The supposed internet obsession with pornography my wife is speaking of is simply the unfortunate by-product of having an active email account. They were nothing more than spam emails, and nothing I had ever solicited. I know that there have never been any charges of any kind to credit cards to finance such an extensive collection that my wife claims I have, and I submit all of my credit card records for the last five years as proof."

I nodded again to my attorney, and he reached into his briefcase and pulled out the portable DVD player containing the videos I had acquired from the house of Andi and her lover, as well as the phone records documenting long conversations to the same man.

"My attorney is about to show you a very graphic video, your Honor. I myself had suspicions regarding the fidelity of my spouse. Unlike Andi, however, I made sure I had incontrovertible proof of my suspicions."

My attorney pressed play, and the next few minutes were spent watching my wife and her lover in our bed, doing things that she and her attorney had just claimed were 'morally and personally repugnant to her'.

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