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Meeting the girls - intimately.

My pussy gets wet as I think of Brian's hardon. It felt so big. If only our clothes were not between us. Every so often Brian comes over to me. He'll grab my ass or slip his hand under my skirt. I am so excited I bet my nipples are sticking straight out. I'm so hot for him.

One of his friends shows up and he has to leave me. As he talks to him, he looks over to me. I lick my lips seductively, brush my hand against my breasts, or touch my pussy. I giggle as I see his boner grow and him try to conceal it. He walks away and I lose sight of him.

I sit there drinking more champagne when I feel someone behind me. Before I can turn to look there is a hand over my eyes, a hand down my shirt and a steel cock touching my back. I moan softly as he tells me to walk with him.

I am led into a closet. No words are said, we just start making out. I unbutton his pants and take out his cock. He moans into my mouth. I slide my hand around it a few times, then I grab his balls. He moans again, then takes his lips from mine. He takes off my panties and smells them. I then feel his hand back on my breast and in the dark I again find his lips.

His hands are on my hips as he takes one of my legs and lifts it. There is a shelf where he places my foot. Now my pussy is wide open and dripping wet. He teases me and runs his finger along my slit a few times, touching my clit once and then dipping them inside. I moan and lean against him, my legs going weak. He removes his hand and I feel his cock at my entry way.

"Oh baby, give it to me!" I moan.

He slowly guides his cock into my pussy with his hand. Once it is all the way in he stops. In an altered voice I hear him say "cum with me"

He starts thrusting into me. Slowly at first, until I want more and I thrust back. We start moving against each other to make the impact deeper and harder. I lean back and moan softly. It is then silent except for the squishing noises of his dick and my sopping wet pussy.

I feel his lips on mine. We kiss as we start humping harder and harder. He whispers "Im going to cum" and reaches down and touches my clit.

Our bodies quiver as I feel his hot lava enter me. I collapse against him.

In a few minutes he starts moving and says "wait in here five minutes" He then shoves his cock back into his pants and leaves.

I put my panties on, pull my skirt down and fix my appearance. I then leave the closet.

Moments later Brian comes up to me.

"Hey, there you are, I've been looking all over for you!"

I am puzzled. I thought it was him in the closet. He pulls me close and kisses me. When I feel his dick against me I KNOW it could not have been him. I look around. My incredibly hot friend Kyle, who I always joke with about wanting to fuck, catches my eye and winks. That sly son of a bitch. What the hell, he was a good fuck.

I sit on Brian's lap as we talk to the others on the couches. I try not to squirm because I know with every movement his cock gets harder and harder.

"It is almost midnight, let's turn the t.v. on!" someone yells.

We all stand up in front of the tv. I lean against Brian, my ass digging into the rock between his legs, concealing it from everyone and making me very, very wet.

"There goes the ball!" 10! 9! I turn around and face him 8! 7! "Im glad to be here with you" he says. 6! 5! "Me too" I reply 4! 3! "Once I get all of these people out of my house, I can't wait to fuck you" 2! 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

I kiss him hard. We all yell and celebrate. After it is all over, people start leaving. Now I am attached to Brian's hip... waiting to do him.

Finally at 2:15 the last couple leaves. Brian turns to me and says "Oh my goddess, you look so amazing in that outfit tonight"

We kiss hard. I lead him over the a chair. I break the kiss only to take his shirt off. I then unbutton his pants and push them down to his ankles. In front of me is his beautiful dick, only covered my his boxers. I suck on part of it, his boxers still between my tongue and his dick. I hear moans. I knew he'd like that.

I take off the boxers and

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