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Gay encounters.

"Ron baby, I seem to have a bad itch. Could you maybe do something about it?" Carol asked demurely.

I swam between Carol's open legs. I put my hands under her bursting butt and raised her midsection out of the water. Linda held Carol's shoulders and head out of the water, cushioned on her own bubbly boobs. I put Carol's legs on my shoulders and licked her inner thighs.

"Oh yeah, that's close."

I kept one hand below Carol's butt and put the other on her bristly black bush, circling her vulva with my fingertips, and continued kissing her thighs. I dragged my fingers along each side of her river-wet slit.

"Oooh, even better, yeah."

I gently spread Carol's labia with my fingers. I peered into her inner beauty. I brought my face directly into her delta and licked the length of her slit, from taint to clit. She twitched and moaned.

"Oh fuck yeah, Ron, right there."

I wrote prescriptions on Carol's pussy with my tongue, punctuated with thrusts into her depths. I looked up to see Linda's pale hands holding Carol's dark breasts, fingers rolling and pinching her ruby nipples.

"Jesus, guys, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh oh..."

I focused my attention and efforts on Carol's clitoris. She writhed in the water. Both my hands grabbed and raised her butt and pulled her vulva into my mouth. I suckled her clit, tongue-lashed her, bit softly.

"Oh, oh, oh fuck, oh Ron, oh Ron, oh, ohhh..."

I sucked harder. Carol thrashed; her body shifted. I looked up and saw that Linda had turned Carol's face into hers and they were kissing deeply, Linda's mouth a seal over Carol's, swallowing Carol's screams.

Carol's body twitched for over a minute, then stilled. I swam out from under her strong thighs, up to Linda. We all embraced. I kissed Linda's face, then Carol's, sharing Carol's juices from my face with them. I frenched Linda again. Carol kissed and smoothed our faces around our lip-lock.

"I think we have our own itches now, Linda," I murmured, standing chest-high in the river pool.

"Fuck yeah!" Linda responded. She wrapped herself around me and slowly moved up and down my torso. Carol reached down to my cock and guided my perpendicular prick into Linda's toasty tunnel. Linda engulfed me, filling her depths with my presence. She slid her clit against my pubic bone and came quietly, softly.

The sensations were wonderful, but nowhere near sufficient for me. Still locked into her wrap-around arms and legs, I held Linda's butt and walked her out of the water, up the riverbank, to a grassy area where Linda and Carol's towels were spread out. I laid Linda down in missionary position and started pounding.

Linda's heels dug into my back. My enraged cock dug into her vagina. Her long red hair spread around her head like a ruddy sunburst. Carol lay beside us, rubbing us, kissing us. My mouth sealed on Linda's. We yelled down each other's throats, shouting our ecstasy. I squirted a river of sterile love into her womb.

Linda stayed wrapped around me for some minutes. I finally rolled off her and lay panting between these two fabulous friendly females. I was hugged from both sides. We shared two- and three-way kisses.

Someone floating by on the river yelled, "Get a tent!"

"That's a good idea," I said. "Are you gals swum-out yet?"

"Mmmm, I could probably use a lie-down now," Carol hinted.

Linda nodded agreement and fondled my now-limp cock. We all stood up somehow. Carol threw the towels into a waterproof bag. I retrieved my huaraches. We made our way across the river, dried off, and sauntered over to my tent. It was a bit cramped, but we managed various three-way connections and further orgasms.

We crawled out of my tent as night was falling.

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