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Boyfriend has fantasy involving ex-lover, but not his...

This is my friend, Carla, she said. She likes to piss in my mouth.

I guess that's what the young kids are doing.

Carla was short and stocky but she gave my boner the warm fuzzies. She was lying down on a bed, purple lacy bra and her chubby legs spread wide open. Her gash was hairy on top and then long and grayish brown. The line of her cunt merged with her ass. She looked like a little fuck monster.

I tugged vigorously on my cock, but kept it together. I had an email to write.

Thanks for your reply, Brooke. Thanks for the pictures. You're a gorgeous woman. I'd love to write you a story and give you a good fucking, too, but I'm, unfortunately, busy writing out my own ideas. I'd have to get paid for my efforts. I'm sorry. Thanks and good luck.

She wrote me back the next day.

I think we can work something out. Don't give up.

She told me to meet her on Yahoo chat later that night. We hooked up and started typing away.

Hi. Hi. How you doing? How's school?

So, you still want me to write you a story?

Yes. Use my name, Brooke. I get off seeing my name in a story.

So, this was not her first time reaching out.

But you can't pay, right?


So, listen, I appreciate your interest in my work, but I can't work for free. I've got to eat.

Wait. How about we try something. Do you really live in Portland?

Yeah, that's why I write about Portland all the time. Best place in the world. Ever been? Nice weather, close to the falls, good place to live. Why?

Well, I have friends that go to school in Eugene. I go there a couple times a year. If you write me a story, I could maybe make it worth your while. I can bring a friend. You can eat us out.

And maybe something more?

What do you have in mind, dirty boy?

I have this dick. Let's just say I'd want to fuck that tight brown pussy.

Oh, you can fuck me all over, master.

Fuck me.

How old are you by the way, exactly? I'm thinking you're not too old.

Mid 30s.

You ever been with a black girl, before?

No, I haven't. White, Asian, Mexican, Puerto Rican. No Negroes.

Blacks, she corrected me.

Sorry, blacks.

So what do you think? Can you write me a hot story and email it to me. Just me, remember. I want to read it, knowing it was written with me in mind. Maybe write my friends into it. Carla and I want to be immortalized.

I'll have to think about it. I unzipped my pants and started jacking my cock hard.

We said our goodbyes and disconnected. I brought up her pictures, and grabbed some paper towels. Quality time. I ended up jerking semen all over my keyboard. Shit. I had to clean it up.

I went to sleep with my iPhone. Like clockwork, she emailed me.

She repeated that she was a great fan, and what it would mean to her. She stroked my ego. I stroked my cock. She attached more pictures. She showed me the pucker of her asshole, she laid out her collection of thongs, myriad dildos, and a bunch of other rubber junk. There were pictures of some of her white girlfriends. One of them was this skinny chick lipstick tagged with the words slut on her tits. She looked out sideways with a wide open mouth. She wore a nice blue dress. There were some bathroom pics. Brooke in pink bra, blue panties, no panties, no bra, a big curly bush, closeups of her pussy. Her pink labia was like a slotted cut into her dark flesh.

I jerked and shot another load into my boxers. I closed my tired eyes, fell asleep and dreamed about my first piece of chocolate.

The next day, before I went to work, I emailed Ms. Jackson.

It's a deal. We'll talk details later. Can't wait.

I wrote up some ideas on the bus. Too many. I stopped typing and got my mind off the sex. I opened up a collection of short stories and read one about a guy and a girl pulling on a baby. Shit. I started typing, again.

I got an email from Brooke later that morning. She attached a picture of her cute face giving me a kiss. I was distracted for the rest of the day. I walked around the office with a boner in my pants.

I got on the bus and started writing her story.

I decided to write about the time she bought her

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