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A New Beginning.

He doesn't want you out of that cage while you're with me, and since he can't be here to make sure of it you're going to have to give him the key if you want this arrangement to work out. Either hand him the key and you can keep worshipping my feet, or we forget this ever happened. If you do hand him the key, you will not touch anything but my feet, and you will stay in your cage at all times for as long as Peter and I are dating. Now make your choice, Peter has to go."

Wow. This was really happening. My brain was shooting red flags all over the place about staying in chastity indefinitely, and I knew it would be something I regretted pretty quickly. However, it's hard to describe just how much my cock was in control of me, and within a couple seconds I walked over to Peter and handed him the keys. "There's a spare there with it."

"Well this is going to be a lot of fun," Kate said, breaking the silence that followed after handing Peter the keys. She took his arm and walked him to the front door. "You wait here," she instructed, looking back at me.

About five minutes passed. I was sitting on a bar stool by the kitchen when she came in. With my pants still down, she came back and grabbed me by my cock cage and led me to the couch, instructing me to sit against the arm while she went and sat at the other end. She then placed her feet on my thighs and began to move them towards my cage. I guess she was allowed to touch me even though I wasn't allowed to touch her. I was more than okay with this.

"Tell me everything, I want to hear all of your fantasies." At this point I was more than happy to oblige. And I did.

Over the next hour I told Kate everything. I told her that I wanted to be a slave who gave up all control. How I wanted a Mistress who would control my finances, my activities, my orgasms, and every other aspect of my life. Someone who put their own feelings over mine every time. I told her how Sarah was into my fantasies, but as a self-conscious person she could never make it seem real, like I was always topping from the bottom. I told Kate that I wanted someone like her; a naturally dominant, bossy, and stubborn woman who would and could be unnecessarily cruel to me. I told Kate how I wanted to regret relinquishing so much control to her, and that there were no limits to how she could use it against me. Around this point, Kate had begun to play with her clit while she listened intently and massaged my caged cock with her feet. I continued opening up, telling her that submitting to her also meant submitting to Peter, or anyone else she was seeing. Kate let out a moan as she pictured me servicing her boyfriend's cock while I told her about my forced bi fantasies. I also informed her of how, like every guy, my fantasies will disappear when, no if, I am allowed to cum. And for that reason, the thought of eating my cum after every orgasm was a perfectly humiliating way to keep me submissive afterwards. By now I had revealed plenty to her, and was ready to wrap it up.

"Most of all, I want you to get what you want out of this," I concluded. "Like I said with Sarah, she would only do things that we had discussed and it just seemed scripted, which didn't really do anything for me. She was too scared of doing something I didn't want to really satisfy my fantasies, so if you take anything from this, know that I want you to do what you want, when you want. And hopefully I'll be rewarded for serving you, but that's 100% up to you."

Kate scooted closer to me on the couch so that her feet were now in my face. "Clean them," she instructed, as she focused on bringing herself to climax. I worshipped her feet intently until her back arched and the sounds of her orgasm could be heard all throughout the apartment. She then sat up and faced me. "So you want me by slave and you want me to make you regret it, huh?"

"Yes, Mistress. I would do anything you want."

"Okay, I want to switch TVs, go bring yours in here.

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