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Moving back home and starting over.

"Good Morning Ned!" I spoke cheerfully as I moved toward him. He looked at me and looked away quickly. "Are you alright? You seem off today. Are you sick?" I was sincerely concerned by his mood.

I knelt down in front of his chair and put my hands on his knees. "I am alright Miss Lady. I just don't need a shower today I washed up in the sink. I am tired and just want to be alone today."

I felt as if my heart had broken in two. What had I done wrong? I had been so eager to see him and now I was basically being thrown out of his room. I hung my head and walked out of the room.

The rest of the day I just went through the motions of doing my job but my heart and mind were not in it. By the end of the day my mood had gotten so bad that I didn't know if I would come back the next day.

As I was walking past the nurse's station to go home I heard the next shift's RN ask our RN if anyone had come to visit Mr. Steele that day. I slowed down to listen in. Our shift nurse said no and what the afternoon nurse said next explained everything. "Those children know this is the anniversary of their momma's death. They should know better than to not show up today." She was still complaining when I moved away but I had heard all I needed to.

I quickly went back to Ned's room and slipped inside. He turned briefly to look at me then turned back away. I moved to his side and again knelt down in front of him. "I just found out what today is and I couldn't leave without telling you that I care about how you feel and seeing you sad like today has really made me upset. You don't have to say anything but just remember that I am always thinking about you and I care." I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him. I felt his hand rub my long blonde hair and pat my head.

I left him sitting by the window and went home. I knew he was still said but I felt he felt better knowing someone cared.

The next day I stopped by his room before starting my regular rounds and he greeted me with his usual smile. I knew right away that he was in a better mood. I reminded him that I would be back in a couple hours and went about my work.

The morning went by quickly and soon I was back in his room waiting for him to gather his shower items and clothes. "I am happy to see you are feeling better today Ned." I told him as we stepped into the hallway.

Ned nodded his head. "Just a bit of the blues Miss Lady. Just a bit of the blues." I pulled the door shut behind us as we entered the shower room.

"Ned I want you to know that I really enjoy the things we have done together." I began the speech I had practiced last night. "I feel like we should continue to make each other feel good because we are both consenting adults and I think we are good for each other. You have not done anything to me that I did not want you to do and I think I can make you feel good like you make me feel."

Ned was looking at me sideways as I stammered though my speech then he started laughing. "Girl you don't have to convince me. I am the band leader. I wouldn't give up what we have for nothing." He stepped out of his boxers and into the shower.

I was staring at his dick in awe long before he began to wash it. I longed to touch it and stroke it just as he was doing now. Once again he pulled the foreskin back from the bulging purple head and my eyes drank in the beauty of it. "Wash it for me." It wasn't a request it was an order.

I took the wash rag from his hand and lathered it with more soap before pushing it up between his legs. I felt the weight of his scrotum in my hand as I rubbed the cloth against them. I lifted his penis with my other hand and held it up against his stomach with the palm of my hand flat against it. I felt it jump ever so slightly in my hand as I continued to lather his balls; rubbing them ever so gently as I looked up into Ned's eyes. I slowly began to wash up the shaft of his cock and around the tip, and then back down again. I dropped the wash cloth onto the towel rack and took the shower head down to rinse the soap from him.

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