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Co-ed seduced by older woman; surrenders to darkest desires.

He smiled and asked if I was ok. I nodded and moaned as I reached out to touch his cock. I laid him back down and held his cock tight with both hands. He was so hard that I could jerk him off with 2 hands.

Kneeling between his legs I moved to sit on his cock. He flipped me over on my back and slowly pushed his cock inside me. He pushed his cock until it was completely buried in my pussy. I could feel him deep inside me. Fuck his cock is big. He pulled out all the way and then gently entered me again. I closed my eyes, loving it. He took his time, pulling out all the way each time. I lifted my hips so he was perfectly aligned with my pussy. He grabbed my hips and slammed into me hard. I screamed out, it felt fucking amazing. I begged him to fuck me hard.

As if to tease me, he slowed down, each time ramming into my pussy nice and deep. Wrapping my legs around his back I locked my feet so he couldn't pull out all the way. I held him tightly with my legs, forcing him deep inside me. He leaned forward and kissed my neck. Loosening my lock on him, I opened my legs wide. He held my knees up towards my shoulders and watched as his cock fucked my pussy. He slid his tip up to rub my clit a few times before entering me again. I moaned loudly, desperately wanting to feel a huge hot load all over me.

As if he were reading my mind, he started fucking me faster. Holding my knees in place, legs spread wide open he rammed his cock deep inside me 3 or 4 times. I felt him pull out just in time to cover my pussy in cum. His load was so big it dripped down the inside of my leg as I laid back, smiling. He collapsed on the bed beside me breathing hard.

When I looked over at him his eyes were closed and all he said was, "What the fuck?" I laughed and asked him if that was ok. I love turning him on. I want him to fuck me like this all night.

I purposefully left my bag in the bathroom so I could change outfits. After I cleaned up I pulled a pair of nylons out of my bag and put them on. I didn't bother with panties, since they would only get in the way. I changed into my purple bra and put on my sheer robe.

He was making us drinks when I got back from the bathroom. I asked him if he wanted to go for a smoke with me.

"You're going to go for a smoke dressed like that?" he asked.

I opened my robe so he could see my bra and the fact that I wasn't wearing any panties. "Ya, why not?" I said, smiling. He laughed and shook his head. "Fine, I'll get dressed," I said as I put on my jean shorts over my nylons. I grabbed my blouse and put it on. "Better?" I asked innocently.

I put on my knee high black boots and made my way to the patio door. I must have looked like a hooker. He followed me outside and lit our cigarettes. I asked him if he thought anyone was watching us. If he thought I could climb up on the hood of the car and spread my legs open for him. He laughed and said I was crazy. I don't know if he was unsure or not, maybe I looked like I was thinking about it, but for whatever reason he made sure to tell me that no, it wasn't a good idea.

Back in the hotel room I stripped out of my shirt and shorts, grabbed our drinks, and laid back against the headboard. I smiled at him as he crawled onto the bed. He positioned himself between my legs, bending my knees so he could lie on his stomach in front of my pussy. He traced the seam of my nylons with his finger. I moaned quietly as his fingers rubbed my pussy on the outside of my nylons. I could feel myself getting wet for him. I'm always so wet for him. I was trying desperately not to spill our drinks as he took his time tickling my inner thigh. I love when he uses his fingers. Rubbing me, tickling me, gently pushing them inside my pussy, I love everything.

"I want to keep these nylons on for you. I want you to put yours back on so we'll both be wearing nylons."

He looked up at me from between my legs and smiled.

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