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Michelle surprises Sarah at work, in more ways than one.

He nipped at each ass cheek, his hands not touching her the entire time, only using his mouth on her. Pet moaned and moved back, her dripping pussy seeking out stimulation. Master smacked her ass sharply, the sounds reverberating within the room.

"I told you to stay in that position, do not move unless I tell you to."

"Sorry, Master."

He smacked her ass again. "Do not be sorry, simply follow my orders, and I'll have no reason to punish you."

"Yes, Master."

He continued nipping down ass cheeks, reaching her thighs, he ran the tip of his tongue along the inner side of first one thigh then the other. Pet wanted to grind against his face, wanting more stimulation, but managed to stay still, crying.

"You like that don't you, Pet."

"Yes, Master, please.... more."

"I do like hearing you beg, but you do not make demands of me." Pet felt Master get off the bed, and then heard the sound of clothing rustling. She could feel her wetness dripping down her thighs, but stayed still on the bed, not knowing if Master was watching her or not. She heard him return, but he didn't get back onto the bed.

"You will learn that I'm in charge and you will do what I say. I take my pleasure of you, you having pleasure is a mere side effect of what I desire of you." She heard the sound of it flying through the air just seconds before the belt hit ass, leaving a definite sting behind. Pet cried out from the pain, barely remembering to hold her position. Twice more Master brought the belt down, leaving stinging red marks on her white ass.

"Do you understand now?"

"Yes, Master." Pet sobbed. The wetness between her legs was flowing freely down her thighs. Master climbed onto the bed, placing himself between her thighs, and began lapping at it, cleaning her inner thighs with his tongue. He then moved to her core, running the tip of his tongue gently across her pussy lips, which where now slightly spread due to her arousal. Pet's breathing hitched, but she did not move. Master placed his hands on her hips, his head resting on the pillow he had placed there earlier, and began lapping and suckling at her clit.

Pet cried out, moaning, barely resisting the urge to rock against Master's face. It did not take much, as turned on as she was from the spankings and the blindfold, she came crying his name. He drank in her release, holding her unconsciously bucking hips still as he drank it all down. He would not punish her for this, at least not with spanking. Now, he had a different instrument to torture her with.

Getting up from underneath her, he moved behind her, guiding his cock to her soaked sheath. "Now I take my pleasure of you, my little toy." Brutally he entered her, reaching her depths with his dick. Pet's arms gave out, unable to handle staying up under Master's using of her. Her head fell forward, allowing her to scream out her release into the pillows, as she soaked his cock with her juices. He road her roughly, moving her up the bead, until her head would have been hitting the wall had it not been for the pillows. The pleasure was so intense; her mind was gone, lost in a haze of orgasmic bliss. Finally at last, he roared his release, filling her. He collapsed on top of her, still buried in her warmth.

For a few moments they stayed that way, their heartbeats synching, and slowing down. At last Master stirred, sitting up and slipping out of Pet. He noticed her position, and saw that she had let her arms fall.

"I thought I made it clear, Pet, that you were to maintain that position."

Pet could only mumble incoherently, her mind still lost in a haze. Master moved her so that she was positioned with her ass facing the side of the bed, he allowed her to have her arms and head remaining down, knowing she would likely not be able to hold herself up much further. He then grabbed his belt, folding it in half in his hand.

"You will count out each strike and thank me for it.

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