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Jenny’s Mom tells how she ended up a sub to an 18-year-old.

h, no! I forgot to take my underpants off!"

Jenna perked up. "Really?"

I pretended to be embarrassed and covered my crotch with the face cloth. "No. Don't look!" Jenna took the face cloth away. "Oh, no, you can see right through them!"

"Well, then you'll just have to take them off," she said, and she started pulling on the waistband. I held onto the rail and she pulled them down to my feet. "Oh, here's the sausage pizza I ordered," she said. She stroked my cock a few times, and it got hard. "Extra sausage!" I continued to hold on as she kept stroking me. It wasn't long before I came. She held my cock in place long enough for me to get a little cum on her face, but I was so weak that I had to sit down. We could both see my cum splashing into the water.

"Think Mom and Dad would believe it if we said this was how I knocked you up?"

"Not a chance. They have to bug me just to get me to recycle my soda cans. You think they'd believe I reused your bath water?"

"It was worth a try," I said. "Now it's your turn. Turn around." She did, and she sat between my legs. I found the face cloth and soaped it up. I ran it over her tits, spending extra time on the nipples. The way she moved her hips, I could tell she enjoyed it. I did her belly next. I thought I felt something move. "Did it just kick?" I asked.

Jenna didn't even look back. "Please don't get excited. We're not gonna get to know her."

"Her?" I asked.

"Oh, I forgot you didn't go in with me that day. Yeah, it's a girl. Unless they did a bad job with the monitor. Sorry."

"You forgot to tell me. Anyone could do that."

"No, the fact you weren't there to find out for yourself. Remember? You wanted to, but I was afraid you'd give yourself away. Since then, I've seen lots of women at their appointments with someone who's not the father, even a guy. Course, it's usually either her father or a guy who met her after she got pregnant, but the point is, I didn't let you go, and I should have."

I pulled her back and kissed her ear. "Stop beating yourself up," I told her. I think I might have been starting to cry. "It took both of us to get where we are." Then, since I had her right up close, I moved my hand down and started rubbing her pussy. I didn't even make a pretense of cleaning her. I dropped the face cloth and just blatantly ran my fingers in every spot I could get them.

When I got a couple fingers up to the second knuckle, she started moaning, "Oh, Jeremy. Oh, Jeremy." My cock was getting uncomfortable rubbing against her ass.

"Where do you want it?" I asked.

Jenna got up and moved onto all fours. "Any place you can reach," she said. I got out of the tub and closed the bathroom door. "What are you worried about?" she asked. "We've got the house to ourselves, unless Gary makes a surprise visit." She looked back at me. "He's not making a surprise visit, is he?"

"If he does, it'll be a surprise to both of us," I answered. "Put your hands on the edge of the tub." She did. I found her pussy and managed to get my cock inside her. "I wanted the mirror facing us so I can see your beautiful belly and sexy tits while I'm fucking your wonderful cunt," I explained.

Jenna pushed back. "Oh, God," she moaned. "Quit saying all these nice things. Quit doing all these nice things. Quit being so goddamn nice to me!"

I thrust in and out a couple times. "Why? What are you afraid of?" I don't know where that bit of insight came from; it's not like me.

"I'm afraid I'm gonna love you as much as you love me," she said ruefully. I hit a new spot on the side of her walls. This time there was no regret in her voice. "Especially if you keep doing that!"

"What's wrong with that?" I asked.

"You're never gonna see your daughter. You wouldn't even know what I'm having if I hadn't said it by accident, and you can't even admit you're her father if you ever meet her. If I love you, I'll just end up hurting you more. You deserve better."

"Just remember, I'm a sick bastard who made fake porn with pictures of his sister. That alone is probably a crime in some places."

She laughed a li

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