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Final chapters of Book 1.

For the next few weeks, Amelia and I became inseparable. Seriously. I followed her around like a lovesick puppy. She took me around Boston, showing me movie theaters, museums and other fun places. We also had some fun when she took me to Copley Mall and we dined at a nice, upscale restaurant. Amelia definitely did well for herself. Later I learned that she walked away with two hundred and sixty grand as part of her divorce settlement from her multi-millionaire ex-husband. Wow.

Amelia wouldn't tell me the reasons for the divorce. All she would say was that she and her husband wanted different things. And she discovered certain things about herself which made her look at life in a new light. If that's not code for someone's going gay, I don't know what is! I was definitely on the right track with the lovely Amelia Jean-Baptiste. One afternoon, she invited me to hang out at her place. I knew right then that I was in like a villain. That day, I went to Amelia's house wearing a Black tank top with a short red skirt. It was October, and the New England weather was still okay. To say she was shocked when she saw me would have been an understatement. I knew exactly what I was doing.

Amelia lived in a nice, two-story house located near the high school in Brockton's West Side. Right across the Fair Grounds of Brockton. A beautiful place. We sat in her living room, quietly sipping margaritas while chatting the afternoon away. I looked longingly at Amelia, and asked her if I could take a look at her pool. Grinning, she nodded. Oh, my. This was all too easy. Amelia is a sweet, kind of trusting and wonderfully vulnerable woman. Ten times what I need, folks. We went into her backyard, which boasted of the highest fences in the neighborhood. I admired the pool, which was big enough for ten people to use without bumping into each other. Wow. I 'accidentally' fell inside, and crashed with a big splash. With a cry of alarm, Amelia asked me if I was alright. I nodded, then asked her to come inside. She shook her head. I looked at her with my puppy eyes and she grinned as she finally relented. Off came her shirt and pants. Stripped to her bra and panties, she went into the pool. I looked at the tall, sexy Black lady who stood before me and licked my lips. This was going to be good.

Amelia looked really good in the water. I looked her up and down. Hot damn. She had the kind of athletic body few females ever had. Pretty thick, curvy, muscular and athletic at the same time. Like Serena Williams. But with a bigger booty. I like what I see. I splashed water at Amelia, and she laughed and backed down. What the heck? I guess someone wants to play hard to get. I splashed water at her, and she laughed and fled from me. I chased her, and caught her. Amelia looked at me with alarmed eyes. I smiled at her, and told her to relax. Then I kissed her. And you know what? She kissed me right back.

I wasn't prepared for how fiercely she kissed me back. I was stunned. I seriously thought Amelia was new to these things, that she found herself curious about women after her divorce. What a colossal mistake I made. She was kissing me passionately, like an experienced woman and not some newcomer. When our lips parted, I stared at her, stunned. Amelia smiled knowingly, and pinched my big butt. I jerked involuntarily. She laughed, and told me to follow her. At this point, I felt like I was losing control of this seduction. Amelia flipped things on me so fast my head was still spinning. One thing for sure, I definitely wanted her as I watched her big sexy ass in her Black underwear as she climbed out of the pool. With a grin on my face, I followed her to the living room.

What happened next was definitely out of character for me.

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