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They take it to the ocean.

We'll find some reason, some worthy cause. Mark, Marty and I will invite all of our celebrity friends and we can get some buzz around this place. They'll taste your food and they'll be instantly hooked. They'll come back and bring more people here. You're that good of a chef. You just need a chance to show that to the world." He smiled.

"You really think so? You'd do that for me?" He asked.

"Of course. We're family remember." I said standing up.

"Thank you. I promise I won't let you down."

"I have no doubt. You'll be fine." We hugged, and I felt at home with my brother.

"I heard about you and Alex. I'm sorry." He said as we pulled away.

"It's okay."

"She's a great girl."

"She's much more than that." I said thinking back to that special night we shared together right here in this very restaurant. I missed her. My heart ached every time I thought of her. I pushed her out of my mind and refocused on the task at hand. "I gotta go. But i'll call you and we can start setting things up."

"Alright brother. Take care of yourself. And thanks again."

"No need to thank me. This is what we do." With that I left the restaurant. Taking a beat to look at the spot where Alex and I danced together.


After leaving Brad's restaurant I headed out to Carla Gugino's house. The warning she had given me about Derek, proved that she knew more about him. Any information I could get on him would be to my benefit at this point. I parked my car in front of the sizable mansion and walked to the door. After I had knocked she quickly opened the door. She looked outstanding. I had no idea how she kept her figure, but whatever it was, she should market her secret. She had clearly been working out. Her hair was wet and pulled back with a ponytail. She wore a dark blue tank top that was having trouble containing her wonderful tits. and tight yoga pants that held her curves magnificently. She was breathing hard which only made her sexier, while holding a bottle of water.

"Duncan. Come on in." She said giving me room to enter her home. "I'm sorry, I thought I had a little more time before you got here."

"No need to apologize." I told her as I stared at my boyhood crush. I followed her into the kitchen where she offered me a bottle of water. I took it and quickly drank about half the bottle.

"How are you holding up?" She asked me.

"Been a rough few weeks." I admitted.

"I heard about you and Alex. I'm sorry things didn't work out. You two seemed good together."

"We were. I miss her. But for now, I can't think about her. I can't allow myself to."

"You're going after Derek." I nodded. "Then it's good you're no longer with her. Derek would have hurt her if it meant hurting you."

"Have you spoken to her?" I asked her a little afraid of what she would say.

"I have. She misses you, Duncan. She isn't angry with you. She understands why you did what you did. But she feels she has to protect herself."

"I know. I don't blame her. I just wish things had been different." Carla came to me and hugged me. Even though she had been working out and was sweaty, she still smelled incredible. I breathed in her sweet scent. That along with the feel of her sizable chest against mine, was starting to make things a little uncomfortable in my boxers. I thought back to the day that Alex had set up this surprise for me. Today was just that kind of day. Where everything reminded me of her. I pulled away from Carla, hoping she wouldn't notice my hardening cock. The smirk on her face told me she had.

"The last time I was here. When you gave me that warning about Derek. It seemed as though you knew more about him." I told her leaning back against the refrigerator. She had some bar stools set up around the kitchen island. She sat down and took a long drink of water. I couldn't help but look at her lips as they surrounded the bottle top. Silently wishing I could replace it with something else.

"Derek and I used to date

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