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She shuddered and moaned as she climaxed and opened her eyes.

"Oh boy I can feel it," Anna said with a start as she rubbed against Antwan. "Oh my gawd you really do feel big."

Antwan just grunted a reply as he buried his head in my wife's breasts and kissed and licked them. My wife put one hand on Antwan's head as she watched him suck on her breasts. Her mouth was open in a slutty smile. Her eyes closed in pleasure and then she slowly and somewhat reluctantly slid off him.

Standing in front of the seated Antwan, my wife began to slow drop her dress. Anna's body swayed seductively as she let her dress fall. Anna never looked better in her new lingerie. She began to dance in front of Antwan, swiveling her hips in offering to him.

"Woo yea," Antwan smiled. "Look at that perfect booty." Turning around Anna stuck her perfectly shaped tan ass at Antwan and gently spanked herself a few times for his enjoyment.
"You like it, honey?" She asked waving her ass side to side for Antwan.

"Yes, I'm going to rock your sugar white booty's world tonight."

"Oh yes, honey. I want you to take this white body with your black cock." Anna moaned. "I only want you and no one else. I've been wanting you so long."

"Woo yes, big daddy gonna hit dat," Antwan laughed as he spanked my wife's ass hard as she waved it in front of him.

"OH Yea!" Anna cried at Antwan's spanking her.

Anna turned around knelt down in front of him, she undid his pants and with one hand pulled his big black dick out. "Oh baby this is what I want."

Antwan's black dick wobbled heavily in front of Ann's hungry face. She eyed the black meat lustfully and lovingly stroked it.

"Oh, Coco. Look at you. So big and black. Are you really gonna to destroy me with this monster?" Anna said smiling brightly at Antwan's cock.

"Yea, sugar." Antwan enjoying the moment. "I'm going stretch your tight white pussy wide."

"Oh yes, I want that. I want you ram me hard with this big black cock. I only want you." Anna replied.

With that my wife put on her mouth on Antwan's black cock and began licking. She savored it like candy. Her pink tongue ran all over the knobby head, up and down the shaft and she kissed and licked every inch of his black meat. Antwan's thick black cock grew even larger and became rigid like a pole. Anna opened her mouth wide as she could, engulfed the head of the black cock into her mouth and slowly began to suck up and down. My wife sucked Antwan's black cock desperately, as if it were the first and last cock she would ever suck. She kissed it, hugged it and rubbed it lovingly against her face.

"Woo, sugar. Your a good cock sucker." Antwan laughed.

"Mmmm, I love your black cock." Anna said licking it. "I can't wait to feel this monster stretching me."

"Me too, sugar. But there something I want to do first." Antwan stood up and with her help slowly removed the rest of my wife's lingerie.

I was mesmerized watching Antwan's black hands run all over my wife's white body. Removing the bra, Antwan cupped Anna's breasts with his hands and then kissed them to her moaning delight. Stripping off her panties my wife tossed them straight at me. Then Antwan continued licking all over Anna's body while she watched with intense delight. His tongue ran down her stomach, along her hips and settle into her crotch. Anna then shuddered, he had licked her clit with his tongue.

For the next couple of minutes I hardly blinked as Antwan probed Anna's pussy with his tongue while she whimpered in happiness. Her hands gently caressed his hair while he licked and sucked her. I saw her cum from pleasure and was startled to see a tear drop run down my wife's check as her body shook.

"Oooooh that was sooo good," Anna sighed as Antwan stood back up.

My wife Anna stood beautifully naked in front of him in the candlelight. She stood confident with her head up gazing at him with a smile. She looked gorgeous with her tan skin, trim figure and curvy body. Anna's face was radiant and her beautiful brown eyes sparkled in the candlelight.

"Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

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