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Man remembers what he should've done.

" Raven shook her head, that was not part of the plan. "Alright then we'll just have to keep you in bed today then. I'll bring the TV in from your dad's study and if you'd like I'll even head to the video store and pick you up some feel-good stuff. Looks like I'll need to be getting you some soup, and maybe some 7up too". To this Raven only nodded once more.

Getting Liz out of the house for a bit would give her a chance to get even more elaborate with the ruse.

After Raven had eaten Liz drew her a hot bath. "We'll try and sweat the fever out of you". While in the bath Raven couldn't help but be reminded of what had happened there only hours before. Fueled by the memory she couldn't resist taking the time to do the same and play with herself. She rubbed and rubbed at her pussy enjoying the warm water as it rolled over her soft white skin.

Shortly after climaxing Raven unintentionally dozed off still in the tub. When she came to Liz was standing over her glancing down at her looking worried. Raven was startled at being seen and jolted upright splashing water on Liz's face and shirt.

"Oh sorry babe didn't mean to scare you, I was just getting worried when you didn't come out of the bath for so long. The water was now cold and Raven's nipples were noticeably stiff.

Raven moved to cover herself and Liz giggled. "Don't sweat it sweetie, it's just us girls here, and you don't have nothing I ain't seen before." Raven was still red-faced all the same but was also turned on by Liz's reaction, or lack of negative reaction to seeing her naked.

Looking at Liz's chest which had been splashed she saw that her nipples too, were visibly hard. It could have simply been due to the water but Raven hoped it was something more. "I'll get out of your hair while you get dressed ok, now's as good as time as any to get you some sickday supplies. You get yourself in bed though ok. I want you taking it as easy as possible today so we can get you better by tomorrow. I've got some plans for us. No new friends to meet, so don't fret over another Mina experience." Raven wondered what she could mean but didn't ask, she wanted to be surprised.

While Liz was at the store Raven put on some comfy pajamas and tried to think of ways she could get the most out of this scheme. There were a number of options but she wasn't sure how to proceed. If she played the sick angle too hard she would only worry Liz.

While pondering her options she heard a ding noise from the laptop computer on her desk. She was getting an IM from someone. She went to see who it was.

'Hey'was all it said. It was from Sam.

Raven responded in kind, with a hey of her own.

'At work now' Sam wrote.

Raven went to ask her about yesterday but saw before she finished , that Sam was already typing her next message.

'Sorry bout yesterday Rave, didn't mean to ignore you or nothin'

Raven only left a question mark in reply.

'It's just, it was strange you know, specially with Mina and Anna there. She's weird, Mina I mean. She doesn't like her 'models' to talk to other potentials. She says that being mysterious works in her favor, adds mystique to the whole deal. But get this, she buys us great stuff. Got me my own camera and everything, it's totally cool, real professional. Don't be too worried about her offer, I mean you can accept if you want, it'd be nice to shoot with you. But, I just mean, don't feel pressured. If you really wanted to, I could shoot you myself now.'

Raven didn't want to respond to that, she let it go and waited but saw Sam wasn't typing anymore. That's when she responded. ' So, you, Anna, what's that about?'

'Anna, oh she's nice. You'd like her Rave, I'm sure of it, real sweet, and a lot smarter than you'd think, I mean with how she looks and all. We're just friends though. I've only known her a while. She was in your class right?'


'Well Rave watchu up to today anyway?'

'nothing much, playin hookie'

Raven was tired of the conversation and didn't know how to continue it,

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