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Adele is roughly taken after a night out.

One husband was gang raped in jail but could not prove his case against the city without enormous embarrassment and humiliation. The arrests are baseless but the fines earn the city a lot of money. The arrests take away a lot from the local community. The arrests erode the local economy by reducing shopping and spending money.

With his educational background Richard also knew many things about the internet, programming, and hacking. He started to come up with a plan to fight fire with fire.

As his plan started to come together, Richard started going about the city taking pictures of other cars. He hit on the idea of taking pictures of some of the official's cars and license tags.

Using his software, pictures of other vehicles, and the 3-D printer Richard designed and printed a form fitting mold that has 1-way glass, with a clear electronic multi-layer section over windshield and license tags such that the visage of the driver looks 3-D and real, even with motion, and the tags show the copied tags, when an electrical switch is turned off the image in the windshield and the tags turns clear and the real person and tags show.

Once this was done and perfected, Richard selected a digital photo of the Chief Crud's wife and her car. Richard drove around with his car disguised as Chief Crud's wife's car, and purposely triggered some of the technically tampered with Red Light s Cams intersections. What could he lose for trying, after all he already had many tickets from these things to deal with. City technicians had tampered with yellow light timing, calibration stripes in the road, red and green light timing, and out of synchronization timing with other intersections. The person who monitored the electronic tickets in the city office could care less, and the digital cameras only looked at things digitally not in analog more or less like people. A camera can not judge the traffic situations. These Red Light s Cams could actually cause tragedy, and in some cases accident rates have gone up, and it has made motorcycle riding perishing.

Within 30 days a warrant was issued for Chief Crud's wife. She refuses to pull over and the traffic officer got rough. She accuses him of outlandish behavior and she is going to tell her husband. By this time she was tasered, thrown to the ground and hand cuffed. Another officer is called and she is cavity searched because the officer smelled marijuana. No one asks why she would stuff marijuana cigarettes up her ass. She is taken to jail. Once the other women prisoners and wives of residents in there finds out she is Mrs. Crud they have a hey day with her, ripping her hair, her clothes, kicking her in the crotch, and sitting on her face.

Other city officials received mysterious Red Light s Cams tickets in the mail and their personal debt soared. The camera technician was fired, then put in jail on warrants.

Alas Richard is arrested on ticket warrants and thrown in jail.

Richard, a hacker, goes through interrogation and convinces them to put him in an isolation cell until the grand jury is selected. Meanwhile he nonchalantly admits to the police chief that he "knows what the chief did, and has pictures." He doesn't tell the Chief Crud what the pictures are about but he knew there were reasons the chief had been promoted to his position, and that he had many skeletons in the closet. Chief Crud did not know what might be in those pictures but began to worry.

Richard offers to use his skills to make the problems go away, and Chief Crud gives him access to the cities computer system.

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