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I see her again and she makes demands.

The tears Raine had been holding back finally fell. Gabe would tolerate a lot from Morgan, but she had just crossed the line. He rose and walked straight over to her and grabbed her by the arm. He wasn't too gentle.

"Ouch, Gabe, you're hurting me!"

"I'll hurt you more than this if you ever hurt Rae again." Gabe didn't like hurting women, but he would not tolerate anyone hurting his gentle gypsy. He did hope that it never came to that, but Morgan didn't need to know that. Roughly, he shoved her out of the apartment and locked the door behind her.

He walked back to Rae and took her into his arms like he had wanted to. Her tears were already drying, but she still looked hurt. Gabe wanted nothing more than to take that sad look from her face. He pressed his lips softly to hers. She stayed still for a moment, but soon she was responding to his touch. With little effort, he scooped her up into his arms and carried her into her bedroom.

Gabe laid her tenderly on the bed then slid in next to her. He rested on an elbow as he gazed at Raine. She was so damn beautiful; he was still kicking himself in the ass for wasting time with Morgan back in Guam. He should have gone after Rae first. The only thing that kept him from feeling like a complete dumbass was the fact that it hadn't taken him a while to realize he was making a huge mistake. He hoped that Raine would be willing to stick with him for the long haul now. He didn't think he could ever let her go.

Rae looked up at Gabe. She wasn't happy that her friend was angry with her, but Gabe was worth it. He may be infuriating, but he was everything she had wanted in a man. She wanted nothing more than to let him fuck her senseless. Purring, she pulled him off balance so he fell on top of her. Letting her hunger take over, she used her teeth to help tear his t-shirt off of him muscular torso.

"Good thing I didn't like the shirt huh," he chuckled. Gabe grabbed Rae's shirt and popped every button in one smooth yank. She quickly pulled her arms out of the sleeves so it could be tossed to the floor. Gabe removed her bra before she could blink and it joined her top on the floor. She growled her displeasure when he left the bed, but she stifled it when she saw him stripping of the rest of his clothes.

When Gabe returned he was naked from head to toe. Raine loved it. Her slim hands glided over the supple flesh of his back and down to his round ass. She gave it a good squeeze, eliciting a growl from him. He ground his throbbing erection against her pussy. It felt good except for the fact that her jeans were still in the way. She grumbled and hurried to unbutton them.

"Don't rip those jeans Baby," Gabe told her as he helped her shimmy out of them, "I like the way your ass looks in them."

"Oh really? I like my ass in your hands better."

"Is that so?" He slid down her body and then took her ass in his hands. He lifted her hips up toward his mouth until he could inhale the sweet scent of her pussy. "Is this better?" Raine wiggled in his grasp, thrusting her hips up toward his mouth.

"Almost. Gabe, please," her eyes begged him. Why wasn't he just licking her pussy already?? Why did he have to torture her??

"Tell me what you want Rae," he demanded.

"You know what I want," she growled in frustration.

"Ah ah ah. You have to tell me Sweetheart."

"Fine. Lick me! Eat me out, nibble my clit, just quit teasing me!"

Those were the magic words. Gabe slid his tongue along her swollen flesh and drove his tongue into her wet pussy. She squealed out her pleasure and he double his efforts. He licked the puffy pink lips, nipped at her slit and lapped up her sticky sweet cum. He feasted on her cunt as she thrashed on the sheets beneath her.

Oh fuck, Raine loved being eaten out, especially when Gabe was a master.

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