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Shy, broken teen finds her voice through pet play.

" Does this guy get everything he wants?

"Pretty much"

I was bloody uncomfortable lying there in the bumpy van and wearing nothing but a tiny little black dress and boots and I was feeling a little exposed with my legs spread. But it was a long drive, and I fell asleep eventually, I hadn't slept for 24 hours.

When I woke up we'd stopped, I was being untied, and the gag was put back in, one of the men put a hood over my head, and another put a rope around my neck, I pulled away and it tightened, oh great, a strangle collar, I was fucked. My ankles were free now, but after the drive my legs were too stiff to move, I pretty much collapsed when they pulled me upright, so they sighed, sat me down again, tied my ankles together, handcuffed my wrists, and one of them threw me over his shoulder and carried me.

It was freezing cold outside the van, but I heard a doorbell ring, and then a warm glow spilled out over us, I heard muffled voices, I was carried inside, and they made me stand up, whoever was on the other end of the rope tugged it, and I started walking forward, blind, tied up, and looking like a complete slut. An authoritative voice asked if I'd been touched, another one said no, I tried to protest, but apart from the gag in my mouth stopping me, the rope was pulled again, the voice was suddenly right next to my ear,

"Listen slut, if you don't shut up, I won't tell my men to take the hood off and go home, I'll let them use you first, do you want that?"

I shook my head, use me? What the fuck was this? Where was I? Then the voice asked why I was still dressed, and the other one said that I'd been a right bitch and they hadn't wanted to untie me. I heard a sigh, and my dress was cut of my back with a knife, then my underwear, and suddenly I was standing in front of god knows how many men completely naked. I screamed through my gag.

It was a mistake, I was forced to my hands and knees, and the voice said

"I warned you, you little bitch, now I'm going to take the hood off so you can see what we're going to do to you" I was almost blinded by the light in the room, it was a big room, and there were quite a few men in it, the one with the rope in his hand was quite obviously the boss, and the rest must be his employees from the way they looked at him,

"Hello slut, that better? Now you see these men? They all work for me, and I'm going to give them a little treat tonight, every one of them is going to fuck you, and if you struggle, or bite, or scream then you'll be punished for it, understand?" I nodded, oh shit, what had I gotten myself into? He snapped his fingers and 2 of the men grabbed me by my arms and legs, they carried me over to a coffee table with handcuffs attached to each of its legs, I had a feeling they weren't just for decoration.

Unfortunately I was right, my legs and arms were cuffed, and I was bent slightly backwards thrusting my tits forwards and making me totally accessible, and totally helpless. It was a very painful position to be in, but I couldn't move to make it more comfortable, I looked at the man, he looked at the other men in the room,

"Who wants her first?" nobody spoke but they were all looking at me, scary glints in their eyes, and bulges in their trousers, the man looked around then pointed at one of them, "You," he said, "pick a hole, and fuck her" he walked over to the table, undid his belt, and his trousers, then, already rock hard, he impaled my pussy on his cock, with no warning, I wasn't even wet, can you blame me for screaming again? The boss rolled his eyes and sighed, "You think she'd learn her lesson wouldn't you Tom?" Tom laughed at this.

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