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Demi Lovato and Victoria Justice take a boat trip.

Once he has set the hook and the woman agrees to come up to his apartment for a night cap, he likes to watch her expression when she opens the door and Peach is presenting nude as they walk into the apartment. The woman is either intrigued by the sight or she dances around the room not knowing what to do. Justin loves to surprise the un-expecting.

Justin is a smart man and he knows that Peach is the key to the growth of his business. Peach adores Justin without reservation. She feels that certain warmth in her heart because he not only feeds her submissive needs, but also he is a fantastic lover. Although Justin likes to fuck Peach and torment her when she makes mistakes, he keeps an emotional distance between them. Justin looks at Peach as a life support system for her three orifices. She is merely a bitch in his eyes. Peach is astutely aware of the wall Justin has around him and wonders if he will ever love her like she does him.

One evening, Justin is relaxing on the sofa enjoying an after dinner digestif. His birthday is in two weeks and he contemplates his lifestyle. Justin goes over his current situation in his mind. He thinks about his mother. She is happily married to Larry and Justin wonders if he could be happy that way with Peach.

Sure the sex is great, but somehow it's hollow. Justin is starting to think that maybe he should settle down. He reasons that money is not a problem. If Justin were to stop selling cars and retire at age 31, he could live off of his investments for the rest of his life. Peach walks in with a cigar for Justin on a silver platter. She stands before him with one arm behind her back and her head high staring straight ahead. Black fishnet stockings frame her legs. Fuck me pumps on her feet, and her beautiful tits are perfectly balanced on her chest. Justin sees Peach and takes the cigar from the tray. She turns around and walks away. Justin stands and walks to the patio to smoke the fine Arturo Fuente cigar. Outside, he can see the sun setting over the horizon of the Pacific Ocean. He thinks it's a metaphor about his life. Savoring the flavor of the cigar, Justin examines his relationship with Peach. She is exactly what he wants in a woman.

Peach is petite and trim figured. She works out every day at the health club to maintain her weight and stamina. Peach is brilliant with the accounting, she knows the ins and outs of customer service, and clients like her for both her beauty and panache. Peach is an excellent cook and keeps the apartment sparkling. When they travel together she is the dutiful partner. Justin comes to the realization that Peach is indeed what he's looking for in a woman.

Back inside at his office computer, Justin researches BDSM collars. He plans to collar Peach in a ceremony at one of the BDSM clubs he frequents. One of the women he sees likes to visit the club for her benefit. The woman loves to be played with by all the guests. Peach has never been to a BDSM club.

Justin finds a BDSM blacksmith who makes custom implements. On the website he finds pictures of collar styles. The blacksmith is not too far away in a mountain community east of San Diego. Justin emails the blacksmith asking for an appointment to commission custom collars for Peach. That night, Justin has fitful sleep. He lay awake for several hours listening to Peach breath as she sleeps. She is like a puppy nestled against him seeking comfort and warmth from litter mates.

The next morning, Justin checks his email to find the blacksmith has invited him to come today for lunch. He tells Peach that he will be gone for most of the morning and perhaps into the early evening. She is free to do as she pleases, but she must do grocery shopping and return to the apartment before Justin does.

Justin drives 90-minutes to the blacksmith's shop.

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