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He gives her a night to be remembered.

He reached down and uncuffed one of her wrists. He helped her to a chair and told her not to take off the scarf until she heard the front door close behind him. She pleaded for him to stay and talk, but he was already on his way. His exit reminded her a little like the old Superman shows of her childhood. Then she thought he was a bit of a super man, wasn't he?

After regaining her strength, and her senses, she tried to relive her climax. She had done as she was told. He said not to cum, and she didn't. Then, when he allowed her, she came with a powerful explosion. She couldn't believe how it felt. She had never experienced anything like it before, in her life. It was a wonderful and cleansing. She hoped it was only the first of many.

The next day was foggy and wonderful. Cloud nine wasn't high enough, to describe the feeling. She was on cloud 10 at least. This had to be the sexual euphoria she was missing in her life. That masterful touch of a man, while she was unable to keep it away. Not knowing what type of touch it would be, or where. A submissive toy, bound and used for his enjoyment. She was at his mercy and she loved every second. She was finding that inner submissive.

After a rather sleepless night, she wanted to tell him of her excitement. She wanted to tell him she appreciated all he had done, so she sat down to send him an email. But, he had beaten her to the punch. He had sent her an email.

Well, sweetie, by now you understand even more about your submissive self. That's the way it is. You learn a little and your mind digests. Each new experience compounds what you have learned up to that point, expanding as you experience more. I'm sure your mind is rethinking yesterday and expecting more of these special feelings to come. Although this is possible, you are in charge of what happens next. Take a couple of days to relax, and I will have a new challenge for you soon.

Of course, Gloria had feelings flowing through her that she didn't understand. She wanted them to continue. Reluctantly, it seemed she would have to wait for him to allow it. She went on to work, although her mind wasn't there. Instead, she continued to wonder what was to come next. What would this new challenge he mentioned be? What could follow yesterday? That was on her mind at work, when the phone rang or her boss spoke.

After a night alone though, and a better sleep, she was starting to understand. Her head was clearer, and better prepared to take this new challenge. But, she still blushed when remembering his fingers on her body. She still got shivers when reliving herself bound and vulnerable, as his footsteps entered the room. These images would take longer to mellow.

He finally sent another email. She quickly sat down to read it. She was ready for that new challenge.

Hello, sweetie. All rested up, I hope. It's time for a new experience. This one will test your trust, as the last one did. Listen closely to the instructions, and follow them completely.

First, you will need four equal lengths of that nylon rope you purchased. You will tie slipknots at one end of each. The other end of each will be tied to the four corners of your bed. These ropes will be how you tie yourself spread eagle to the bed.

Like the last adventure, how you secure yourself will be the key to getting both arms and legs satisfactorily bound. And, because you will use slipknots, one little tug on any or all of these ropes will totally secure you in position. As with your last experience, once you are secured, there won't be any turning back.

Once you have the lengths of rope determined and each one tied to a bed corner, you will strip naked and get on the bed, face down.

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