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She has another unexpected treat for me.

Breaking the kiss, he caught her eyes again with his, seeming to be searching for something there. Then, he cocked his head, his hair brushing her face slightly, and bent down to place his teeth on the curve of her neck, pinning her arms. She stilled, not daring to breathe, then he sank his fangs into her throat and her back arched.

Her cry echoed through the empty house. Again, his lips were gentle, and he kissed her neck where he had bitten it, working his way down her collarbones toward her exposed breasts. A soft sound like that of a kitten came from her throat as his teeth grazed her flesh again. She anticipated pain, but was relieved by his softness. His wicked gray gaze met her eyes again, and he bit down again, her cry less frightened and more passionate now, her hands straining to free themselves from his pinning grasp. His breath warm on her neck, he nuzzled against her, and when he let her hands free and his bite came to her again, her hands grasped him closer. She craned her neck to offer it to him, and he chuckled softly, "Good, little one, mustn't deny the Master. You like it when I bite you?"

She sighed deep, but would not lie to him, knowing well he would know if she did, "Yes... I do. I don't know why..."

He silenced her with a long finger, bending to replace it with his lips again. "Don't question. Just do as I say..."


He sat back on his knees and pulled the leather jacket and shirt off, revealing his smooth chest and long, lightly muscled arms. She watched the subtle play of sinew beneath his pale flesh hungrily, and found herself licking her lips in anticipation. He seemed pleased by this, grinning like a cat. "Do I please you?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Good," he purred, bending to her flesh again. She submitted to his teeth, gasping deeply with every bite, yet pulling him closer, feeling his flesh warm against her skin. She marveled at the softness of it as he pressed his lean body against her. Now, she planted kisses along his jaw, down his neck, across his chest; in supplication, pleading for mercy.

His head dipped down suddenly for another bite, and she tightened in anticipation, but his teeth snapped an inch away from her skin, and she fairly laughed in relief.

He snickered nastily. "Ahh, love! It's not so bad as all that, eh? Listen, now, little one; I want you... I will have you."

It was a simple enough command, but held a world of meaning. Was it her body he wanted? Was she to be ravished as a lover? Or was it her blood he craved? To die in his arms as her essence was drained by his wicked teeth and sensuous lips? Or was it something more? Was it her soul he wished to steal from her like a thief in the night? Her heart? Her mind? Could she relinquish it as easily as he said? He was the Master, she could not deny his claim to that; whether by fear or by fascination he held her in thrall, and she knew she would obey him...

Part 2: Claiming

The storm continued into the night, the only light being that of the two candles on the bed stand, the only warmth being that of her strange elfin lover beneath the down comforter. The darkness outside the small, golden light of the candleflames was complete, no streetlight or moonlight to ease the shadows. She barely noticed, her eyes for him alone, and the surrounding darkness only serving to highlight his pale beauty, and cut all distraction from their intimacy.

Her body trembled beneath his, her fear and desire battling with her will as his hands awakened her to new meanings of pain and rapture.

He sank his teeth into her neck mercilessly, holding her down as she bucked beneath him. Even in the throes of torment, she clutched his lithe form to hers, crying out.

Once, she whispered, "Mercy!!" as the pain from his bite brought tears to her eyes. He turned his amused glance to her face, stopping both the pain and the caress of his clever hands on her body.

"What was that you said?" he growled.

She panted, getting her breath back, and found herself amazingly disappointed at the cessation of his attentions.

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