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Terri's ordeal continues, with her kids!

She was open now, not as exposed as the woman the other night, but she knew her pussy was on display to the man in the room with her, and that he would be able to see the shiny line of moisture that he'd created by simply using ropes to tie her with.
"Are you comfortable?"


"I told Alexandru that he could bite you tonight, but he will feed before coming to you, so you will not have to worry about him taking too much."

"But my blood has her blood in it."

"So does the blood that I gave him to feed from. It only takes a little of it to placate your vampire. But he wants to bite you, and considering that he won't be able to for much longer, it should be tonight."

"What do you mean?" Domino asked, was he still worried that she would die? She needed him to be positive of her chances so that SHE could be positive of her chances.

"When he changes you, he won't be able to feed from you again." He told her, his footsteps were taking him away from her again.


"Vampires cannot feed from each other."

"I didn't know that. That's kind of a bummer." She frowned, she would have to feed off others, and so would he.

"He also isn't going to get to fuck you much longer, either, at least for the duration of your pregnancy. Once the baby is bigger, it would be a big risk." His deep voice sounded and she knew he was coming back over to her.

"Arc, you are taking all the fun out of my life." She teased and heard him chuckle.

Then, she felt something touch her left nipple and pinch it just this side of pain and she choked out a gasp as every muscle in her body tensed and shivered. He had attached a nipple clamp and the feeling was insane, erotic, and even before he attached the second one, she knew she was going to come, and she did so, in a heavy squirt of juices that poured down her thigh as the second clasp settled on her left nipple.

"Oh, sweet Jesus." She groaned, her body rocking with the force of her orgasm.

"Open your mouth, Domino." He whispered close to her ear and she immediately complied, letting her mouth drop open as he moved something towards it.

Domino whimpered as a rubber ball gag was pushed into her mouth, and then he was cinching the bindings behind her neck and the back of her head to secure it in place. "Alexandru had a few other requests from me, as well."

She shivered, crying out against the gag as he tugged ever so gently on the nipple clamps before he walked away again. When he returned, she felt him in front of her, and when his fingers went to her pussy and separated the outer lips of her labia, she jerked, instinctively bucking her hips towards him as he exposed her clit. She knew she was moaning, but couldn't stop herself, not being able to see what he was doing was making every sensation more extreme, and when he placed something against her clit, and it clamped on, her entire body rocked uncontrollably in an orgasm that made the first one seem timid in comparison. Domino squeezed her eyes shut and whimpered as his body moved away, leaving behind the intensely pleasurable pressure of the clamp on her clit.

"I'm not quite finished, Domino."

His words made her clench her pussy muscles hard, she could feel her juices running in little streams of fluid down her thigh and she had a hard time holding her foot down on the ground, her breath was more rapid and she was sensitive all over her skin. She whimpered again as she felt him walk away from her. Part of her needed him to stop, but that was the wimpy, scared part of her, and she hated that part. Domino wanted him to come back and do more...a lot more. Damn it! When was Alexandru going to get here?

"You used the lube? Plenty of it?" He asked huskily, and she knew now that his voice was changed, he was aroused, and she couldn't blame him for it, she felt sexy like this, she knew she had to look that way for him.

She nodded, yes, she'd used the lube like Alexandru used it on

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