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Julez and the doc get closer. The doc promises to help.

She slipped into the tight pair of black vinyl pants, covered in zippers and straps over her well built legs, and adding a pair of black boots. And then...what? Nothing that she could remember...

She looked around the small dark room. It didn't really matter how she got here, as long as she got out. She was naked and bound at her wrists, the darkness of the room consumed her, save that beam of light from a tiny window. The dark licked at her skin, as if trying to suck her into the depths. The sheets underneath her were black, satin by the feel of them, and smooth and enticing against her skin. There were dead roses pinned to the walls, and one framed photograph of a pale woman with long dark hair, and very red lips, stretching her body out on a bed of rose petals. The woman looked remarkably like her...

A sound stopped her musing, and a door to her left opened, revealing a large figure framed by the light from a hallway. The figure closed the door and walked gracefully over to the bed, carefully avoiding her, and the bed. He crouched in a corner and stared at her from under heavily lashed eyes. Penetrating her with his gaze.

The man got up and walked slowly to the bed, looking down on her white flesh with an almost pained look skewing his dark features. He was as pale as she, but taller, with long sable brown hair that brushed his hips when he walked, and eyes as green as a forest at dusk. He was slender, but his movements betrayed a contained agility and strength. He sat down next to her and whispered her name, his lips caressing the single syllable, as if he was rubbing velvet along her thighs. His voice slid down her skin, and buried itself in her abdomen, causing it to ache. He looked into her eyes and slowly bent down to her soft belly, and flicked his tongue like a cat tasting cream. His glistening wet lips pressed a soft kiss below her navel and he groaned.

"Please..."she said, her voice wavering with fear "Leave me alone."

He lifted his head and stared at her, shook his head gently. The strands of his hair brushed along her waist and sent shivers up her spine. Without a word he kissed his way a path up between her breasts, and gently bit her neck. As tears slid down her cheek, he kissed each one away, and held her close. His wet lips pressed softly against hers, his soft pink tongue probing her cavernous mouth. He slid his tongue between her lips and licked the inside of her mouth, exploring the cavern. He stripped off the white shirt he wore, and let the black jeans fall to a puddle at his ankles, never stopping to look away from her body. He climbed on the bed, fluid movements as he straddled her hips and held down her already bound wrists.

He roughly used his knee to spread her legs. She tried to kick him, hit him, use anything she could to get him off her, but it was useless. He was much stronger, and larger then her. She managed to knee his thigh, and he snarled, and moved down to bite her sharply at her collarbone, and her neck. Her pitiful whimpers echoed in the room as he put his swelling cock at the entrance of her sex. He pushed so slightly, just so the tip of his head was in her, he groaned again. A gush of wetness covered the tip of his shaft, and he looked up, into her eyes, with a smirk. It was the smirk of a man who knew what he did to women, the smirk that said he knew that on some level, she would like whatever he did to her.

He pushed slowly into her tight passage, until he was buried to the hilt, and he didn't move for a minute, waiting for her reaction. And then it came, through her animalistic instincts, she moved her hips, so slightly, but it was a thrust downwards. He started thrusting into her, a slow endless rhythm as he held her wrists above her head. She arched her back and moaned, unable to stave off the pressure building inside her. His teeth captured one thrust up nipple and he sucked and nibbled it until she squirmed.

He increased his speed, bit

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