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Fragments of a week with Dawn.

"Do the tongue trick I taught you."

Ramona raised her mouth up from his throbbing shaft only keeping the bulbous mushroom concealed between her lips. She made her tongue loop around in circles on his cockhead. Jesse shot his head back in moaning pleasure.

"HAVE MERCY!" he cried out.

"Not today. If you thought one Gibbler was bad, you're getting a double dose of Gibbler," Kimmy announced. "Let's get him on to the bed."

Ramona relinquished Jesse's big dick and helped him onto the bed with her mother. As he lied back on the bed, Kimmy straddled his head lowering her smelly thick bush cunt over his mouth and had Ramona push his legs towards her so Kimmy could hold his ankles and keep his legs spread apart exposing his gigantic hard cock, heavy cum-filled balls, and his asshole.

"Go head Ramona, finish what you started while Mr. Katsopolis gets another hardy helping of my pussy," Kimmy commanded.

Ramona went back to work on Jesse's pulsating stiff member, feverishly licking up and down and all around his meaty pillar of manhood before moving her mouth down to his enormous fat balls and sucking each one in turns. Jesse began moaning and groaning, but Kimmy's foul hairy snatch muffled them. Ramona moved her mouth to the area between his balls and asshole while her mom watched on, pleased and in pleasure.

"Awe, look how cute you look with that big hairy ball sack across your nose," Kimmy complimented.

"Mom. Not while I'm sucking cock," Ramona responded, rolling her eyes at her goofy mother as she kept licking Jesse's taint. After a few seconds, she moved her mouth back up to his painfully hard pole and engulfed 6 __ hard inches in her warm mouth. She swiftly bobbed her head up and down on Jesse's dick which sends him into a moaning frenzy.

Feeling a bit jealous and left out, Kimmy relinquishes Jesse's ankles and bend forward to work the other half of his hard cock with her mouth and tongue. The feeling of Kimmy's giant heavy milk jugs pressing into his abdomen, Ramona's huge teen knockers on his thigh and two pairs of Gibbler mouths feverishly sucking and licking his painfully hard cock was all Jesse could tolerate. Within seconds, Jesse felt his body exploding with ecstasy.

Ramona felt the first of many powerful jet-blast of hot cum urge into her mouth towards the back of her willowy throat. She immediately pulled her head off his cock, coughing and gagging from the large cum shot she just inhaled as three more massive hard cum shots blasted and plastered her pretty young face.

"There she blows!" called out Kimmy.

His body convulsed under the might of his orgasm. His moans and groans continued to be drowned out by Kimmy's bushy piss-soaked cunt as he came. Kimmy watched with a huge shit-eating grin as his enormous cock unloaded several torrents of cum before slowly dying down. Jesse's entire cock, balls, and groin area soaked in his baby batter. Kimmy leaned in and put her mouth to work cleaning up the gigantic mess. Ramona swallowed the large load of spunk and joined her mother in licking Jesse's private area clean. The feeling of the cleanup job became reinvigorating his massive cock back to life.

"Look, Ramona, Jesse's pecker is ready for a second round," Kimmy announced.

Kimmy climbed off Jesse's face that was drenched in sweat and her juices and impaled her wide furry pussy over his huge cock. With her feet planted on opposite sides of his thighs, Kimmy began bouncing up and down on Jesse like a bucking bronco in a rodeo.

"OHHHHHHH, GOD! OHHHHH, FUCK ME WITH THIS BIG DICK! OHHH YEEEEEAH! FUCK ME!" Kimmy yelled as she bounced violently on top of Jesse.

Jesse felt paralyzed under Kimmy's might, but he watched in lust at the sight of Kimmy's giant MILF watermelons as they wildly bounced and flopped all over her torso. The neon orange crop top had risen, freeing her gourd-shaped giant breasts to Jesse's enchanted eyes.

"Don't stare at them, feel them up!" Kimmy commanded Jesse.

Jesse palmed, pawed, and squeezed Kimmy's colossal 34F cups.

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