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Sizzling sex play, during an erotically charged weekend.

She started to moan quietly, as he did. They were just small little whimpers mostly. They broke the kiss as Steve's hands traveled to the bottom of the shirt and gripped it. Shelly raised her arms as Steve lifted the shirt up and off, and tossed it to the floor.

The b-cups now in plain view were perfect. The nipples were already stiff as rocks and stood out proudly. Steve pushed her back, her legs still hanging from the edge, and clamped his mouth around a nip. He began switching between the two as his hand found its way between her legs and began to rub her wet mound through her panties. Shelly was making full moans by now. Her pussy juices had now soaked through the thin material of her garment.

"Ahh...mmm...please Steve. Lick my pussy...."

Steve moved his way down Tina's body, scooting off the edge, and in between her legs. He inhaled her musky scent through the drenched panties before planting a quick kiss. He then pulled them to the side revealing the tight young folds her pussy. They glistened in the light from all the juices that had seeped out already. The golden hairs above her crotch were trimmed and groomed into a soft little triangle. Steve stuck his tongue out and quickly found Shelly's clitoris. She let out a muffled scream as his tongue came into contact with her flesh. Urged on by this, he drove his tongue deep into her, flicking his tongue around the inside, causing her body her body to start thrashing about. Her hips bucked as he sucked on her tight lips and folds. The torture endured for a few minutes. Shelly's head thrashed back and forth. Her moans grew louder and louder.

"Ohh... yes... I'm coming!"

Shelly's juices flowed from as she came. Steve continued to suck drawing even more out as she did. He stopped only after a few moments so that the lady could calm her self.

Shelly pushed his head off of her and told Steve to stand, which he complied. She quickly slid off the bed and kneeled in front of him grasping the waist band of his boxers. She yanked it down and helped him step out of it, freeing his straining boner. Her mouth immediately clamped over it and began to suck. Steve gripped Shelly's pig tails as she bobbed up and down on his cock. His eyes rolled back into his head as the pleasure washed over him. She surprised him by releasing his dick and then, after taking a deep breath, engulfing it all the way to the base. Steve grunted as she did this. Deep-throating when she was only 18.

"Holy shit Shelly! Where did you learn to suck like that?!"

"That's my trade secret," she said after releasing his cock, which was now slippery and shinning with her saliva. She engulfed it again and began to bob for a few more minutes before releasing it, gasping for air. "Now I think you're ready for a better hole."

Shelly climbed back up onto the edge of the bed, turning onto all fours. Her ass stood in the air, panties still pulled to the side, waving as if demanding that Steve come grab it. He obeyed that demand and stood at the edge of the bed where her ass pushed out to him. He positioned himself behind her and pointed his dick at her entrance and, gripping her hips, pushed deep into her. Sensations he couldn't describe wrapped around Steve's cock. It was another tight as hell pussy. Steve grunted and groaned while he fucked her. Shelly's wet pussy covered his dick with her juices, as tight as her young walls were; they were wet enough that his cock slid easily in and out of them as he thrusted. The sloshing of the juices could just barely be made out over the sounds of her ass slapping against his groin.

Shelly was moaning loudly with her face buried in a pillow. She gasped for breath when she needed it before burying her face back into the pillow, usually in a scream. Steve moaned small grunts as well. He knew they both were getting close to coming, but he would hold off until she had a chance to come first.

"Oh god... yes Steve! Your dick feels so good! Fuck my tight little pussy!" She was trying to keep her voice to a whisper.


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