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Sylvia has the hots for major league baseball players.

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Just as I peered off the backside of the hill into the vastness of other hills and other wildflower filled valleys I heard Cat calling my name. I turned and was very surprised to see Cat not only crouching down as if hiding from unseen eyes but also trying to hold back her obvious laughter. As I approached Cat I called out to her,

"Cat what the Hell are you laughing at? And who are you hiding from? We're all alone out here"

Cat then said quietly, "Burt, shish, look down into the wildflowers below"

I couldn't believe my eyes as down in among the wildflowers where just minutes ago we had made love, there must have been at least five other couples and what appeared to be a threesome. How could we have not known we were not alone down there? How could all that lustful pleasure be going on all around us and us not hear or see anything?

I then asked Cat, "Sweetheart where do you think they all came from? They sure as Hell didn't all walk out here. Where are their cars?"

Cat replied, "I have no idea, maybe on bikes and we just can't see them over all the wildflowers?" Then I noticed the cat like grin on Cat's face as she went back to watching the activities below. Cat grinned even more and said, "Who cares where they came from, let's watch for awhile"

So Cat and I lay down in a spot that gave us a great view of all the kissing, licking, sucking and hot sex that was occurring in the field of wildflowers below. Cat asked me, "Burt, do you think anyone was watching us make love?"

I thought for a second, realizing the thought excited me and said, "I don't know, but I hope so"

As I pulled the truck back onto the small country road I said to Cat, "I still cannot figure out where all those people came from, I didn't see any cars or bikes did you?" Before Cat could answer we saw the answer ahead. Just as we were entering a slight bend in the road we saw it. There hidden from the view of both the field of wildflowers we had made love in and the side of the hill that we had climbed was a damn paved parking lot. We had not been able to see it because of the bend in the road and a huge old Oak tree. But the thing that shocked us most was what we saw next.

It was a large sign that read,


Also just below that,


The thing that was the most ironic though considering it was a little late, was what it said at the bottom of the sign,


Cat and I both decided it might not be a good idea to stop and continued driving down the small road. Since we were not really sure that we hadn't been seen, especially as we climbed up that hillside in view of what seemed like all the world, we did not want to take a chance on our love making costing us $500, though it was more than worth it by far. It was no wonder we had not seen all the others, they were smart enough to stay hidden. Not so naive as we had been that day when the sky was blue, the air was clean and the sun was wonderfully warm, yes, on the day we would never forget. The day we shared our beautiful wildflower adventure.

As Cat and I entered the Kern River Canyon I could see the excitement on her face though see had never been through it before, but I had told her many times of the beauty of this canyon.

The Kern River had been carving its way through the mostly solid rock that made up the canyon walls for millions of years. Some of these canyon walls towered hundreds of feet above the powerful Kern River below. Uncontrollable whitewater rapids rushing through the gauntlet of car sized boulders of the river below on its never ending quest in search of the deep blue waters of the distant Pacific Ocean.

But also the tranquil, clear, frigid pools scattered throughout the canyon, some of these pools slowly winding their way a thousand feet or more until being unmercifully pulled into the next set of powerful whitewater rapids.

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