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He held his hand out to help her in. He told the driver where to go before getting in himself. Before she knew it, they were pulling away from the curb.

She asked: "where are we going?"

"The best place in town for a burger. He looked at her and said, "I have enjoyed spending the evening with you, I am not ready for it to end yet."

She could feel her face heating. She could only imagine how pink her face was from blushing so much. Before she knew it, they pulled behind a food truck. She looked at him, but said nothing. She had never eaten from this food truck before, so for all she knew "they might have the best burgers around." Then the driver was opening their door.

Jake got out first and once again was holding his hand out for her to take. Only this time, he didn't let go, he held it as they walked towards the truck.

She thought it felt nice to have someone hold her hand out in public. Her ex never did, he acted like he was embarrassed to hold her hand or anything in public.

As they were standing in front of the food truck, Jake asked: "did she want a hamburger or cheeseburger, fries or onion rings, and what dis she wanted to drink?"

Cheeseburger, fries, and water please was she said. "God this food smelt good," she said.

Wait until you taste it he said. I can "promise you," you have never had a burger as good as from here. He grabbed their drinks before heading towards an empty table to wait for their food.

They sat quietly for a few minutes, but it was comfortable silence. Jake spoke first asking: "what do you do for work?"

I work for an advertising agency was all she said, then asked: "what he did?"

All he said was a "he owned a small business" Apparently, she didn't know he was the neww owner of the Club Safari. He would save that information for another conversation.

As Jake finished saying waht he did, they called from the food truck that their food was ready. He told her to stay there, and he would get their food. She was totally amazed at all the attention he was paying to her tonight.

She knew she wasn't ugly, but she wasn't pretty either. She wasn't skinny, but not heavy either. As her mom always called it, "I am just big-boned." Standing at five in half feet tall, she didn't look that bad at a size nine. She thought she was just a "plain Jane," nothing special. Besides, her ex always told her she was fat and nobody would want someone like her.

"Why is he paying her all this attention?" She knows there were a lot of pretty girls in the club, "why didn't he go for one of them and again asking herself why her?" She couldn't help her self, she would have to get the courage to ask him "why someone as good-looking as him would want to spend time with someone like her?"

Jake walked back to the table carrying both containers. When he sat down, he said I ordered onion rings in case you wanted to try some. "We could share them?" onion rings and fries he said.

How thoughtful she thought. Her ex would have never orsered opposite amd offer to share with her.

Again, he shocked her as for how kind and thoughtful he was. She still couldn't wrap her head around it, he had just met her. "Why?" I don't know she said to herself. I mean he only bought me some drinks and something to eat. This is crazy to be thinking he might want to take her home with him tonight.

While sitting there eating their burgers "What's Mine is Yours by Kane Brown" came on. This was crazy to hear this song. She felt so comfortable around Jake. Like she never wanted to leave his side. She knew her mind was running away from her, just because he was paying me all this attention to her. I'm sure he will take me home, and that will be the last I see him she thought.

While they were eating, she looked at Jake and asked: "can I ask you a question?" He looked at her and nodded like ask away. "Why me?" I mean there were so many pretty girls there tonight, "what made you pick me?"

He sat quite for a minute before speaking.

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