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Preparations for war. Not all aliens are bad.

The dress is split open so that she can see where Joy's black stockings end and her soft thigh begin. The waitress takes the check and the money and wanders reluctantly off. My hard cock has now wetted the napkin with precum and Joy looks down and can see the wetness soaking through. I put my cock back into my pants and zip it up before the waitress comes with the change. Then, I slide my hand down between Joy's legs and I find her hard clit and dip into her dripping pussy. I ask if her if she enjoyed the attention she's been getting and she looks coyly up at me, smiles and says, "Yes, very much."

The waitress brings us our change and leaves it on the table. She winks again and walks away. As I pick up the change I see that she has left a card with her name and phone number on it. I hand it to Joy and tell her, "I think it's for you."

We leave the restaurant and move along down the street. Just down the street, we find a bar with a blues band playing slow sexy blues and we wander in. I notice that there are two dance floors, one in front with the band and another in a secluded corner of the room. There are two couples tightly entwined on the secluded floor. The lights are low and romantic there. I guide Joy to a table next to the secluded dance floor and we pull up seats. As we sit and wait for a waitress to ask for drinks, we notice that one of the couples is in a curious position. We notice that the woman has pulled her mate's cock from his pants and she is slowly stroking his cock as they dance. In time to the music she pulls and massages his hard cock. We see that the tip is nearly dripping wet and his balls are tight beneath it. He's lost in ecstasy as she slowly strokes him. As the song plays on her strokes increase. He's standing now, not dancing as her hand moves faster and faster on his hard cock. The other couple is watching the woman stroke him as they dance. Suddenly, the man stiffens and arches his back. His cockhead swells and he shoots his cum out into the air. A long steady stream of cum erupts from his cockhead. He moans and another shot erupts. Her hand strokes his cock, pumping all of his cum from it. On the floor, a puddle has formed under him. The other couple has stopped their dance to watch. He's standing behind her with her breasts cupped in his hands. The other patrons are oblivious to what's happening here in the darkness. The man puts his spent cock back into his pants and pulls his mate close and they dance to the sultry rhythm.

Joy looks over at me and smiles. I ask her if she would like to dance and we join them on the dance floor. Pulling Joy close she feels the hardness in my pants pushing against her thigh. My hand moves across her soft round ass feeling every square inch of it beneath her thin silky dress. I kiss her lips and our tongues entwine. Her mouth is so sweet. We move to the sultry rhythm of the band and touch and kiss.

The second couple then sits down at a table right next to the dance floor.

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