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Daemon Black.

But then later when I was asleep, I heard noises and got up, and peered in the hall, and damned if Olene wasn't butt-fucking Ludovic with a dildo while he gritted his teeth.

When she saw me looking out, she said

"Felicity, come out here, do you have to pee? If you do, you can do it in Ludovic's mouth while I work on him back here."

What a girl does for her allowance, man...you always earn it, right?

So I just kind of stepped around them and minded my business for about another year, year and a half. I noted weird stuff, saw strap-on dildos, and all that. But you know, Ludovic didn't comment on me coming in the house stinking of wine, why should I get on him about kinky sex, right?

But then he and Olene broke up.

And poor Ludovic, he began looking down in the mouth. I couldn't have this. Shoeblossom, my mother was such a cunt to me, and Ludovic was so different-

Yes, he gave me stuff, tutored me into being almost an Honor student, and encouraged me in my hobbies, baton-twirling, Hannah Montana worship, all of it.

So one day when he was napping in the nude, which he always did, Narnia and I sneaked into his room with a thick length of rope.

I tied his wrists together and then used the rest of the rope to tie his ankles as well-and there was about a foot of rope between them.

When Ludovic awakened, his hands and feet were tied together behind his back-he was hogtied!

And he blinked sleepily at Narnia and I, and we were laughing at him! Narnia and I are both quite easy on the eyes-

I have curly brown hair that bounces, and fairly nice boobs, and Narnia won a Honorable Mention T-shirt at a Mary Kate Olsen look-alike contest that Teehan County Radio was having last year.

We were both stripped down to our bikini underwear, and I was shaking my belly at Ludovic when his eyes opened.

And his dick went hard! Ludovic always had a crush on me, but he never made a move-jailbait, and besides, he was too nice of a guy, but here it was, right in his face, right?

"What-what the fuck's going on, Felicity?"

Ludovic asked, his tongue hanging out.

"Are you-insane?" I picked up Olene's short dog-whip (she just had a shitload of kinky stuff in the closet) and I whacked him across the dick, and he howled.

"That's Mistress Felicity to you, Ludovic." I said sternly.

"Mistress Narnia and I have decided we don't like you napping on your day off when you could be serving us, we're your strict Mistresses."

Of course, Shoeblossom, you can imagine that we had no idea what the fuck we were doing-barely eighteen years old and still in high school.

Narnia had kissed the blarney stone at some point, though-she stepped over to the wondering Ludovic.

"You perverted little bastard, how dare you feast your eyes on our youthful, glorious bodies...don't you feel serious compunctions about staring at under aged princesses such as Mistress Felicity and myself?"

"But-you're not under aged...and hell, I didn't ask to be tied up. What are you doing prancing around in your underwear?"

Ludovic's rational thinking was an apparent turn off to Narnia, because she reached over and slapped his face lightly.

"How dare you sass me? Do you want me to go back in the other room and get dressed again? We both can, you know.

Or we can give you the punishment you deserve."

This was smart-a good way for Narnia to determine if we were doing Ludovic a favor or just upsetting him, without getting out of the mood, so to speak.

Narnia was always the smart one of our group.

She might've made it to college if her brother's meth lab hadn't blown the whole family to smithereens last May.

Ludovic gaped, and then said timidly.

"Well, as you Mistresses aren't actually underage, and I'm not technically related to Felicity, perhaps-perhaps I should receive my punishment!"

It's been like, a totally weird twenty-eight months, Shoeblossom. Ludo and I are still living together, but I've moved into his master bedroom,.

Yes, and whaddya know, he's taken up residence in the closet.

Or sometimes in the attic, when he's getting on my nerves.

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