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It's her to tie him down and drive him crazy.

You will be ruined and disgraced; I, however, will be fine. You see, I am only 21 and still quite the catch." I paused and posed letting him see my body from all angles. He knew that I was stunning, and he nodded.

I continued, "Now, go to your safe, and bring me our prenuptial agreement."

He began to pause but thought better of it and stood up and went to his office. He returned a couple of minutes later with some papers in his hand.

I looked at the papers that I had been forced to sign a year ago and asked, "Is this the only copy, Paulie? You may answer."

"There are two copies, mistress, you have both copies in your hand," he answered.

"Very well," I replied, I turned to Phoebe, handed her the papers and instructed her to go to Paul's office and shred them, which she quickly did.

"That's better," I said as I began to smile at Paul for the first time, "I like our marriage so much better without that nasty pre-nup hanging over my head."

He was smiling since he had pleased me.

"Now, the tough one," I said giving him a very serious look.

He sat back in the center of the sofa with a worried look upon his face.

I asked Phoebe to stand next to me, which she did. Then, in unison, we both dropped our dresses to the floor. As he gasped, we both stood before him in matching white stockings, panties, bras and garter belts. He was particularly fixated on the garter belts, as I'd never worn one for him before. Phoebe dropped her hair out of its ponytail so that it was down like mine, and we looked like twins.

We each took a seat, on either side of him, and we began rubbing our stocking covered feet on his bare legs. As we did this, we untied the sash around his robe, letting it fall open. This allowed our hands, feet, mouths, and tongues to have unlimited access to his bare skin for teasing purposes.

We rubbed, caressed, kissed and licked him all over for several minutes driving him into a state of total desire.

"I thought that I was enough woman for you, Paulie, but I see that I'm not," I softly whispered as though I was saddened.

He opened his mouth to reply, no doubt to argue, but my look quickly reminded him not to speak.

"Don't argue, baby, it's okay, I have accepted it." I said. As I spoke I pulled completely away from him, while watching Phoebe's continued rubbing. "See, Paulie, I'm not even touching you, and you're still awfully excited."

He looked to Phoebe, then to his crotch, almost trying to will his erection down, which of course was not possible, as she had taken his hand and was gliding it up and down one of her nylon covered feet.

"So, here's our solution, Paulie," I continued talking while bringing my foot back to his legs, then returning my body to its previous position against him. "Phoebe will move in with us and help me keep you satisfied. Everyone in town knows that we're better off than my mum, so they will just assume that you are helping her out. Do you agree, Paulie?"

He couldn't believe what he was hearing; he really only wanted Toni, but he surely would not turn down Phoebe. As this didn't really seem like much punishment, he quickly agreed.

They took turns kissing him and thanking him for his gesture.

"Oh, one other thing, Paulie," I added, as if it was an afterthought.

He looked up, still smiling.

"While Phoebe and I will pleasure you regularly, we'll need some pleasure on the side." I said, as he looked at me, becoming confused.

I explained, "Unfortunately, a 37 year old man cannot hope to sexually satisfy a 21 year old and a 19 year old; so I now have an open marriage, right, baby?"

Painfully, he looked at me, as I clarified, "Paulie, you just agreed that you need Phoebe to pleasure you sometimes," I gave a sad nod to him and continued, "I may have needs to be fulfilled while you're focused on her. You can't expect my needs to go neglected; that wouldn't be fair, baby."

Knowing he had no choice, he answered yes.

"Ooh," I said, "You are such a good boy, today, Paulie, why don't we take t

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