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The rules are made, and then bent.

As their eyes meet, sparks electrify her body, sending tiny sensations coursing through her nerve endings that make goose bumps appear on her skin. Sav wants to look away, but she is so held by him, so engulfed in the moment that the only thing she feels is when his lips brush against hers. As he whispers something she doesn't catch, their lips press firmer together. Then his tongue invades her lips, Sav opens her mouth and Petar uses his tongue to stroke hers.

Their tongues engage in some serious wrestling, both pushing, pulling and sucking. She can't help but run her hand up and down his back several times. She moves her hands around to his chest, her palm flat against his chest as she rubs him up and down then sideways. Feeling his very hard muscles, he moans and she bends her fingers to play with his small patch of chest hair. Now passionately embracing while kissing, and rubbing. She moves closer, straddles him while she pumps her body up and down. She feels his hardness through their clothes and grinds against him, the fabric of her shorts catching on her clit each time.

When Savana moves upward Petar takes the opportunity to break their kiss and gently brushes his lips on the side of her neck. Using his open mouth to start suckling as his kiss closes, he flicks his tongue teasingly as he proceeds to trail down to her cleavage. The tight shirt that she has on allows for ample cleavage, and he wants to devour it like dinner. He feels a headache building in his head; he knows it's the alcohol and that he is sobering up, so he pushes it to the side. He continues to use her as a plate of food he hasn't had in ages.

Savana's body is on pins and needles. One more downward stroke onto him and the fabric pricks her clit just right she could cum. A sigh escapes her lips before she realizes it, but she is content as well as disappointed at the missed opportunity.

Hearing her sigh Petar stops and raises an eyebrow to look up at her, "Are you ok? Is this too much? Should I stop?" He inquires quickly.

Sav sees the expression on his face, almost like defeat and can't help but giggle a bit. She takes his head between her hands, brushes her lips just to his and whispers, "I am good, this is new for me but I am enjoying you. Hell no, I don't want you to stop!"

His facial expression softens and he grins at her. He places his head back down to nuzzle and kiss her cleavage. This time Petar needs more, he reaches his hands up, caresses her back and his hands run under her shirt. With Sav's help, Petar takes her shirt off over her head. Thrown to a chair the shirt lands softly. He gazes at her a few minutes, taking in the beauty of her breasts, confined by only a demi lace bra. Her breasts could fill a wine glass, yet are so perky. He can see her nipples are hard, so he uses one hand to rub his palm over the lace as they harden more.

Savana surrenders to his touch and holds still as his hands move over her. The moisture between her thighs is morepronounced ever before. The ache that her pussy feels needs to be released, a tightness that needs to be let go. Her clit is completely hard and swollen, her skin has goose bumps, and every time his warm hands touch her she wants to cry out for more.

Petar can't seem to get enough of her, Savana's skin is soft to his touch, her scent inviting to his senses. With the moans and sighs coming from her lips, he wants to keep touching her everywhere, to see her reaction to him. He wonders what she will sound like as he sinks his cock deep into her. He moans then lifts her so she is standing above him, then pushes off the floor to stand himself. His eyes and mind still run over her body. Deciding that they are wearing too much he removes his shirt, placing it on the chair next to hers. He turns to her, his hands moving to her hips as he brings her closer.

Savana wants to open his pants, to see the hard bulge in his jeans.

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