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She meets couple through personal ad.

When he finished he walked around the front and lifted Brad just high enough off the chair that he could yank his pants down to his ankles. He looked pathetic with his shriveled cock, his knees shaking and his pants around his ankles, helpless.

"Here's the way it works bitch. You pleasure us real good and we'll call it a down payment on the interest your husband here owes us. You do real good, and we let you live another day. If it takes two, we get extras. You do what you need to get the money delivered here, without leaving these here premises. That's the deal, take it or leave it."

The idea of being of sexual service to these two hoods was enough to make me ill. The anger in my belly was almost too much to control. Here Brad had done this to us and these guys wanted to take it out on me. They could have his ass for all I cared, but not mine. Besides, it was nearing that time and talking these two into using rubbers wasn't going to be easy.

"Please, not that." I started to cry.

"Fine, lady made up her mind fair and square." He slapped Brad hard enough to cut his lip open.

"No please wait."

"Too late, besides bitch you all turning cry ass sorry for yourself. We best give you a reason to be sorry. You don't like us, I can tell. Not just cause we came in and fucked up your life, but you'd never like us. You think cause were niggers we're less than you or somptin. Fine, dandy, you learn your lesson well." He was standing over me, looking down at me with something that looked like despite, or loathing and pity. I looked back at him with hatred flaring from my eyes.

"Please." I was pathetic. He reached down and took a large handful of my hair and lifted me off the ground. "Look, I'm sorry, and yes I don't like you, and it's not just because you broke into my house and pummled my husband. But I don't hate you just because you are black, please believe me. Give me a chance." I couldn't believe my own ears. Here I was begging to let these two men have there way with me. Even worse, I was begging to allow myself to service them.

Then something happened. Like every defining event in ones life, one single moment begins a chain reaction and everything changes. Our eyes met. And at that moment he was no longer my tormentor, he was no longer the beast that had invaded my house. Instead, he was such a strong, dominant man. A part of me knew my life depended on it, but instead of acting out for my life, I actually felt like I wanted to prove myself to this man.

"Look, I'm never going to love you. I'm probably never even going to like you. I freely admit that. But I'm not the one who wronged you here. I'm the one that's been deceived and lied to as well. And now I'm the one willing, even eager to make up for it. I'll get you your money, and I satisfy your appetites with my body as well. Think of my motivation as a way to get even with that asshole of a husband. Make him watch me service you and your friend. Just tell me what to do."

"Well, what do you say Buck. Seems she's seen the ill of her ways and wants a little revenge on her worthless hubby. You thinks we ought to give her a chance?" As he spoke he continued to look me straight in the eye. I felt so vulnerable. The idea of his friend still made me ill, but somewhere inside me I wanted to prove something to this man.

"If she don't put out can I still pop her old man?"

"Well?" he answered back looking at me, as if I was suppose to answer him.

"Yes," I choked it out. Not because I feared I would fail and it would cost me my husbands life. A big part of me wanted to see him popped. What he had done was so unforgivable nothing could ever be right between us. I choked out the yes because I wanted them to know I wasn't going to fail. And more than anything I wanted to add that it was not to save his sorry ass.

He smiled down at me and licked his lips.


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