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The Honeymoon

Then I'd check Lover's.

He pointed to a woman sitting in the corner in a padded, reclined chair with special leg holsters, not unlike going to the gynecologist, but way more Hermann Miller posh. She had a long gown on, and you could just make out the brown pant legs of the man who was under her skirt pleasuring her. The woman's face was all knotted up in frustration, and she was directing her partner like she was a traffic cop. "To the left, a little higher. Go deeper. Right there. Faster."

We turned right, where I noticed a woman leaning on a wall face first. It looked like she was crying, but then she started moving her head back and forth. Starting at about four and a half feet, and then going up to six feet were a line of various glory holes in the wall. Men were behind the sets sticking their dicks through them. The woman licked at the condom-covered dick with vigor, but two dicks sat soft waiting for takers.

Anton walked through the room checking on things. He adjusted a thermostat, went into a restroom and changed out some toilet paper rolls and talked to the man getting the gloryhole blowjob to make sure he was comfortable. You got the sense that there wasn't much Anton hadn't seen working here.

The room was relatively empty. I wondered where the other couples went.

"You ready to give upstairs a try?"

I gulped. "I get a robe, right?"

"Yes, ma biche."

I gripped his hand until my knuckles were white as we walked up the stairs.

The clothing check girl was wearing a black bustier and tight black spandex pants. She led us into a small locker room of sorts. Lover's locker was behind me. I took off my dress and shoes and grabbed a red silky robe.

When I turned around, Lover was just finishing hanging his shirt. He pulled on his black robe and tied it quickly. Then he reached over and straightened the collar on my robe, checked that my button was in the red position and that the nametag was visible. Then he kissed me and pulled the ties tight on my robe before tying them for me.

"Thank you," he whispered. "Thank you for not immediately walking out on me and for keeping an open mind."

I nodded. "I'm nervous and frightened."

"All you have to do is say no. And if all we do is watch, it's okay."

I nodded again like a fool. We wandered into the hall. It was long and you could see the glass windows looking in on each of the rooms. Only one of the chairs was filled. It was the mousy woman who had helped Anton with his key card during the introduction; everyone else was apparently participating.

I sat down in front of the group sex room. I'd seen porn before, but seeing such things in real life was very different. In a mostly padded room, with some tables and comfortable chairs were several people fucking. The whole room was throbbing. There was no other word for it. One woman was on her back with four women on top of her kissing her and penetrating her with an array of fingers, toes and toys. Across the room a man watched the woman getting pleasured as he leaned over a table sucking on the raven-haired woman's small breasts as she masturbated. Moments later, another woman, this one wearing a strap-on, rose from where she must have been giving the guy a blow job on the floor and started fucking him from behind.

I swallowed hard. This was way too hardcore for me. Lover led me down to the viewing room. There was a young couple on a bed in the middle of the room in the missionary position making love awkwardly. There were a few pillows on the bed, but no blankets and about five people sat around the bed in chairs watching. When the couple changed positions to woman on top, a man sitting to her right whispered something to her. She nodded and he got up on the bed and started playing with her nipples. Her eyes locked on to the new man on the bed. She started asking him questions loudly in French.

Lover translated. "The man she's riding is a new sex partner. The man playing with her nipples is probably her husband or boyfriend. She's getting off on him watching her fuck another man."

She rode the

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