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I was amazed on how hard it hit the back of my throat, I tried to drink it all but there was just too much.

I didn't want her to stop squirting, but she did so I inserted my fingers back into her pussy and started on her clit again. When she was getting close I sat up like I normally do and moved my fingers in and out as fast as I could. She was getting close, so I got ready to get wet. She squirted more this time than she did last time and it has to be close to the most she ever squirted. It got me from my neck all the way down to my waist. I was soaked to the bone.

I squeezed my fake tits while looking deep into her eyes. I wanted to stroke my dick right then but this was her night to enjoy and it was not about my pleasure. I leaned in and gave her a deep and passionate kiss.

"There are times I am glad you are a man, and other times I wish you were a woman. I am just glad I found you, and I love you for who you are." Kay said. "I feel I get the best of both worlds, when I want a hard dick you have that, and when I wanted to feel the love of another woman you can please me in ways no man has ever been able to do."

"I need to get out of this wet maid out fit and get cleaned up a little so if you will excuse me for a few minutes I will be right back." I told Kay.

"I was hoping you would have been my maid all night long, but I understand just hurry up." She said.

When I went to the bathroom to clean up I stripped naked then I washed my face off, dried my body off. I noticed there was another pair of panties on the vanity along with a matching bra and another pair of thigh high stockings with a note lying on top.

The note said, "If you found these you must have been a good little maid and made me squirt all over you. I know you enjoy it so much when you get wet. Change into these and come into the bedroom, and don't forget to get a nice silky gown to sleep in on your way to bed."

When I got into the bedroom and before I had the chance to grab a long gown out of the dresser Kay instructed me to walk around for her. I had been walking around in the heels pretty good but I still had weak ankles that kept wanting to give out. I couldn't figure out how women could walk in heels all day long.

I strutted around the best I could around the bedroom wearing nothing but a bra with falsies, panties, a garter belt, thigh high stockings and high heels. She was trying to tell me the best way to get a swing in my butt was to put one foot directly in front of the other. After about 10 or 15 minutes I started to get the hang of it but I still needed a lot more practice walking in high heels.

"OK that is enough, I know you want to wear one of your gowns, so go pick it out and put it on and then come sit here on the bed next to me." Kay said.

I picked out a nice dark blue gown that goes just past my knees, put it on and went sat down on the bed. Kay then pulled out her make up case and proceeded to make up on me. I am not sure all of the names, but I know some of it was eye liner, mascara, rouge and lip stick. After she got done, she held up a small mirror for me to look in. Kay did a great job on me the only problem was that I could see a little bit of razor stubble.

I leaned up and gave Kay one of the deepest sexiest kisses I have ever given her. She was responding to me like she had never been kissed that way before. I know I was turned on, and the way Kay was acting I think she was too. When I got done it was sexy to see Kay's lips covered with the lipstick that she had just put on me.

I had Kay lay down on the bed, while I rubbed my silken body against her. Something was missing! Even though Kay has a sexy body, I wanted her to be wearing something silky too so I got up and went and picked out a white chemise for her to wear with matching panties. Kay seemed confused, but I told her that the lady of the house should never sleep naked and I being her humble servant should be allowed to make sure she is acting like a lady.

After she was ready for bed, I crawled in next to her.

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