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Three On One.

But he jerks his head back, looses his balance and falls to the floor between her legs. He looks up at his mother in fear and astonishment. He does not know what to do.

"I said suck my tit you little bastard." She grabs him by the hair and pulls him into a standing position. She wraps her large legs around his little body, holding him in a vice-like grip. While holding him by the hair with her left hand and cupping her right breast with her other hand, she shoves her nipple into his face. She again orders him to suck her tit.

He dare not disobey her. As he begins to suck her she closes her eyes. His eyes are wide open, watching her face. He continues to suck her nipple.

She lets go of her breast and grabs his left wrist. She puts his hand between her thighs. He can feel her hair, her wetness. She rubs his hand against herself and begins to moan. It is the same moan he heard coming from her bedroom several times earlier today. After several minutes her moans become louder and she begins to thrust her hips against his body. Then she screams out, scaring Edgar.

He stops sucking her and pulls his hand out from between her legs. He then tries to wriggle out from between her legs but she is too strong. She yanks on his hair.

"I thought I told you to suck my tit you little bastard. Now suck it!"

He again begins to suck her right nipple, keeping his wide open eyes fixed on her face. He dare not disobey her.

Through two newscasts and a game show which followed them, she holds him between her thighs while her left hand clutches tight onto his hair. For an hour and a half she forces him to suck her nipple.

When the game show is over she drags him by his hair into the punishment room. Once there she throws him across the room and pushes a love seat in front of the door, blocking his escape and revealing an eyebolt driven into the baseboard.

Next she does what she has always done when she is angry at him. She rips off all his clothes. Then she takes some leg manacles out of the closet and shackles his ankles to the eyebolt. Next she ties his hands in front of him with a cord. Then she holds him by the hair and beats him with one of his father's belts. She beats him until he has numerous welt marks on his back, buttocks and thighs.

Then she leaves him lying on the bare floor and crying. She takes his clothes with her when she goes.

The next afternoon she comes into the room and takes off the shackles and unties him. She drags him to the bathroom and orders him to relieve himself; she watches him the whole time. When he is finished she sends him to his bedroom with a warning that if he tells his father about anything that happened she will kill both him and his father. Just before his father comes home from hunting, she brings him a cold bowl of oatmeal to eat. It is the only thing he has eaten in two days.

That is the way it has been all of his life. The only memories Edgar has of his mother are of her sexually molesting him, ripping his clothes off, tying him up and beating him.

His father left the day after his ninth birthday, telling her that he had had enough of her nagging and hollering at him. The following day she removed the love seat and a sewing desk and chair from the punishment room. Next she fixed up the chain, cable and eyebolts in the ceiling. That's also when she bought her Snake.

Then she beat him and fed him cold oatmeal for three days.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

The next afternoon she comes in with a large stainless steel chamber pot. She says nothing to him. She just stands over him . . . waiting . . . waiting.

He has been sitting on the floor in the fetal position with his arms wrapped around his legs, trying to keep his naked body warm. The torn T-shirt is lying on the floor next to him. There is neither heat nor air conditioning in the room; she closed the vent years ago.

But he knows what she was waiting for. He feels ashamed. He silently hopes that she will just drop the pot within his reach and leave. But she does not. She just stands there and waits.


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