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She gets first sexual experience with other woman.

"We have all night together" he whispered and Lorraine shuddered with excitement, that at last she had the presence of a guy next to her in bed again. All the more special because, unlike Danny who shared her bed, she was sharing Robby's and it was also very thrilling being encompassed in his strong arms and feeling his wandering hands explore her, still wearing her underwear.

She enjoyed his touching and teasing and it was easy for her to respond and do likewise to him. Her passion soon ripened and she wanted everything Robby had to offer. She also had so much to give and she wanted Robby to know that he need not want for anything.

It was lovely to taste the nectar of man again and a real joy to take him deeply into her mouth as he responded with all those vibrating sounds that meant pleasure and satisfaction. And what he was doing to her orally was equally as thrilling and highly charged and this guy knew it all when it came to doing intimately what a woman enjoys.

Lorraine really felt, perhaps more the before, she could really fall for Robby - when he began to fuck her he murmured she was everything he wanted her to be, rough, gentle, whatever; she was very ready and willing both physically and emotionally. For a woman to feel that way about a guy, says it all. For her it was never just the sex but very much more, and she hoped the sex would contribute to that.

She aimed to enjoy herself and have some fun. And it really felt so food with Robby whom she called her sex bomb.

She enjoyed the sex of course. It was wonderful and sensual with Robby. And they certainly expended themselves until at last they slumbered feeling the sheer ecstasy of the after fuck and all the wonderful foreplay that led to it.

Lorraine felt so good that it was her who craved for some more of the same in the middle of the night, and given a little persuasion Robby was soon up and ready when she gently and slowly sucked him, and she still felt the taste of him as he fucked her so deeply.

In the morning he took the initiative when, laying with her back to him, she felt him hard between her buttocks. She felt him kiss her neck and nibble her ear lobe and she twisted her head to enjoy a wonderfully sensual deep French kiss which soon lured her to turn and lay on her back ready for his entry.

She felt his resilient fuck reach its crescendo and soon she followed, it was out of this world as he burst inside her and expended all his energy with one strong final thrust, and she was completely his.

She felt sad and yet happy when he drove her back home and they shared that parting kiss.

She wanted him again and waited for his call. He said it would be nice again if they could make a date same time next week.

She wanted that. She really did, she was out there and living again. It was beautiful and the feeling of being with Robby was so good,

Lorraine had cried so much about Mike. All she wanted was to be loved and needed. She needed to feel that she was a real woman again and all that meant both emotionally and physically to a woman. How could she just continue willy-nilly to wait for Mike when all the time days, months and years were passing and leaving her behind? She was just in her early forties for heaven's sake and had so much love and passion to give to that special person she could hold dear and share their life together until death do them part. That's how it goes isn't it? But it would be a perfect world if that was always the case.

Lorraine realized after much meditation and thought that indeed she couldn't just hang about any more and it was up to her, and her alone to do something about it.

So, it was early days with Robby and she did like him, but would it materialise into something much more?

By the third time she slept with him she just let herself go and enjoyed him to the full.

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