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A test in pain.

She tries to sit up. I grab her hand and help her into a half sitting half slumping position.

"I can't sleep in this." She grabs at the top part of her outfit and pulls it down, past her breasts.

My heart catches in my throat. I'm shocked by the abruptness of her undressing. I haven't seen my little girl naked since she was in diapers. Now she sits in front of me bare chested. Full and round, nipples rock hard and perkier than any woman my age.

She grabs at the top again, now around her waist and tries to pull it further down.

"I need this off, I can't sleep in it." she slurs and flops backward on the bed. "Help me." she whines.

I swallow hard and walk to her. "You need me to take this off?"

"Please daddy."

I reach my shaking hands toward her waist and slip my fingers under her clothes just below her breasts, pulling down slowly. Watching as it sends goose bumps up her tummy and tightening her nipples.

My cock twitches. I have never thought of my daughter in a way that would harden my cock before. I feel guilty for my thought and my body's reaction. But I don't stop pulling down her clothes. I'm at her belly button now and I'm still pulling, about to expose her lower half. My cock pressing hard against my pants.

"Hurry up daddy, I have to pee."

Panic sets in as I realize I'm going to have to help her with that.

"Are you sure you have to go? Maybe it might go away if you just go to sleep." I almost beg her to agree.

"I really have to go. Take my clothes off."

I choke and cough. Shocked at what images my brain is conjuring to go along with her words, her young tight little pussy dripping wet with her pee.

I pull her arm and sit her up, then lean in and lift her from her armpits to stand her up. She falls forward into my arms. Smashing her boobs into my chest.

I feel dizzy, lust clouding my vision.

I walk her into her bathroom and lean her against the counter to take her clothes the rest of the way down. I put my thumbs under the fabric and slide it downward. I have to bend to bring her shorts past her knees and I watch as I come face to face with her bare pussy. I instinctively breathe in. The scent of her pussy inches from my face makes my cock painfully hard. She lifts her foot to help get out of her clothes and I can see the shape of her pussy lips and the fold over her clit. It's puffy and very young. My thoughts are flooded with being inside her tight young pussy.

I shake my head trying to stay on task. I slowly bring myself to stand in front her, dragging my face slowly up her body.

She slings one arm over my shoulder trying to walk. I take most of her weight and direct her to the toilet. I set her down and she quickly lets go. She pees for one minute straight.

She giggles. "That feels so funny, daddy, I must be on some good shit right now."

I stare at her chest as she talks, unable to fully comprehend her words.

"I said all done, daddy. Can you help me wipe?"

"I'm sure you'll be fine. Let's get you in bed."

"I won't be fine; I'll have pee dripping down my leg if you don't wipe me."

She spreads her legs wide and waits for me. I grab a handful of toilet paper and stare at my target. Her pussy is glistening. My hand moves forward and is between her legs before I realize it's moving. I hear myself breathing hard and heavy.

I try and stop myself but I can't. I drop the paper and slide my finger up her pussy slit as I draw my hand from between her young thighs. The pit of my stomach pinches as I feel my guilt.

"Come on you're done." I yank her arms a lilt too hard as I drag her up into my arms, she clings to me.

"My head hurts and feels really weird. I want to sit in the bath."

She still can't open her eyes all the way and her words are mumbled and slurring. I want to put her in the bath. I need more than anything to see her naked body wet. But I'm her dad and my guilt is too strong. I try and encourage her to go to bed instead telling her a goodnight sleep would be better for her. But she is strong willed and it doesn't work.

"You never

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