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A husband and wife find a new life.

My cock was a steel rod against her ass, and she gave it a gentle squeeze as she reminded me of our deal. "Remember when it was your turn and you made me lick that woman's ass while you fucked her? It can't be any harder than that. Now stop complaining and obey Mr. William."

William laughed. "Don't worry Charles. I would much rather have your pretty wife suck me than you. But I will have some other chores for you. Now pull that dress off her shoulders and lean her over so I can taste those succulent olives."

I did as he ordered, bending her at the waist so her full breasts hung in front of his face, the engorged nipples begging to be sucked. He moved his head from side to side, using his nose to rub first one bud, then the other. The way his shoulder moved I knew his hand was still working under her skirt.

"Ohhh.... goddddd.... damnnn.... please.........", she wanted him to take her.

Then he began slapping her tits, first from the sides and then up from below. They bounced and jiggled as the skin reddened. I held her so she could not back away, and he kept it up until she was gasping. Mild tit torture like this always brought her to a fever pitch. If he had put nipple clamps on her she probably would have cum on the spot.

"So delicious and spankable," he said. Now spread her legs for me Charles. And bunch her dress up around her waist. I want to be able to reach her ass."

Going down on one knee I took hold of an ankle and moved it to the side. With my other hand I shimmied the tight dress up her legs and over her bare ass. My nose ended up nuzzling between her cheeks, the odor of her arousal invading my nostrils like smoke from a smoldering fire.

"AAAHHHHHH.....", she began whimpering and shifting her weight from foot to foot. "Charles, he's got my whole tit in his mouth! My godddd......"

I barely had time to picture what he was doing to her with his mouth when I felt his fingers come up between her legs and touch my chin. He must have let go of her tit, because I heard his voice loud and clear. "Keep your mouth right there, Charles. Use your tongue to wet her ass hole so I can get my finger in."

At that point my lust knew no limits. I pulled open her cheeks and probed her with my wet tongue. She was asking for it, and she was going to get it. His middle finger slid over my lips and curled up into her.

"GAAAWWWW...." Her legs began shaking but she held her position, leaning over him with her tits dangling in his face. One of his hands worked her ass, while the other remained on her pussy. A sucking sound told me that his mouth had recaptured a nipple. With all that stimulation she was not going to last long.

I stood to one side and watched as my wife was taken higher and higher. When I heard the low moans in her throat and saw her toes begin to curl I knew she was close. William sensed it too, and he increased the pace of his assaults on her body.

"MY GOD... Charles.....I"M CUMMINGGGG..... OHHH....YESSSSSSS..."

William kept at her to prolong the crest, until finally she sighed and collapsed into his lap, his finger was still buried in her ass. With his other hand he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so he could put his mouth on hers. She squirmed on his finger and returned the kiss passionately.

They both ignored me; it was like I was not even in the room. He fondled her breasts and kept kissing her, gradually reigniting her lust to match his own. I felt awkward standing there beside them, so I crossed the room and sat in a chair, my cock still rock hard. William had my wife's number, and I was excited to see what he would do next.

He was still in his chair with her on his lap. I suspected his cock would be wanting some attention by now, and I was right.

"Get up honey. It's time for you to do some of the work. Charles, come over here and untie your wife's hands. Then help her get her clothes completely off."

His constantly referring to her as my wife was adding to my humiliation, and my excitement.

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