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He's teaching her the error of her ways.

o you want to know?

Me: Of course

Her: Black bra and panties.... And the panties are a little damp

Me: Do you want to take them off?

Her: Here? In the office? I don't know

Me: Don't you want to? Is anyone else with you? Take them off

Her: OK. Just a moment


Her: I went to the rest room and took my panties off

Me: How does it feel?

Her: I'm even more excited

Me: Would you like to pull your skirt a little higher on your thighs? I think it would feel good, and look nice.

Her: It's done. You are exciting me, Marie-Paule

Me: How far below your sex is your skirt, Marie?

Her: Maybe three or four inches. Should I raise it some more?

Me: Yes

Her: I'm sitting bare-assed on my chair. My skirt isn't hiding anything at all...I've called Shaun into my office, he's reading what you write. He can see my naked sex. I would like to show off, like you, Marie-Paule.

Me: How do you feel about someone else seeing your naked sex, Marie?

Her: The idea excites me a lot.... Shaun, too!

Me: Is there anyone around to whom you would like to show yourself?

Her: I don't know...... Caroline maybe, she's the receptionist. She's younger than me, late twenties, very pretty.

MeWould you lke her to see you as you are now? Does that turn you on?

Her: : Oh, yes.... A lot! But I could lose my job if she took it badly. Shaun is saying go for it. I'm so excited I'm dripping.

Me: Let me think. Could you arrange things so that she is in your office, but so that only Shaun can see how exposed you are?

Her: I think so...... I'm going to try..... This is just so exciting....Wish me luck, Marie-Paule. I'm going to call her in

Long pause

Me: Are you there, Marie?......Marie? Hello? If you can read this, think of what you could say to Caroline. That you are naked under your skirt, that you are really hot, and that you are itching to show her your naked sex

Her: Caroline is reading what you are writing

Me: Wow! Really??

Her: Yes. She's reading over my shoulder. I asked her to read my screen

Me: How is she reacting?

Her: She's gone

Me: Gone? What happened? Tell me

Her: I called her in. Shaun said to her can you smell an unusual perfume in here, Caroline? The whole office smells of sex, Marie-Paule! She blushed. I told her that I was chatting with you, and that you were turning me on. I asked her to read the screen. She came over and must have seen my skirt round my waist, but she read the screen anyway. Then she said she had some work to do and started to go. But as she left the office, I called her name. She turned towards me, and I spun on my chair and opened my thighs to show her everything.

Me: What are you feeling now?

Her: Mostly fear. I didn't know I was capable of doing that. I understand now how you get turned on by exhibiting yourself, Marie-Paule.

Me: Did you like doing it?

Her: It felt fantastic. Wait a moment.

Pause. I can't find a way to convey how the speed and fluency of the typing told me that someone else was at the keyboard.

Me: Hello?

CHi, this is Caroline.

Me: Hello. Did you enjoy that? Did Marie shock you? Can you tell me what happened?

CWhen I came into the room, it smelt of sex. I recognised it straight away. I got screwed by my older brother at the age of nine, so it isn't new for me.

Me: Ow!

CMarie said a few vague things to do with work, then Shaun asked if I noticed a strange perfume. I think I went red. When I came over to Marie's desk, I could see her skirt was up round her hips. I read the screen, and didn't know what to do. It excited me. I was on my way out, when Marie called me and showed me her cunt. Her hairs were wet and sticky. I could see her cunt lips all red and swollen. I had to get out, it was gross but exciting. I went to the restroom and took off my pantyhose and panties. Now I'm back in her office and I'm naked under my skirt, like Marie. She wants me to show her my cunt, but she says you have to give your permission.

Me: Feel free, Caroline!

CDone! And I stroked Shaun's prick through his pants, too! Now I really do have work to do. Bye, Marie-Paule


Marie: What

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