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My pregnant wife is away visiting her mom.

Watching it reach, strain to be touched by me. I go back over your stomach, chest, shoulders and arms. Lean down and kiss you passionately on the lips and then place the feather on the table.

I move to the box again and remove a rolling pin. You give me a quizzical look and I lean down and whisper in your ear to trust me and kiss you passionately on the lips. I take the rolling pin and lightly, ever so lightly roll it over your face. Applying a little more pressure as I roll it over your chest, down your arms, your stomach, grazing your cock as I make my way to your legs. Moving the full length of your legs to your feet, rolling it over the top and then bottom of both. And then gradually working my way back up. Leaning over, kissing you passionately on the lips and laying the rolling pin on the table next to the bed.

Your cock is very hard now and I can see the desire and yearning in your eyes. I lean over and whisper, do you want me? You say yes and moan for me. I kiss you on the nose and move back to the box. This time I pull out a bowl of fresh fruit realizing that you are probably very hungry. You watch me intently. I take a strawberry from the bowl and slide it into my wet pussy. Covering it with my sweet juices. I remove it and offer it to you. You lift your head in anticipation of having it in your mouth. I place it just barely on your lips and your tongue darts out to taste it. You open your mouth wide and sink your teeth into it as if you were sinking your teeth deep into my clit.

As you lick your lips of my sweet juices you continue to watch me. I kiss you passionately and then move back to the box, this time bringing out a small bowl of ice. I see the delight in your eyes, knowing how much you like ice being used on you. I take a cube from the bowl and place it in my mouth and then place it on your forehead, running it slowly over your face paying close attention to your lips, letting it slide into your mouth. I take another piece from the bowl and start with the fingers on your right hand, moving it slowly over each one of them and then up your arm, across your shoulders and down your other arm and fingers. Again I feed the end of the cube to you, sliding into your mouth. I take another cube and this time run it over your chest, going very slowly over both your nipples, watching them turn red and harden to the coldness. Run it down over your belly and to your belly button, letting it sit there and continue melting.

I take yet another cube and start at the top of your right thigh, slowly moving down to your knee, down your calf to your foot, your toes and to the bottom of your foot. I move to the bottom of your left foot, up over your toes and up your calf, over your knee to your thigh. This time I slide the remains into my mouth. I then take the last piece of ice and place it on your balls, massaging them with my hands, feeling them shrink from the cold. I slowly make my way up the shaft of your hard cock watching it react to the cold of the ice, watching it try to pull away from it. I move up to the tip, over the opening and down the other side. Allowing your entire cock to get cold and then I take the remainder of that piece into my mouth.

I kiss you passionately and then move back to the box, you have no idea what I could be pulling out of it now, or even imagine that there could be anything left in it.

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