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Things get dirty between cousins.

.. knowing I could never get enough.

When Greg pulled out, he said, impressed, "Fuck, he's a natural."

"I know," the Minister agreed as he slid his cock back into my mouth and took control, beginning to face fuck me... although slowly.

My focus switched from sucking dick to taking dick, which were two similar yet different experiences.

While sucking dick I was in charge. I controlled the pace. I controlled the depth. I controlled when he came.

When taking dick I was just a vessel for his pleasure. A pair of lips to use. A throat to probe or not. A mouth to receive a load.

Oddly, I enjoy both experiences.

They both did, of course, end in the same result... a white, sticky, gooey load, and warmth in my belly.

"He doesn't take it in the ass?" Greg asked, as seven inches slowly slid in and out of my mouth and throat. I knew if I succeeded in keeping my throat relaxed, I wouldn't gag, and I was doing very well.

My eyes went wide as he added a moment later, "Well, that will need to change,"

"Not all cock suckers become faggots, Greg," the Minister pointed out.

"All cock suckers become faggots," Greg countered. "And trust me, Brian here is a faggot whether he knows it yet or not. No one sucks cock like that and doesn't eventually get curious about what it would feel like to have his ass fucked."

It was weird to hear them having a conversation about me while I was just an innocent bystander... or rather bykneeler... with a cock in my mouth. It was also nerve-wracking to listen to Greg's confident assumptions.

I liked sucking cock.

I liked swallowing cum.

But taking it up the ass was a whole different level I hadn't really seriously considered.

Taking it up the ass was gay.

I was a cock sucker, I was not a faggot.

The Minister replied, "Well, the church accepts all. The straight, the straight cock suckers, the straight men who use straight cock suckers, and the bottoms."

"Trust me, he's definitely a bottom," Greg said confidently. "And when he takes it in the ass once, he'll be transformed instantly into an eager two-hole faggot."

The Minister pulled out and asked, "Do you want to take it in the ass, Brian?"

The question asked, my eyes went wide. I stammered, "N-n-no, sir."

"You hear that uncertain resistance?" Greg chuckled, "He's already accepted deep down that he wants it."

"Perhaps," the Minister responded, returning his cock to my waiting mouth, "but that decision is up to him and his girlfriend."

"He has a girlfriend?" Greg asked, genuinely surprised.

"Yes, you've met Rose," the Minister said, as he began fucking my face faster.

"He's dating Rose?" Greg asked, even though that had been made pretty clear.

"Yep," the Minister replied, as he grabbed my head and slammed his entire sword in my mouth, his balls bouncing off my chin.

I gagged briefly, surprised by the sudden roughness, but then adjusted and just relaxed, allowing this man of the Lord to use my mouth for his pleasure.

At the very last second he pulled out and exploded a massive load all over my face... it happening so suddenly my eyes were wide open and they both got hit with jets of stinging cum.

He grunted as his warm cream coated my face, "Here is your baptism into our church, Brian."

I knelt there enjoying a huge facial, my own cock rock hard.

"Definitely a faggot," Greg reaffirmed, as my mouth remained open to catch any last remnants of cum, and offering his own cock back into my oral facility for a cleaning and last chance cum extraction.

"Definitely a great cock sucker and a perfect addition to the church," the Minister approved, as he also allowed me the privilege of cleaning off his cock.

I sucked it thoroughly until he pulled out a minute later.

"Greg, clean him up," the Minister ordered.

"Yeah, hate for all that cum to go to waste," he replied, and a moment later I felt a tongue begin licking my face.

I was repulsed.

I had no problem with a cock in my mouth or a bag and balls, bu

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