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The culmination of the four dirty sex and Anal drills.

Today my thoughts repeated endlessly in my mind; I was a slut looking to get laid. The difference today was I chose to go to a club, perhaps this would be a better atmosphere with some strong men. Who knows, maybe getting away from the gambling tables was what I just needed to do.

A little after 10 pm I headed out to a club called the Desert Fox. I had inquired with several of the hotel staff of where in town to go partying. This place came highly recommended by the concierge.

Sure enough, no lie the men were far better specimens for fathering a child. And there were at least three men for every two women. Scanning the room I could see meeting men would be easy. The majority of the bitches were "bow-wow" ugly. Not even the most hard-up man would touch half of these dogs. As a result I enjoyed being approached all evening. It was clear several of the guys wanted the chance to take me home, but I had my eye on one man that came in about an hour after I had arrived. He was 6ft tall with blond hair. He looked like Rutger Hauer, the actor. He was strong and hansome, he was perfect for the job!

I made sure we met, with a lady-like smile I brushed by him on my way to the ladies room. After I returned we met and talked at the bar for a some time. I found out he was from Holland, just like Rutger, and was here on an extended business trip with a colleague in the gaming industry. He worked for a Dutch consulting firm that was exchanging business practices with Harrah's and Holland Casino.

We danced through several songs including a slow one, followed by several drinks and some nice conversation. In the end I let him kiss me goodnight while agreeing to meet again the next night at 10 pm. I was sure I had found my donor, he was strong, intelligent and had a sense of humour.

We parted directions. I left in nervous anticipation of my next night.

Sunday Night.

I went through the same routine again. This time I even had gone shoping for some different clothes. A short suede skirt, fishnet stockings and a low cut halter without a bra would have to get the job done. This time I knew exactly who I was dressing for. I made myself up pretty darn good, I even perfumed my pussy in preparation. Everything was going to be right.

I left for the Desert Fox by taxi at nine-thirty, arriving at the bar ten minutes early. I nervously waited to see if Marcel would actually show up, or if it all been a waste. Wow, here I was, a gay woman wondering if I would be stood up by a man. Good God, if he only knew what I was up to.

At precisely 10pm sharp he took a seat next to me at the bar, only this time he was alone, no colleague. We talked for a while and after a good two hours of chatting about Holland, drinking and dancing he casually asked me to his hotel. Without an answer I let him take my hand and leed me to the door.

Now this was a new experience for me. I had never even dated a man, never. Yet I was letting a man take me out. Wow, I was overwhelmed. And even more I had planned to get fucked by him. In his car, a rental, I let him kiss me. He frenched me and made his move to feel my breasts. This was a feeling I had never had before. Before I knew what was happening he had his hand on my leg progressing up my stockings until he reached the top of the thigh-highs. I knew he was enjoying his adventure I began rubbing his chest as he reached my pussy. I came to me senses and said to him "I think we should head somewhere a little bit more private shouldn't we?"

So here I was nervously riding an elevator to a man's hotel room. I let him kiss and explore during the ride to the ninth floor.

Now, technically I was still a virgin, I think, as I had never been with a man. I had done everything imaginable with women, but never a man.

I suppose never having had my pussy filled with a real dick, never being filled with cum technically qualified me as a virgin.

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