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A few words from Mistress Felicity.

The next item was dinner. By the time she was due home, I had her dinner warming in the oven. I took a shower, wrote a quick note and left the apartment. The note read:

Hey babe, tonight's the night. Your dinner is in the oven. The rest is up to you to figure out. I love you.

An hour later I was sitting in the back row of the theater, a baseball cap covering much of my face. I was the invisible man watching the people file in for the movie. I was starting to worry she might not make it when I saw Deanna walk in and look around for me. She seemed confused when she couldn't find me. I had always loved Deanna in that dress. It contrasted with her olive skin and dark hair. I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world and immediately grew hard. She picked out a seat and put her coat over the one next to her, saving it for me. God I love this girl.

I decided to let her squirm a while and stayed put through the coming attractions and the first ten minutes of the movie before making my move. The theater was fairly crowded by now. There were people sitting several seats away from her on both sides and as I came down the aisle I kept my head down, hiding behind the bill of the cap. When I got to the seat next to Deanna I picked up her coat, handed it to her, and sat down. When she began telling me that the seat was saved for someone, I looked up and our eyes met. I raised my finger to my lips, shushing her. She smiled widely when she realized it was me and folded her coat on her lap.

Pointing to the screen, I indicated that she should watch the movie and for five minutes we sat quietly doing just that. To the people sitting around us we were just two strangers sitting in a dark theater. During a spectacular chase seen, I let my hand slowly slide across the space between our legs. As my fingers lightly brushed the outside of her thigh, Deanna looked over at me. Again I pointed at the screen and she got the message. Over the next few minutes I managed to get my hand between her coat and her thighs. Working slowly and patiently, I slid the white dress up almost to her waist. The coat covered things and the theater was fairly dark so I began to explore Deanna's inner thighs.

As my fingers touched her panties, I knew she had worn the ones I had laid out for her. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Deanna's face as I slid my finger up and down her slit from outside of the silky panties. Her face showed no clue of what was going on, but I could see her breathing was deeper and a little faster. The feel of her now wet pussy lips against the silkiness of the panties was incredible. Deanna shifted her weight in the seat, in the process opening her legs a little wider to give me better access. As I slid the panties to the side my fingers contacted her dripping pussy.

I slid my finger up and down her channel a few times, then withdrew my hand and pulled it back. Deanna looked over to see why I had stopped just in time to see me slip my finger into my mouth. At this she smiled and looked back at the screen. My hand was quickly back to work and soon I could tell that Deanna was very close to coming. Slowing down a little, I let her cool down before bringing her to the brink again. By now her eyes were closed tightly as she concentrated on being silent and still.

Looking past Deanna down the aisle, I noticed that the couple a few seats away were stealing glances at us and whispering. When our eyes met they both smiled knowingly. This was quite a turn-on for me. I noticed that one of her hands had disappeared under his coat. Leaning over, I whispered into Deanna's ear that she should have a look but be nonchalant about it. The sight seemed to do something to her and I could feel her begin to climax. Her pussy spasmed against my hand and she fought hard to stay still.

A few minutes later, with several of my fingers inside her, Deanna climaxed again.

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