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Can reality ever live up to fantasy?

She reached down and spread my knees apart, my cock jutting out over my abdomen and my balls hanging down. She stepped in between my legs and looked down at me. Her nipples were rock hard and clearly visible through the material of her skirt. The feeling of her dominating me, being in control, standing over me, had me incredibly turned on.

She slowly lowered down to her knees and brought her lips down to my cock. I watched as she gently kissed the head of my cock and licked the pre-cum from its tip. She brought her tongue out and slowly licked down the entire length of my cock, gently kissing it as she made her way back up. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation as she continued, slowly and gently.

After a few minutes, unbelievably I heard our doorbell ring. "Dammit, who is possibly at our door at 10PM on a Saturday night?" The night was turning out far, far better than any night at a bar could and the last thing I wanted was some random interruption.

Sara stood up and said, "Don't worry, stay here and I'll get it. Don't move." Normally I would've been the one to go to the door but with the current state of affairs there wasn't much of a choice. She put her fingers over my eyes and I closed them. I heard her heels click on the wood floor as she was walking out to get the door. She said, "Don't forget, I'm in control tonight. Stay right there."

I relaxed and followed her instructions: don't move. I could feel the light moisture from her lips and tongue on my cock. As I thought about her, about her tongue, her breasts, her ass, her pussy, my cock twitched...I couldn't wait for her to get back.

The front door is a few rooms away from the living room, far enough that I couldn't clearly hear what she was doing. I heard the front door open and then shut. I then heard footsteps coming back towards the living room...but they definitely weren't only Sara's.

I flicked my eyes open and saw Sara walk back into the room with three of her friends behind her. I had met them before and we had all gone out numerous times. Jessica, Sasha and Giselle were all friends of Sara's that she's known for years, all as equally attractive as Sara and intelligent. They were all dressed like Sara, as if they were going out to a bar or a club. Each one of them was looking up and down my toned body with special attention paid to my exposed, completely erect cock. I was in such complete surprise that I didn't even move, I just stayed exactly where I was. I felt my erection get even harder than it had already been and my cock twitched again.

"I think I forgot to mention that I had invited some friends over tonight. They're going to stay for a little while but I don't think that changes our plans for the evening." Sara gestured and her friends sat down on a couch that is across the room from the couch I was sitting on, directly facing me. Sara sat down on an ottoman to the right of the couch her friends were sitting on, looking at me.

I had no idea what to even say. We had never done anything even remotely close to this...sure, we'd had sex in some somewhat dangerous places, we'd left the curtains open a few times, et cetera but nothing like this.

I saw Giselle lick her lips slightly. Sara leaned forward and said, "I want you to reach down and wrap your fingers around that delicious cock." After she said that, each of the girls smiled a bit.

I didn't really think about it, I just moved my hand down and did exactly what she said. "Now, start to slowly jack yourself off. I want you to start at the base and use every bit of your cock." I started to move my hand up and down, feeling each stroke. My cock was rock hard and my balls were drawn tight. After a few strokes I looked up at Sara's friends. Each one was starting to get flushed and they each had a serious look of hunger. I saw that Jessica had spread her legs slightly, hiked up her skirt and had her fingers slowly moving inside her panties.

"Tighten your grip.

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