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He seduces the minister's sexy wife.

She was lost in that thought when he turned to her and looked into her eyes greedily and instructed her once again.

"Wrap your hand around my cock and jerk me off with one hand and pull on my balls with your other hand. Make sure you use your fingernails when you pull on my balls. I love the way that feels."

Suzanne moved over between his legs and slowly wrapped her small hands around his cock. She moved them up and down his shaft softly and then used her nails to pull on his balls with the other hand.

Jonathan's eyes rolled back in his head. He could not believe how good her hands felt all over his cock and pulling on his balls. Her hands were soft and ger strokes were slowly moving up and down the length of his shaft. She was scraping her nails on his balls as she pulled them and his cock lurched when she did it the first time. He looked at her and their eyes met. It was the sexiest look he had ever seen from her. Jonathan could not believe this was happening. He settled down into the rhythm of her slow strokes and sharp tugs at his balls. He wanted to enjoy the way this felt right now. He wanted this feeling of being with her to last.

Suzanne wanted to do this right for him and be rewarded. She continued to move slowly up and down his cock and on about every third stroke she would pull on his balls, scraping them with her fingernails. Each time she became bolder than the last until she was sure she was hurting him but he did not stop her. He arched his back and his hips jerked each time she did it. His cock was leaking pre-cum and she wanted to lick it off but knew better than to do anything before she had been instructed to do so.

After a few minutes Jonathan told her, "Kneel next to me on the couch."

Suzanne silently complied with his command and climbed up beside him, kneeling perpendicularly to him. She then bent at the waist and began stroking his cock and tugging and scraping at his balls once again. She was enjoying this. The control, having his warm, hard cock in her hands and causing him a gentle amount of pain each time she pulled and scraped.

She had been jerking him off for a few minutes when she felt him slap her ass. She yelped loudly in surprise and closed her eyes to the sweet sting of her left ass cheek. Suzanne inhaled deeply and began stroking his cock again in earnest. Jonathan reared back again and swung swiftly. The slap was louder and more painful this time. She lurched with it and bit her lip to keep from vocalizing the pain. She loved this. The third slap hit her right ass cheek and made her wince from the pain. Her left cheek was now pleasantly pink and beginning to deepen to a nice red color.

Jonathan rubbed her ass softly and told her "Suck my cock."

She had been waiting for this and dove down on his stiff member with her mouth. Taking it all in her mouth and coating it with her saliva. As his cock was wedged in her mouth Suzanne had become lost in thought about what had begun the day before and was happening now and how she had gotten here. Giggling to herself silently as she went through it all she continued to suck and lather his cock with her tongue and lips.

Jonathan moaned as she sucked him.

"You are an exquisite cocksucker!" He had told her then in the heat of the moment. Her lips swelled around his girth and her cheeks convex with the gentle sucking she applied as she slurped noisily on his cock. She twirled her head violently from left to right and Jonathan thought he would lose control and cum in her mouth right then. The way the head of his cock rubbed up against the sides of her throat and cheeks as she moved made his balls tense up and he grabbed her hair forcefully in response. He was not ready to cum yet. His body told him to but he had more plans for her.

She was an exquisite cocksucker.

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