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John is re-admitted to hospital.

He was giving me my cake on a platter but would I eat it?


I looked at him and gave him a look which said come on then show me what you can do if you think your so good. Up till now we had not touched. He told me to drop my head and close my eyes. He moved closer and brushed my hair from the back of my neck. As soon as he touched my hair my heart leapt from its home to my mouth. It began to race as he breathed on my neck. His hot breath sent shivers down my spine and I was already throbbing.

I could feel his whole body next to me and his presence filled my mind. He wasn't even touching me, I felt like a sexual time bomb about to blow as soon as he did. He was teasing me with his lips, breathing on me so I knew how close he was with out touching me. He was sitting behind me now and I felt his arms go around me and pull my top out from my jeans.

I could still feel his head close to mine. He brushed his cheek against mine and I turned towards him. He placed both hands round my head and turned my head back. I nearly melted to his touch his hand were warm and soft. I was at his mercy, I was putty in his hand, he could do what he wanted and I would probably let him.

He ran his hands down and stroked my neck with delicate brush of his fingers. He had found another of my erogenous zones and was stroking me to ecstasy. I couldn't help but squirm in my seat. I was throbbing so much that I thought he would have to feel it. I wondered if he had an erection and if he was throbbing too. He was looking at me as though he was examining me, concentrating on every thing he did.

He decided now would be a good time to kiss my neck and as he did I let out a gasp. My hot blood was rushing through my body. I was being kissed, nibbled, bitten and I loved it. I had never felt so much passion and desire. I just let myself go and closed my eyes to the rest of the world. I was in my own world now.

He was kissing up my neck and across my face. The trail he left with his lips was tingling. My breathing was getting faster and deeper. He was lifting my top over my head and I let him move my body to where he wanted, after all he initiated this so he could do all the work. He pushed me back on to the bed and placed my arms beside my head on the pillow. He then let his hand fall on to my chest and let them follow the contours of my breasts as he moved down to my jeans.

Every pop of the buttons on my flies made the throbbing in my now sodden cunt even stronger. In a second my shoes, socks and jeans were a crumpled heap on the floor. He looked at me again examining my body, the curves, the hair and colour of my skin. He traced a line around my knickers and bra and left a trail of burning skin. He slowly pushed my bra strap off my shoulders and kissed the top of my breast. I arched my back in pleasure and he put his arms under my back and pulled me up so he could undo my bra.

He then pushed me back on the bed and rubbed me firmly from under my chin, down my neck, down my chest, in-between my breasts and down across my belly to my knickers. He hooked his fingers through them and slid them down over my legs. I was lying there naked and alive in front of this man who was about to ravish me. I was in sexual heaven with a master of the art.

He crawled up between my legs and rubbed his hands up the inside of my thighs. He began to rub my lips and clit and I felt an orgasm well up inside me. He felt me pushing against him to feel his fingers in my cunt and so did the opposite. He was controlling every feeling I was experiencing and he was getting off on it.

He stepped away from me and slowly began to undress; he never took his eyes off me.

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