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Sara continues exploring her submissive nature.

He was a changed man, and was in good shape for a man over 50, so perhaps some of this exuberance was just his way of being thankful.

"Don't be surprised if this spell of meeting new people tapers off, and you find yourself wanting to spend more time with someone, but for now, enjoy yourself and play safely." Once again Jack found himself grateful for the support and wisdom of Angela, and whilst she remained a very attractive woman, Jack was happy to think of her as a good supportive professional, irrespective of the now unmistakeable scent of arousal that was thick in the air, at least to him.

"Will there be any more sessions with you?" he asked. She indicated that the project were not planning any more, however if he wanted to continue to see her after his trip, she'd be happy to book private counselling sessions for him.

Jack said he would be in touch, and she gave him a business card which in addition to normal contact details, included a handwritten mobile number. "You can reach me day or night on that number Jack. I'm here for you if you need me."

Angela closed the door and locked it, and strode back to her desk and her handbag, where she fished out an oval shaped object pressed a button causing it to buzz, swiftly slipping off her skirt and sliding her panties down her thighs, and plunging the vibrator into her wet pussy. This man was nothing extraordinary on the physical level, he was no George Clooney for sure, but he got her incredibly turned on in a way she'd never experienced either professionally or personally. She attacked her pussy and clit, and pawed at her breasts through her blouse, tweaking nipples in an angry recognition that she needed fucked good and proper. She came, one hand buried in her crotch, the other clamped over her mouth to stop the sound of a fierce orgasm racking her body...her legs quivered and quaked, while her pussy pulsed with the ferocity of her orgasm. Yet she was not satisfied, and knew she would be wearing out her boyfriend once again tonight. He'd actually complained at the weekend at being asked for too much sex, and she'd briefly contemplated going out to see if she could pick up someone for casual sex, but her mind prevailed and instead she wore out a couple of sets of batteries.

Her need temporarily sated, she pulled her clothes back on and tried to analyse the situation. She'd been almost hyper sexual (constantly aroused) since the beginning of last week, with her desire peaking immediately after her sessions with Jack. She could detect signs of him being interested in her, but that was not uncommon for female counsellors and something she dealt with from time to time. What was uncommon was her raging libido, which seemed to have no way of being satisfied, however she elected to try to see it out. Ultimately she would know if matters subsided after he went to the US, and while that would tell her who was lighting her fire, it didn't tell her why.

Jack went back to the reception area, and paid attention to his phone for the first time in a couple of hours. In addition to the usual emails, he'd received texts from Alex asking him to make sure he was available at 3pm on Thursday, Julia wondering if he was free for lunch tomorrow and Audrey who was offering Italian lessons if he was interested. While musing on replies, he was called to an office for his appointment with Dr McKellar and Scarlett. After initial pleasantries, Dr McKellar confirmed his medical tests were all as expected, and he was cleared to travel to the US on Friday.

Scarlett confirmed receipt of all the signed documentation, and his visa for the US had been expedited for the extended study.

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