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Cop of patrol answers a very strange call.

" cried Tracy.

Maria already had two fingers inside Tracy and decided to go the whole way and put in all four fingers and she then started gently pumping Tracy.

Tracy reached down, took hold of Maria's wrist and pushed Maria's whole hand into her pussy so that Maria was now fisting her.

"Oh you dirty cow." said Maria. "You just love being fucked don't you?"

Tracy's only response was to writhe around while screaming "Fuck me harder, harder. Fuck me harder"

As she spoke she came and then she simply held Maria's hand in position as she let the waves of emotion sweep over her and slowly subside.

Tracy still had two fingers inside Maria's pussy as the bell in the bar rang.

"Shit." said Maria. "Sally will have to make sure I have one hell of a fucking orgasm when she gets here. All I can say to you Tracy is that was bloody marvellous and can we do it again soon?"

"Oh you bet we can." smiled Tracy as she got of the bed and to go downstairs.

Twenty minutes earlier when the first bell went, Sarah took hold of Claire's hand and led her through to the back sitting room in the Rovers. Being naked from the start had removed everybody's inhibitions and both girls sat on the sofa.

Sarah leaned in to Claire and gently kissed her on the lips.

"Maria says you are a great lover." whispered Sarah between kisses.

"Maria's just amazing." said Claire. "She's so beautiful, but then so are you Sarah."

"Why thank you madam." said Sarah cupping Claire's left breast in her hand.

She started to gently squeeze Claire's breast while continuing to kiss her closed lips.

Claire also reached out and started to fondle both Sarah's breasts and at the same time opened her mouth and let her tongue wander over Sarah's lips.

Sarah immediately responded to Claire by pushing her tongue into her mouth and kissing her hard.

Claire moaned quietly and fidgeted on the sofa.

Sarah became aware of their legs touching each other and she lifted her legs off the floor and put them across the top of Claire's at roughly right angles. Sarah then carefully let her right leg fall back to the floor presenting Claire with her ready and waiting pussy.

Claire had not seen what Sarah had done as she was kissing her with her eyes closed but she could feel and sense what had happened and she lowered her left hand and instinctively found Sarah's already damp pussy.

"Mmm, shaved pussy." mumbled Claire.

"Maria prefers it this way." said Sarah. "She's also shaved hers now."

"I know." said Claire. "It tastes wonderful."

Claire was now very gently running her fingers over Sarah's smooth pussy lips but was being very careful not to work Sarah up too much too soon. She continued to kiss her and fondle her breast making small circular movements round her nipple with the back of her fingers.

Despite her best efforts not to, Sarah was getting extremely worked up and wanted to move things on apace. So she reached down and putting her own hand on top of Claire's she pushed Claire's middle finger into her pussy. Claire started to slowly work her finger in and out of Sarah's pussy and with her other hand she guided Sarah's right hand to her own waiting pussy.

Unlike Sarah, Claire had an untrimmed bush of dark pubic hair and Sarah immediately managed to find her way through it to the waiting delights.

Claire sighed gently as Sarah started to work on her pussy.

Both girls now had their fingers in each others pussies and were still kissing passionately.

Sarah suddenly stopped kissing Claire and without saying a word she stood up on the seat of the sofa so that her pussy was now positioned facing Claire's head.

"Will you lick me Claire? - and tell me, do I taste like Maria?" asked Sarah.

Claire put both her hands on Sarah's bum cheeks and pulled the waiting pussy into her mouth.

Claire licked her pussy with long upward strokes tasting the juices that were coming from her slit.

"Mmm, you taste gorgeous Sarah, but I'll have to investigate more to answer your question."

"Oh investigate all you w

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