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Ben and Emily deal with the aftermath.

But now that sex is something for MY enjoyment rather than his, she's damn proud of it! Suzy-Q's "recasting" from the slave role in my head seems to be what's given her this ability to visit Helen's mind. (It hasn't escaped either of our notice that Helen and I both had shitty lives until Troy & Julie changed them. We have enough in common that, if it hadn't been for how we met, we would definitely be much closer friends by now.)

I guess the best way to describe them nowadays would be "advisors who live in my head." They're not a danger; I don't have blackouts or anything, I can let one of them "take over" if things are stressing me. And there's another little thing I can do with them. Since it was 1:45 when I made it back to our room in the Palace Wing, and Rita wasn't due for a while yet, I had a free moment to lay back on my bed, close my eyes, and...

* * *

Thirteen years ago, a woman began a relationship with an abusive fuck for a crime she didn't commit. She and the other women inside her head escaped from a maximum-security control freak to the Equals House, and then the tiny European Nation of San Finzione. No longer giving a fuck about that prick, they now work at nothing in particular, but seem to end up doing a whole lot of shit for Helen. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you ask me nicely enough; maybe YOU can hire... The Suzy Crew! It's pretty easy, we don't charge anything.


Starring SUSAN BAILEY as Susan "Hannibal" Bailey



And SUE as B.A. Iley

Created by Susan Bailey Watching A Lot Of TV

The ladies and I were, as usual, in costume, (Poor Sue!) with the exception of Suzy-Ho removing Face's suit immediately. Clothes have never really been her thing. We sat around a table at the caf__ outside the San Finzione Marketplace. The Yia-Yia was there, but if she noticed us, we weren't as interesting as her wine.

"Odd choice for a venue." Was the first thing I said, taking a puff of my cigar. I don't usually care for smoking, but since it was in my head anyway, I wasn't bothered this time.

"The A-Team didn't have a base." Suzy-Q replied. She was wearing Murdock's outfit, with the addition of a checkered tablecloth cape tied around her neck. "They just met anywhere. Why not here?" She looked around. "Nice day."

I looked over at Sue; my expression hopefully conveying both "Sorry, but you know I don't choose this stuff" and how serious my effort not to laugh was.

"Are you ok, Sue?" I asked.

"Yeah," Sue replied. "I can work with this." She looked over at Suzy-Q. "Fool Pitying comes to me naturally." I ignored it. The two of them had problems back when Suzy-Q was in the slave role. Sue still complains because that's sort of her thing.

"Well, we've met Lucinda," I told the three of them. "We've seen the sort of person we're dealing with here."

"That's a sort of person?" Suzy-Q asked. That got a giggle from all four of me.

"Technically, yes." I replied. "She's also Maria's family; so, Sue, I already got your idea on the walk back. Without looking it up, I'm pretty sure Helen hasn't decriminalized murder, even if it's La Familia. So, please rethink it and factor that in." Sue nodded. "Does anyone have any ideas on what else to do?" Suzy-Ho started to raise her hand. "That aren't 'turn the party into an orgy?'" Suzy-Ho lowered her hand.

"Well, I think you were right back there." Suzy-Q spoke up. "There's got to be some reason that Helen doesn't just command them to tell her all their schemes."

"Probably because Helen's got plenty of her own and can spot them a mile away." Sue added.

"Well, we know that 'whole family approached her' line is a lie.

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