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A young man learns what it's like to get used in the showers.

He sucked her lower lip into his mouth, biting it ever so softly. She was so turned on. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. For a brief moment she worried that she had no panties to capture the moisture. Then her desire intensified and the moment passed. He pulled back.

"That was nice." he said "you are an incredible sexy lady, Michelle. And that was but a 'tapa poquita', an appetizer you might say, for what lay in store for you in my suite."

"You are pretty damn sexy yourself, Andre." she replied collecting herself and straightening her little black dress.

The elevator dinged. They had arrived at the 43rd floor. The doors opened and Andre gestured for her to exit. He followed with his right hand low on her back, just at the top of her perfectly curved ass. They walked all the way down the hall, past 9 or 10 rooms before stopping in front of 4322.

"22 is my lucky number." she said before he slid the card into the door.

"It sure is Guapa, it sure is." he replied as he slid the card and pressed the door open.

The suite was amazing. Huge. In the center of the room was a king sized bed, turned down, with a chocolate on each pillow. Further into the room one stepped down to the sitting area. There was a mahogany desk, a love-seat, and a coffee table appointed with the typical 'What's On Vegas' magazines. Along the back wall were two large plate glass windows on either side of a sliding glass door that opened to a large balcony overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.

"I didn't think these hotels had rooms that opened to the outside." she said "I love this! I get so sick of the pumped in air. I need fresh."

"Most don't." he replied "but for a price, anything is available in this town."

"You haven't asked me my price." she said demurely with an innocent smile.

"I made my down payment in the elevator, mi dulce." he replied with a devilish grin.

"A drink, my sweet?" he asked slyly changing the subject. "I have a wonderful reserve rioja. It's from a family vineyard.

"Oh, I don't know if I should. Not to wise to accept drinks from a stranger. What if you slipped me something?" she played.

"Oh, but I do plan to slip you something my sweet, only it will not be a drug in your drink." he played back.

He walked to the bar, grabbed the bottle and the wine opener, and uncorked the wine. He over turned two large wine glasses and filled them with the rioja. He handed her a glass and tipped his in her direction.

"To exploring passions." he toasted.

"To new pleasures with new friends." she countered.

She cupped the glass with her right hand and put her left under the stem. She lifted the glass to her lips and took a sip. The subtle flavors of the sweet fruit exploded in her mouth. She closed her eyes and savored the sip, savored the moment. When she opened her eyes Andre had returned his glass to the bar. He then reached for hers, taking it and placing it on the bar.

He took her hand and led her next to the bed. He reached his left hand behind her head and, while pulling her head to his, he reached his right hand to her chin and guided her lips to his. She melted into his kiss. Sensing this he kissed her more deeply. She welcomed his tongue into her mouth. He wasn't stiffly probing but softly exploring. Her lips. Her tongue. Her teeth. He gently pulled on her hair with his left hand pulling her lips from his and her head back. He then went to work on her neck. Kissing. Licking.

She couldn't stand it much longer.

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