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"Captain Liaman of the Arabella," he said. "I am Lieutenant Lasko of the City Watch. The Governor would like to speak to you and your companions."


Most agents of the Vas Dathruun sought promotion with a single-mindedness bordering on fanaticism. Rynech was no different. He didn't plan on spending the rest of his life as the leader of a Succubus unit.
Rynech's unit consisted of himself and two female agents. His primary mission was to locate worthy targets, then get them alone with one of his girls so they could perform the succubus blood magic that would bind the target to the girl.

Once bound, the target was compelled to obey the agent in every way, provided the agent kept a fresh supply of the target's semen inside her. Succubus agents were well-trained in the art of sex. Rynech felt no sympathy for his targets, even if they essentially became puppets. After all, they got fantastic sex every few days... until they were no longer useful.

Girls with the magical talent and disposition to become succubi were rare, and Rynech knew better than to waste an agent on just anyone. Snaring a high-value target could lead to advancement. Choosing a target poorly, on the other hand, often led to a demotion, or worse.

He hated this assignment mostly because of the loss of his true form. The transformation itself was painful, but what he despised most was this weak and ugly human shell. He hated the pale skin of his human face. He missed his own red complexion in the mirror, and could not get used to having a smooth forehead where his lustrous black horns should be. Not being able to taste the air with his forked tongue, and having to walk around without the added balance that a tail provided was disconcerting to say the least.

The only thing that made this job bearable was the way human women seemed to find his adopted shape appealing. He rarely had trouble finding one willing to spread her legs. He'd learned that pussy felt just as good packaged in the white or dark skin of human women as it did in the red of a Karokai female.

Rynech liked to troll for potential targets in the taverns located in the Middens. It was a good place to find the occasional nobleman slumming or a politician looking for the embrace of a woman other than his wife's. Men like these were the type that his masters wanted control of, and when the targets were looking for mischief, his agents did their jobs so much more efficiently.

He liked to arrive early and get settled at a good table before the taverns got too busy. A carefully chosen table meant that he could easily scan the customers as they came in. He had picked the Broken Pot for tonight's hunt, but to his dismay, the best table for his purposes was already occupied by a rather large, stupid-looking gentleman with missing front teeth. With a shrug, he led his two agents, Urniri and Belynn, to the table next to the one occupied by the big oafish-looking man.

He sent Urniri to the bar for drinks and watched her appreciatively as she returned, drawing men's eyes like moths to a flame. Her long, curly red hair framed a lovely face made striking by the green of her eyes. Most men, however, were so mesmerized by her voluptuous breasts that her lovely countenance went mostly under-appreciated.

Belynn was equally beautiful, though she had shorter, dark hair and a lithe, athletic build that promised adventure in the bedroom. Rynech knew that if a man needed to be seduced, then Urniri or Belynn could get the job done.

Urniri bent over as she set their drinks on the table, and her round rear end caught the attention of the big oafish man at the next table. He stopped the incessant muttering that had steadily been irritating Rynech and gaped in silence at her lovely bottom before returning to his drink and his babbling. It seemed even Urniri's ample charms could only temporarily distract him.

"Aramon-damned Outlander," the oaf muttered, and Rynech froze.

It had been less than two weeks since Rynech had been instructed thro

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