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I hesitated no further, and simply tore open my trousers in order to penetrate her immediately, although visions of Anne as she used to be flashed before me as I roughly pounded away until I felt my climax approaching.

"Don't stop! Don't pull out!" she cried out. "I'm on the pill -- you won't make me pregnant!"

I did not stop, and soon felt I had filled her to the brim, as the mixture of our juices oozed out around her cunt lips and the end of my cock.

Afterwards, feeling a little more satiated now, we rolled apart and lay side by side, gazing into the clouds. But eventually we roused ourselves as she thanked me (although it should have been me thanking her) for fulfilling one of her life-time ambitions!

But evening was drawing near, and so I showed her inside the caravan, and she insisted on cooking a meal for us both, although I had to help in the preparations, naturally.

She made no attempt to cover up her semi-nudity, though, and apart from her shoes and socks all she wore was a loosely tied shirt top, fastened in a knot just below her breasts, the tops of her thighs now beginning to appear flaky as my cum and her cream dried onto her.

We had a glorious meal, enhanced by our imbibing a full bottle of wine between us, but when we had finally drunk the last drop she astounded me by putting the empty bottle to her cunt and gently inserting it, I thought at first that she was about to masturbate that way, but instead I was delightfully taken aback when she asked me if she should fill it up again for me!

Before I could say yea or nay, though, I heard the obscene splashing which accompanied her pissing into the bottle.

She practically filled the bottle, as I could see when she finally held it up for me to see, then she deliberately re-sealed it with it cork and place it in the middle of the table.

"If you are into such a thing it will do for your nightcap!" she said lewdly, and seeing a slight disbelief on my face she laughed, and then told me that her brother, Mark, regularly enjoyed such a drink!

"Actually, I am on my way to visit him," she now told me. "Do you remember Janice Webb, my close friend at school?"

When I nodded she continued, "Well, Mark and Janice got married a week or so ago, and they have taken a villa in France for their honeymoon. I agreed to leave them entirely on their own for the start of the honeymoon, but they have both insisted that I join them towards the end. That's why I am hiking there -- it takes up some time and I can enjoy seeing the countryside on the way there."

"But I have just thought -- I have some photographs of them both, and me of course, in my rucksack. Would you like to see them? I know you are broad-minded from the days when you used to watch me revealing my knickers for you and even on that one occasion when I was last out of the classroom when I deliberately broke the elastic and allowed them to fall down whilst I was standing at your desk. And then when I squatted to pick them up again I carelessly allowed you to see my bare girly pussy! And you just stared without any sign of being embarrassed, and all you did was to say "Oh dear!" as if such an occurrence was commonplace."

"Anyway, these photos are not for pubic viewing, if you know what I mean, and they show more of me than you have even seen up until now -- and Janice as well. And Mark! And on some of them there are all three of us!"

"But perhaps we ought to wash the dishes and generally tidy things away, first, don't you think?" I asked her.

She agreed, and the next few minutes were spent in doing just that.

I then suggested that we should also re-arrange the caravan so that the table was put away by using it to make up the double bed, and as I started to do that I suddenly realised that I was taking for granted that we would be sharing the bed and not utilising the two singles which was the alternative arrangement.

But Anne seemed t

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